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Monica Geuze (27) is now a well known name. We know her as one of the first vloggers in the Netherlands, and she has a huge and loyal following on YouTube, Instagram and TikTok. But Monica does not stand idly by. As a businesswoman, she’s also moving in completely different circles now that she’s running her own lifestyle brand, SOPHIA MAE. Cosmo last spoke to her five years ago and a lot has changed since then. It’s time to catch up with the woman who’s still as friendly and cool as ever.



At Cosmopolitan’s 35th Anniversary Edition – in 2017, we spoke to you one last time. What has been the biggest change since then?

“A lot has changed in the past five years, but what has turned my world upside down is the birth of Zara-Lizzy. It changes you so much as a person to take responsibility for someone else. There’s a feeling that comes with it that I didn’t know before.”

Then we asked you what your idea of ​​happiness is. Your answer: “Do what I feel.” How do you see that now?

Tough question, because: What exactly is happiness? This varies at each stage of life. I think the most important thing is to live in the here and now. For example, I can imagine that when you are 23 years old, you would like to have a family in the future. When you see a 32-year-old woman with a healthy baby and a man, you’ll probably think: If I had that, I’d be really happy. This way your happiness will always remain a little Chase. But if you are grateful for what you already have, you can actually feel happy. Of course you can have goals, but you should not let your happiness depend on them.”

Have you been insecure before?

“I’m not an insecure person, I’m very kind to myself. Of course I like going out with nice makeup, nice clothes and good hair. But I’m also very realistic about not waking up like that. You may be very insecure about your appearance, but that’s what you’ve been given. For motherhood I’m just trying to think I wouldn’t be perfect anyway It’s all about making compromises If you want to be the best businesswoman you’re probably not the best mom And vice versa You want to fully indulge in motherhood, but then not You have time for three side jobs.”

Do you sometimes find it difficult to be in the spotlight? How do you deal with gossip and criticism?

“I think it’s hypocritical to say I find it difficult. I chose this job myself, and that’s what comes with fame. First of all, I’m very grateful for that. But of course it’s very annoying when gossip comes up. I won’t confirm or refute things because I think some The things no one Business to be.”

Do you have any tips for people who are being bullied online?

“Being bullied online seems to be very difficult to me, especially if you don’t choose to be in the spotlight. When you’re young and bullied, people will tell you to be proud of yourself and be yourself. But I don’t think anyone can tell you in those days. The moment you are as good as you are.


Time heals all wounds. Later you will see how insignificant all this was. Too honest? When I see the people I thought were the coolest and most beautiful in high school now passing by on Facebook, I often think: What a boring life you already have. It’s a shame I had to worry about that.”

What quality of your will surprise people?

“I don’t think it’s easy to see that I’m the type who cares about me, but my friends will definitely say I do.”

How would your friends describe you more?

“Besides paying attention, I can be very fickle or suspicious. I also think it’s sloppy…”

I recently set up SOPHIA MAE. How is creating such a business different from your work on social media?

“The big difference is that Sophia May is something ‘separate’ about me as a person.”

Did things go smoothly or did things go wrong?

“We actually wanted to launch it 1.5 years ago, so that was a little different than expected. Sometimes something goes wrong with the logistics, like quotes that suddenly increase in a couple of days. Sophia May has a lot too Household Products Which is perfect for December. Last year the supplier indicated he could save all of that, but then we were told at the end of November that it would be January after all. This is a bit of a problem then. You just depend on a lot of people and factors.”

What did you learn from that?

“Every time something goes wrong, you look at each other and think: This is disgusting. But I’m also the type to think quickly: It is what it is. We can get really angry about this, but it’s no use to anyone. If a mistake is made. I don’t think you should think about it. It’s also a great learning point that you can take with you next time. We’re really learning from all the mistakes we make.”

So are you positive?

“Well, I really like to complain, so I don’t think people think I’m really positive. But I try to make something nice out of every setback, so it doesn’t bother me too much. In the end, you only have yourself with that.”

At first we thought you would create your own beauty brand. Why has it become a lifestyle brand?

“This is how things went through the brand building process. I found out that the products we’ve launched now are really things that make me happy, and I think they’re important for the self-care part. Ultimately, the intent is to add more products, like beauty products, but at the moment that fits nicely.” Better with the thinking behind the brand.Creating a cosmetics brand is very complicated and when I do something I just want to do it right.I then immediately like to unleash all possible shades of foundation, concealer, and blusher for every skin type. , for example “.

What is your favorite SOPHIA MAE product?

“I use eternal balm most often, it’s always in my bag. But scented candles are a favorite too. I think lighting a scented candle for yourself is a really luxurious moment. In winter I light one every day.”

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And what do you like most about owning your own brand?

“You can really define and adjust everything yourself, so that it perfectly matches your own desires. How often do you find a product beautiful, but the smell, for example, is just not what you like? Now I can control all that and create products that I miss in the market.”



Who or what is the biggest inspiration in your career?

“Rihanna with her company Fenty. But I have to say: Rihanna is Rihanna. Just like Kylie. I think she’s cool, but of course she’s part of the Kardashian empire. I also have a lot of respect for how Dutch Rituals have grown. This feels like a little bit ‘closer’ and shows that Much is possible.”

What is your best advice for young entrepreneurs?

“I notice that people who tip often start immediately with many excuses. If you want to do something, do it now. And don’t think: I’ll start tomorrow. Not even: I’ll do it later at four. Why don’t you do it now? If you want Something really, let’s go.”

You keep a lot of balls in the air. How do you combine motherhood with your career, love and social life?

“Yeah, it’s not. I always have to make choices. For example, I was out with my daughter today because she’s going to school for the first time next week. That’s why I want to give her so much attention now. But I also feel guilty that I resisted this interview.” .then my mailbox overflows and I get questions from my management about whether I can go back to something. Meanwhile, Sophia May keeps moving forward. So if she leaves one thing, the other will get more attention and vice versa.”

Looking back at the past five years, do you regret something, or wish you had done something different?

“That’s a tough question, because looking back you’ve learned something because you now know something went wrong. I might say: I pick myself faster in friendship or relationship or with work. In everything actually. But I know this now, because I made that mistake of before. Therefore, such a mistake is actually not bad.”

What are you most proud of?

“On Zara-Lizzy.”

And who did you learn the most?

“This may sound arrogant, but I think to myself. Because I’m trying to learn from my mistakes. I’m pretty stubborn. If someone tries to teach me something with advice I didn’t ask for, they might not say it either. I take most of it from myself.”

What do you think is the key to your success?

“The Dutch are very sober, and we have a sober culture. Act normally, and then act crazy enough. I think I am.”

Where will Monica be in 5 years?

In terms of work, I don’t have specific goals. I think it’s always important to do what I love (same answer from five years ago, editor). When I look at five years ago, I think: My God, I had a different life then. Then I stood a lot less self-aware and was more open about life. Now that I’m a little older, I take more time to think about things and take better care of myself. And in five years, I will develop myself more and enjoy other things again.”

Cosmopolitan turned 40 this year. How would you like your life to be at the age of forty?

“I hope to be happy and healthy, just like my daughter and everyone I love. And that SOPHIA MAE is a thriving business. SOPHIA MAE IS MY Main Career focus from now on.”

Photography: Jasper Raines Van S Associate Photography: Jasper Quick Style: Diana Assistant Styling: Naomi Nour Make-up: Dylan Sabah via A-MUSE Productions: Brett Wirtz

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