The number of victims of human trafficking is increasing


The report also shows that a large group of victims of sexual exploitation consider their parents (fathers) to be the perpetrators

In the past year, more victims of human trafficking appeared in Chat with Fier. The number of victims seeking help online increased by 14% compared to the previous year. This is evident from the new report “Invisible Victims of Human Trafficking” issued by the Center for Combating Child and Trafficking in Persons. The fact that three-quarters of the 285 victims were in an exploitative situation at the time of the chat, CKM spokesperson Shamir Sollers worries: “Many victims had been sexually exploited for a year or more by the time they sought help, a quarter up to five years. Or more. This is the result of the fact that this group completely disappeared from the picture. The painful truth is that we make the victims pay for it.

Many of the victims are children who have not yet known to the social services or the police. Almost one in five are even younger than 15. They often talk about their situation for the first time in a chat. It concerns mainly girls, although again the number of boys applying is increasing. Moreover, the victims are exploited for a long time, a quarter to five years. Aid workers are also increasingly seeing victims forced to commit criminal offenses. In 2021, these were mainly girls. Some of them were sexually and criminally exploited.

Check the role of parents in the sexual exploitation of their children
The report also shows that a large group of victims of sexual exploitation identify their parents as the perpetrators: this is the case for approximately one in six victims (16%). It is difficult to identify children who are being exploited by their parents and the situation can persist for years. State Department spokeswoman Shamir Sollers: “The extremely unsafe situation in which these children find themselves requires concrete action. We are therefore urging the Secretary of State for Justice and Security to conduct research on how to better identify and protect these children and how their parents can be stopped. Although we have already demonstrated that Parents can also be culprits, yet the former foreign minister hardly did anything with that knowledge.”

Give anonymous online help a stronger role in tackling human trafficking
The visibility of Dutch victims of human trafficking in the Netherlands is low. Lack of trust, fear of community blame and the real danger of retaliation from the offender can prevent victims from seeking help. However, Chat with Fier has managed to reach and support nearly eight hundred victims over the past three years. Moreover, this often includes victims who were often nowhere else in the picture up to that point. Ceuleers: “Anonymous online help has established itself in recent years as a low-threshold way to contact victims who cannot be reached in any other way. However, according to CKM, we could reach more victims if online help becomes a structural part of the current approach to trafficking To do so, it is necessary to increase the possibility of research and to enhance collaboration with care and investigation.”

Report “Chat with Proud”. Invisible victims of human trafficking in 2021.
Fact sheet “Chat with the proud”. Invisible victims of human trafficking in 2021.

need help?
Are you forced to do something criminal on your own? Do you suspect that someone you know is in this situation? You can talk about it anonymously with a consultant at Fier’s caregivers listen to your story, provide you with information, and help if you need to. Your story and questions will be treated in the strictest confidence. In case of extreme danger, always call 112.

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