A handball coach who offended students was sentenced: ‘He was my role model’

The OBF handball coach has admitted to groping 11-15-year-old girls over the intimate parts, above and below their clothes. According to the 73-year-old from Alkmaar, it was his “method” of preparing talented players for the “hard top”. He also took photographs of the abuse of at least one victim. Today, the Public Prosecution demanded that the man be imprisoned for 4 years, one year of which is conditional.

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“I saw him as a role model, I wanted to be, my parents trusted him.” This explains one of the victims in the Alkmaar court. She received goalkeeper training from the guy from the age of eleven. Today, the seventy-year-old has moved behind a walker to the suspect’s seat.

investigating in Tunisian born coach He enters play in February last year, during a training session for a student of Alkmaar handball club A&O. She dreams of becoming a professional goalkeeper. F. sees it on her own and accompanies her privately to the gym.

The victim has already told her friends that F. “touches her” and a friend warns the police. The 73-year-old was arrested. The police then approach the players through the club and eventually six of them report sexual assault.

naked on the bench

The first reports are around 2015. Then he meets F. The player is then 12 years old and is in Group Eight.

As he put it, the man had a unique method of training. According to him, he was praised by professional handball players and the “press”. In the gymnasium on the Vondelstraat, for example, a talented young man had to regularly lie on a bench. without clothes.

Gradually he went, one more step forward and finally pressed his middle finger to the pubic area.


He “examined” her body for “muscular tension” by pressing in some places. Under her armpits and then her intimate organs. He also trained the thigh for “common injuries”. “It went gradually, one more step forward,” says the girl herself.

When she was dressed, he would sometimes wear her pants. Then he does it with several students. In addition, the girls had to stand in front of him topless – the locker room is closed – and he throws balls to their chests, “to make them resilient.” “Women don’t wear handball protection,” he says. “It’s the only sport. So you don’t have to be afraid. Sometimes the ball comes towards you very hard at close range.”

The Public Prosecution demanded 4 years imprisonment, one year of which was conditional. “He has no insight into what he did to them. They depended on the coach. He can make or break them.” According to the prosecutor, the method of training was so “unique” that it was not discussed with parents and was conducted behind closed doors. “It was nothing but a cover for the abuse of the victims.”

The 73-year-old calls it his “method” without any sexual intent. Handball players are prepared for the top. Olympic level. “Some goalkeepers are not afraid of anything and others you have to learn not to be afraid.”

In court today, he says in a rather shaky voice: “It’s the only way.” He also tells us that he came from a poor family and used to train barefoot in Tunisia. This is what was said to the girls’ parents. They trusted him blindly.

He even tutored one of the girls in his house. She had to lie down naked on his table and then he did some stretching again. F says. He recognizes today’s “keeper’s talent” by his agility. “I can see it in five minutes. In Alkmaar I saw it with two girls.”

“You assaulted my daughter with your manipulative behaviour. We trusted you. I invited you to our house.”

Victim’s mother

Once a volleyball coach approached him in the same room, and saw him throwing balls. His response to her was: “With all due respect: I’m a handball coach. This is completely different. And when I played, you weren’t even born yet. I’m busy training.” The woman reported the handball club, but did not take any action.

He would pierce two girls with his fingers. The man said of this day: “I admit I did it to a girl. It shouldn’t have happened, I’m ashamed.” He also had pictures of the victim’s intimate organs with his finger on the phone.

Consequences for girls and parents

The consequences of the assault have dire consequences for the victims. Some delayed their studies or had to deal with fears and even suicidal thoughts.

“I believed in him and imitated him. But now it seems like brushing my teeth and eating is a daunting task. I dare not grow up. She made me stay young. Instead of doing nice things with friends, I should now be 19-years-old working on my shocks.”

The guy came to the girls’ birthdays. One mother said, “It’s almost impossible to describe in words what you did to us. We trusted you. I invited you to our house. Hear your stories about training barefoot and how amazing you are.”

“I need a team around me now. Support me and all victims of sports abuse”

OBF Victim

She says she will never leave her daughter with anyone who gets anxious again. “You assaulted my daughter with your manipulative behavior.” And another mother: “The place where she should have been having fun turned out to be the place that broke her, by the coach who should have instructed her.”

Via a message, the victim wanted a statement For professional athletes. “I am a goalkeeper and I am alone in a very big goal. Now I need a team around me. Support me and all victims of sports abuse. The Athletic Federation must do something with the families affected by this. It is also a lot.”

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