The dissolution of our marriage was necessary for her.

Well, Steve (47) responded when his wife wanted an open relationship. Then he went for walks in the woods with attractive ladies, but that did not interest him, it was too tiring for him. But now it turns out that his wife has fewer problems with other men and hotel rooms …

Corinne Col

“One day, a few years ago, my wife suggested that we continue our marriage as an open relationship. Her proposal came as a surprise. She didn’t seem to think much about it, and we hadn’t talked about it together before. She seemed to see the chance of dating others as an advantage. We’ve known each other for ten years. And our marriage seemed to need a change. I wasn’t too enthusiastic, but I was willing to please her. If that’s what she wished for, who would I be? I said, “Yeah, okay.” And that ended the conversation. Not a word about how this new openness was shaped. What was and wasn’t allowed, eg. I was really glad we didn’t have to talk about it anymore, but if we suddenly saw others, I wanted a date with that cute woman from my Twitter group. I didn’t share this plan With my wife. And I said nothing about the walk in the woods that soon followed, the pillow under the tree and the hotel room I was in. As far as I’m concerned, it was all innocent. I didn’t do anything against my will, but it didn’t make sense. She was there. One woman I loved, and she was my wife. But I did not say so either, afraid that she would nonetheless persevere in her intent. And she confesses her adventures to me too.

“After half a year, that other woman put me to the test, got divorced and wanted to continue with me. I thought I had to choose between her and my wife. Now is the time to gradually inform the home front. I remember well, it was summer. My wife and I sat in the garden drinking wine and talking about The ridiculous situation my shoddy Open Relationship Plan put me in. It was a quiet and happy afternoon. Not that I focused on it for long, but if there was one moment that seemed fitting to be honest, it was this. She said in a spontaneous reaction, Driven by curiosity: “Oh, tell me.” But she exploded after a minute. What a cowardly joke to cheat behind her back. I thought it was disgusting and ran upstairs. In the days that followed, we didn’t say anything to each other. I can’t remember exactly , but I can’t help but defend myself against it: ‘Sorry, but my idea was never any of this. If I wanted, I’d stop now and consider this whole crazy experiment a failure. Even later I thought a lot about it, what exactly went wrong? No I doubt I might have misunderstood her that night on the sofa.Of course, it wasn’t meant to Her observation was only to be the impetus for further conversation, and she acted erratically. Once again proof that I am not suitable for this kind of frivolity.

What followed was an absurd accumulation of lies and misunderstanding. Soon, her laptop was opened on the kitchen table, and she created an account on Second Love. I was shocked. Was it revenge that got her to this? She said that she once dated a guy named Bass. Or no, you didn’t say it that way. When I asked his name, she replied, “His name is Bass or something.” As if to emphasize that his role in her life could not be more important. Once, when he had the audacity to call her when we were out for a day, she asked me to pick up, telling him she was no longer interested in his. And with pleasure I shouted at the loser to leave my wife alone, we were so happy together.

“We laughed, what an illusion, this is all from an open relationship. What we had to do was find a good relationship therapist and make a fresh start. Let the others, who don’t care about each other more than we do, embark on that modern adventure. We had what Enough of each other.For ten years we have been monogamous without difficulty and with complete conviction and we would like to continue to do so for years to come.

Meanwhile, I received a message from a woman via Instagram. Somehow I immediately realized that it was someone who wanted to lure me out of my tent, maybe a bass or something, motivated by hatred. We shrugged our shoulders and continued our treatment and around November 2021 we celebrated the happy ending and the victory of monogamy together. Even less than three months later, my wife came home on a Friday evening, with a little too much enthusiasm. I was making lasagna and thought: This is not the behavior of someone who is ready for a weekend getaway after a week of hard work. That night I did something I had never done before. I hacked her phone and saw that she was in a hotel with Bass or something that afternoon.

“Her anger at my snooping on her phone drowned out my anger at her lies. On her high ends, I made it clear that she had thought about it, but that our marriage breakup was necessary for her. Otherwise we’d have to part. And no, she said nothing about when she’d stay in the hotel, but pain Doing the same thing before? And so I went back to an open relationship in January 2021. This time under the guidance of a Metropolitan Husbands therapist who specializes in polygamy. Once again I started walking in the woods with attractive women, but I soon gave up. It was too much trouble for me, And it took a lot of energy. I felt like an idiot, because I’m what kind of guy I am now, however I hit the pause button at the therapist and ignored my wife. But only recently did I find out: Bas or something still sees her. I’m broke and I’m sure they They were dating that first night when she made her proposal.”

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