13 years in prison for webcam blackmail Aiden C in the Canadian Amanda Todd case

A court in New Westminster, Canada, sentenced Dutch webcam blackmailer, Aidan C., on Friday to thirteen years in prison in the case of Amanda Todd, the Canadian teenage girl who committed suicide in 2012 after he blackmailed her online for a long time with nude pictures. She gained international fame as a victim of “sextortion” after expressing her desperation in a YouTube video.

According to Judge, C. sexual violence against children.” She cited Sy’s “cruel” behavior and lack of remorse as indicators of a high risk of repeating his behaviour.

bad. The 44-year-old was unanimously convicted by a jury in August of five counts after a trial in western Canada that lasted about two months: extortion, importing and distributing child pornography, possession of child pornography, and contact with the target of a child. To seduce and intimidate. He was not tried for the death of Amanda Todd.

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Canadian prosecutors have demanded 12 years in prison. Sy’s behavior, who blackmailed Amanda Todd online between November 2009 and February 2012, was “calculating, cruel and devastating,” they argued in court in New Westminster, a suburb of Vancouver. C. threatened to send nude pictures of Amanda to her friends and relatives if she did not perform sexual acts in front of the webcam – and she spent the threat.

The sentencing session lasted four days. Amanda’s parents gave “victim impact data”; Her father, Norm Todd, in an emotional statement, described C as “a creepy evil presence that lurked around her in the shadows.”

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Sy, who was arrested in January 2014 in a bungalow park in Oisterwijk in North Brabant after a secret police operation, was sentenced in 2017 in the Netherlands to more than ten years in prison for, among other things, digital stalking and extortion of more than thirty girls and four men from different countries. He also threatened to distribute nude pictures of them if they did not perform sexual acts on camera. This ruling was upheld on appeal in 2018.

In 2020, Sy was extradited to Canada on charges of extortion from Todd, his most notorious victim. Her case was withdrawn from the Dutch trial at Canada’s request. He will serve his Canadian sentence from a judge after his sentence in the Netherlands, which expires in August 2024. His lawyers argued that the sentences should overlap, since both cases concerned the same conduct. The judge did not agree with this, because it concerns several victims.

Court drawing of Aiden C. in a courtroom in New Westminster, Canada. Image by Jane Walsack/The Canadian Press via Zuma Press

Todd, 15, committed suicide in October 2012, more than a month after expressing her desperation in a YouTube video. After her death, she gained international fame for this video, her cry for help being viewed millions of times. She silently told her story with notes describing her experience. In one post, she wrote about the man who made her life hell: “He knew my address, my school, the names of my friends and relatives.” The jury found that this man was C.

“Although Amanda could not be here in court, I could hear her voice,” Judge Martha Devlin said in her ruling. She said the video “shows the helplessness, psychological torment and social isolation that Amanda suffered as a result of C’s crimes.”

S., who stood on the judge’s orders when it reached the sentencing, said he was innocent at the start of his Canadian trial. However, he did not testify at trial or hearing to determine the sentence. According to the agreements between Canada and the Netherlands regarding his extradition, he will be returned to the Netherlands within a month and a half after the completion of his trial in Canada. The intent is that he will serve his additional sentence in the Netherlands.

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