Kids at your wedding? This is how you entertain them

Once you start planning your wedding, there are many things to think about. About the guest list, for example. And do you invite only spouses or their children as well? Kids at a wedding can be a challenge, but they can also be very interesting. Provided you think carefully about your big day activities.

Because this thing has to be arranged, that’s one thing for sure. A must watch all day long and entertainment is very important. There’s nothing more annoying than kids getting bored and practical, maybe just when you’re about to toast. Fortunately, there are many activities you can organize to make it a great party for the little guests too.

bouncy castle

The bouncy castle is always popular with young and old. In different wedding locations you have enough space outside for a great bouncy castle. It also makes very beautiful photos. Perhaps with the newlyweds…

Artist at the wedding

Want to entertain the kids at your wedding but not sure how? Take a look at a balloon folder, clown, puppet drive, or magician. In no time children will be on the artist’s lips and there will be plenty of time for you as adults to catch up.

clothes box

Walk around the circle, ask the people around you, and see what’s still out there around you. The fancy dress was a hit, and there’s a chest full of different suits that will provide some hours of entertainment. It also provides delicious snapshots in the wedding album. Maybe you can find wedding clothes somewhere?

Your own snack table

How nice it is to give children the freedom to enjoy themselves, including food and drink? With a candy table or popcorn machine, kids’ hands get full quickly. Do you want to combine something with your wedding cake? Then look into a room where the kids can decorate cakes without being bothered or start decorating their own wedding cake. Get your lemonade taps, maybe a loose ice cream cart and serve pancakes at lunch.

Wedding photo assignments

The scavenger hunt might cause quite a lot of hysteria among the kids, but you can run them off with shooting assignments. Put the grandmother in the photo, take a creative photo of the newlyweds or photograph a flower close-up. If you want to make it more comprehensive, consider the task book. The games, coloring pages and pictures are sure to keep you entertained for a long time.

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craft and drawing table

Drafting and drawing are always good. Lay out a pretty table, fill it with coloring pages or choose an XXL coloring page, drawing paper (a roll), markers and pencils and let it run its course. You can also look for cardboard playhouses that children can decorate during the day. Tip: Leave the shiny jars for today…

Advance gift bag for young wedding guests

Once all the kids are in, they get a personalized gift bag. This makes everyone happy! Put in a coloring book, a fidget toy, a pencil case, some candy, a disposable camera, a bubble blower, balloons and maybe a jar of Play-Doh and you won’t hear it for a few hours.

Play the corner with your favorite games

Ask all parents to bring their children’s favorite toys. Make a cute corner with a teepee, pillows, rugs and a toy box and let them do their thing.

Cool area for older kids

If there is enough space in the wedding venue, you can consider creating a relaxation area for older children. Think cool lounge cushions, a TV screen, a Netflix connection, and maybe even a game console. There are also air hockey and soccer tables for rent, and of course the photo booth always works well. I bet the kids can’t get out of there anymore?

Babysitter at your wedding

Do a lot of kids come over and find it hard to organize everything properly? There are nannies available to take care of all the kids and take care of all the kids on the big day. Children are entertained and parents hands free.

let her go

The rest: let it go! They are kids, unexpected things always happen when they are there and that is probably what makes them the most fun and coolest pictures.

Source: The Perfect Wedding, Daughters of Honor, edevabrik.

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