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ZEVENAAR – Thinking of Oktoberfest, I see big girls in dirndl outfits with 2 liter glasses of beer going through the endless party noise. Anyone expecting this portrait, painted liberally after Hendrik Marsmann, at Oktoberfest in Zevenaar on Saturday was a little disappointed.

Cups were replaced with plastic cups, even a pint was too much, and instead of being served, revelers had to go after their drinks themselves. But what does it matter. After a rather rough start, the party tent at Oude Doesburgseweg was already full by nine and the mood got heavier with time.

Ingerine door wiper

Not least thanks to the performances by the mop orchestra De Deurdweilers from Angeren, which in terms of brass violence was not inferior to the Bavarian Blaskapelle. It also helped that the bulk of the 1,000-plus visitors took the trouble to wear a dirndl or leadhosin.

Dressed elegantly and appropriately at the Oktoberfest in Zevenaar. © Jan Roland van den Brink

Like Zevenaar’s friends Tanya Bosmann and Susan Jansen, who, according to their own version, were the first to enter the party tent by 6:30. Tania: No one was there yet. We always celebrate Oktoberfest at Our Café by Michel Sessink, who has now been moved to this fair site.

It was not necessary for us. In our coffee shop they serve those big glasses with beer. This is correct. I think the plastic is a real disappointment. But glassware is not allowed. The biggest volume you can order here is 0.4 liters, which isn’t really suitable for Oktoberfest.”

Nice also, two visitors to Oktoberfest XL in Zevenaar
Also nice, two Oktoberfest XL visitors in Zevenaar “in uniform”. © Jan Roland van den Brink

Good payment system

The 39-year-old friends say they are happy with the payment system in the tent. “You don’t have to worry about coins, just pay cash. You also don’t risk leaving a bag full of coins at the end of the evening.”

Never heard anyone complain about the price of the drinks. 3 euros for a beer, while at a small dance party these days you already spend at least 3.60 for it. 4.50€ for a hot sausage or hamburger is also possible.

“At Randstad they charge very different prices these days,” notes Susan Jansen. Here you pay 6.50 euros for 0.4 liters of Weizen beer. In the Scheveningen suite, they dare to order 12 euros for a pint of Weizen. And then they think it’s crazy that the number of tourists there has gone down in recent years.”


Dirndl girls serving beer mugs have to work hard in Germany. They really have shoulders like that. Not to mention the rest haha

Jasper Rogis

Sufficient number of employees

From an organizational point of view, the Oktoberfest XL, created by Michel Sessink of Ons Café and Elzelien Gijsberts of Proeflokaal Wittenburg, did well. Enough staff to quickly provide everyone with a snack or drink and even men can go to a clean toilet to urinate.

Including 29-year-old Jasper Rutges, who immediately ordered the next beer. “I really like it here. Although things are very different in Germany. I visited Cologne once and the smallest volume I could order was 2 liters. The dirndls serving beer glasses have to work really hard there. They really have shoulders of Like that. Not to mention the rest, haha.”

cheers. © Jan Roland van den Brink

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