This week… the WBFSH meeting dedicated to horse care

A current topic dominated the annual meeting of the WBFSH in Dresden last week. A topic that global equestrian managers have so far found particularly complex, but is now on the FEI and WBFSH board: horse care.

The union had already formed a working group. He has since joined the EEWB’s Ethics and Welfare Committee Working Group, which includes FEI President (and FEI Critic) Theo Ployegmakers and Dr Catalin Visser. This independent group of scientists and sport directors has made far-reaching proposals (spurs, optional parched bar at Grand Prix, showjumping umpires should be able to finish the ride early if the horse’s welfare is at stake), which will soon be at the FEI meeting. She is on the agenda in Cape Town. So there is definitely something going on in the administrative horse country. And the WBFSH Board of Directors has also picked up the signal: Equine welfare is no longer something to be gently promoted, but to be monitored in a controlled manner, also at the managerial level.

Editor-in-chief Dirk Willem Rosie was at the WBFSH meeting and told what was discussed in Horse this week.

Dinja van Liere and Hermès show internal form retention

The international chapters at Indoor Friesland had only Dutch wins this past weekend. Unfortunately, the beautifully designed competition with international allure still exists by a few international starters. The quality of the sport was no less. Dinga van Lier was in the mood for winning and winning the Grand Prix and Freestyle with Hermès NOP, came second twice with Hartsuijker and also won the Intermédiaire I Freestyle with Vita di Lusso.

Read Indoor Friesland’s report this week in Horse.

WB’s success in debuting Lars Christine tastes like more

October is a transitional month in showjumping. While the outdoor races are still in full swing, especially in the warmer regions, the indoor circuit has also woken up from its summer slumber. The most important match of course is the World Cup, which will take place at the World Cup Finals in Omaha next year. The riders’ first stop was last weekend in Oslo. Good Dutch result. Lars Kirsten and his horse KWPN Emmerton (by Silvio I) immediately finished fourth in their first World Cup competition with a clear double run.

Lars Christine is in the Horus this week.

Iris Boelhauer on organizing events in the Netherlands: ‘Don’t let your head hang down’

About Military Boekelo, KNHS Top Sports Director Iris Boelhouwer spent a full, long weekend. On Thursday there was a meeting with the race organizers, on Friday a meeting about the future of the sport and then of course the race itself. For Boelhouwer, it was a weekend of good taste. “It is a great system with a huge group of passionate people who want to develop the sport. Being successful in organizing events in the Netherlands is not easy, but certainly not impossible.”

Read the interview with Iris Boelhouwer this week in Horse.

Shetland National Champion Mary Mila van de Casterhof Extra Jog

Although a number of top candidates for various titles had already scored before the Shetland Pony Studbook National Championships, the tournament’s small size and overall national championship wasn’t just a small amount. Apparently the favorites last Saturday in Lunteren are three-year-old Ninthe van de Bosran (by Amy van Neuen Ampsen) of Arend Klaassens of Donderen and black pearls Mila van de Casterhof (by Fonseca of Stal Brammelo) of Gijsbert van Gessel of Dodewaard and Livigna van de Bikkeldam (by Diego Beauty van Hedel) owned by Wout Vissers of Horssen. In the end, Mila was elected a National Champion thanks to her crazy trot.

Read coverage of the NSPS National Championship in this week’s Horse.

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