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A ‘vesinkie om’ with the Edammers, because they all have a story that we can’t quite understand within the castle walls. We meet at a favorite place of our choice in our city, after which we walk towards the castle. This is where ‘vesinkie om’ begins, as I get to know my fellow walkers better through their stories.

When asked about her favorite spot in Edam, where we approach the castle, she mentioned the seat behind the Grote Kerk, with a view of Warder, above farmland. “I have a nice story with that,” she wrote to me when we make an appointment.

She was as excited as I was to do this walk. I start right away with my first question: “What makes this your favorite place in Edam?”

Behind the Great Church

“There is something special about this place,” says Catherine. “The Grote Kerk is centuries old and has endured everything. From a wildfire to a lightning strike. But it is still here. And when you enter Edam from this side, you see what has been going on for centuries. Realizing that the human race already had that view a century ago from Time, interests me.Then I imagine myself at that time and see people dressed like us at city festivities.

With a smile and tears I took steps on this earth. Bury our loved ones in the cemetery. And a step toward marriage, when I married my husband Bem in Grote Kerk.”

Edam “sad”

From the seat behind the Grote Kerk, we begin our walk towards Noordervesting. I asked Catherine which word best fits the feeling that comes so strongly to this favorite place. “Melancholy” is the first word that comes to mind.

“I’ve been away from Edam for 20 years and because of that I see Edam with different eyes. I realized that a lot has been preserved in Edam. Eternity keeps her romantic, optimistic and loving. And that inspired me.”

Marken horse

As we walk towards Urgat and feel the Zwiederzy breeze on our cheeks, Catherine also names the harbor and Galgenveldje near the locks as favorite places. This is an important part of her childhood. “I grew up on the water in my father’s boat. Entering Edam has the same kind of blues as what I described in the Grote Kerk, only on the water. This really started with Paard van Marken, because you know the harbor is in sight.”

The dream house in front of the tea houses

As a child, she really liked tea cafes and Speeltoren. “By chance we fell in love with the huge building on Schepenmakersdijk, opposite the cafés. At the time, it was uninhabitable due to the lack of rooms, kitchen, sanitation and water connections. Despite the uninhabitable nature, it did not leave us as is.

We pursued this dream place and made a move to invest in a home that we wanted to make our home. We built it entirely from our own vision, while maintaining its monumental beauty of course. “


As we walk towards Baandervesting, with Voorhaven to our right, Catherine points out that she grew up in Voorhaven in a beautiful huge building. Together with her parents and siblings, she cherishes the warm memories of Voorhaven. With the Indian village behind us on the left, which at the time was a real Indian village, with its log-tops and watchtower, indicates that it played there for a few hours.

As a business psychologist and musician, this sense of timelessness, connection and sadness inspires her and she loves to incorporate this into all aspects of her life. “That said, I find it interesting to be able to capture timeless images in one picture. I want to do more with that. I’ve already written and released a song about it. “Time” is a song that includes that feeling.”

circle is round

“Last week I was in Amsterdam to visit my first home. Everything was exactly the same. I had my daughter on my arms, which she fills freely. Still figuring out how to walk, I took small, careful steps on the carpet I had laid. The circle is round. Satisfied, I returned to Edam Driving Toward Edam’s Skyline. The Speeltoren, Grote Kerk, City Hall and the Catholic Church.

And with these words we sit again on the bench behind Grote Kerk, with our deceased loved ones, and look at Catherine’s favorite vantage point.

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