Sanne Vogel talks about her baby twins and sustainable living

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The noise of the city used to make her happy, and now Sanne Vogel is so happy when she and her twins get a basket of organic broad beans from the farms.

“Really we should have done it sooner!” Happiness explodes when Sanne Vogel talks about her new home in a village surrounded by forests and farmland. She’s been feeling free like a bird since she moved home last May with her friend Melchior and their young twins Bella and Louie. “I have enjoyed living in Amsterdam for over twenty years, but our needs have changed, Amsterdam has changed, the city no longer suits us.”


The new home is located in an oasis of calm. A world of difference with the apartment located in the center of Amsterdam. It’s a move that benefits the hypersensitive Sanne. “I am sensitive to stimuli. So living in a crowded city with a job where I have to interact with people a lot was quite a challenge. However, even in my childhood twins, things went well. But since they are young children, a lot of undertaking and chatting – there is always Who speaks!—Is that just too much of a stimulus for me? In Amsterdam, I had to go to yin yoga at least twice a week to process those stimuli.”

“In Amsterdam, I had to go to yin yoga twice a week to treat my stimuli”

In her new environment, Sanne is now calming down naturally. “Melchior said recently that he has never seen me such a zen for so long without yoga. And it’s true. The twins also have plenty of room for a scooter, chalk on the sidewalk, water plants with large watering cans and watch the animals on the surrounding farms. We regularly get vegetables by bike from my favorite spot, An organic market garden, after which Bella and Louie help me around the house by washing the carrots and shelling the beans. I can’t make them any happier – nor can I make them any happier. They also really enjoy the food they prepared “by themselves” and then sit at the table with pride.”

baby twins

Just because kids are good eaters doesn’t mean they don’t have their hard stages. Then multiply two. “A baby of twins means escalation. A lot has happened in recent months, everything has been tightly planned: bid farewell to the children, their teachers, the house, the neighbours. Meanwhile, Melchior and I have been very busy with this step and our work. For example, the movie Foodies was shown – The movie I’m starring in – Three days before moving on, so I had several press appointments. There was little time for individual attention and you can tell from them: They started competing with each other. “Mom, not me! “This struggle is now a thing of the past. However, once a week they decide they don’t want to sleep and prefer to have a party with tents made of pillows and duvets.”

“It is not in my nature, but I have to be strict, otherwise they will destroy my house.”

With twins, clear rules are very important, Sunny points out. “If one person is not allowed to do something, the other will try. Then I say to Luffy, ‘Don’t hit the table with your fork.’ Then Bella looks naughty and does that too. Then they both laugh out loud and crush the table top with forks – so now it’s full of holes. Because they always find backup in each other, I have to be strict. It’s not in my nature, but I have no choice: otherwise they will destroy my house!”

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I wish for children

The sad time began in 2019 when Sani and Melchior’s first child was born. The period that followed until the new pregnancy was considered by Sunny to be the most difficult period of her life. When I found out she was pregnant with twins, I was especially relieved. “After losing our first child, I was afraid to never have a child. Never mind two – which has always been my desire. Preferably a boy and a girl. I was very happy.”

“After losing our first child, I was afraid I would never have a child. Never mind two”

After delivery, mutual cooperation was quickly established. “You sometimes hear parents feel useless when the baby arrives, but that wasn’t the case with us. Two babies in one fell swoop, and then there’s always something to do – plus, I couldn’t do anything myself after the cesarean for the first few days.”

What she did, and absolutely wanted, was to use washable diapers – after all, the most sustainable solution to the world’s well-being. “It went well at first, but when I started working on major projects again a year and a half later, I couldn’t keep up: the twins were eating and pooping constantly. I was surprised I had to give up, however: every diaper not thrown away but washed happens difference”.

Sunny Vogel


When her babies were allowed to go to nursery for the first time at the age of five months, Sunny received many messages on Instagram from mums who had this difficult moment. “I was especially relieved to have so little space to myself. I had the feeling that I had been in quarantine for a very long time, first in my body – because the pregnancy was so heavy right from the start – and right after the birth.

“With two kids, there is never a moment of peace and we were ready for it. Finally, two hands Hartan to hold a cappuccino by myself and drink it calmly, I missed it. On top of that, we brought the twins to the nursery together, which also makes an emotional difference: they were both the other”.

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The real lifesaver in the first year—and beyond—was Sanne’s tight schedules. “I’m messy by nature, so I taught myself to ‘plan’ at the age of 15 – it was the only way to make my dreams come true. I often work on several projects at the same time, depending on detailed schedules. This skill comes in handy when you have a twin, because this A work in itself.”

After maternity, it took some time to find a proper work-life balance. “My work has no structure; sometimes I spend long days on set, and then I spend months writing. I really had to find the right balance: how much can I actually work with? I’ll take care of it.” Besides the fact that you as a woman automatically do a lot of tasks, I guess.

“Melchior now asks regularly if I think all our tasks are still fairly distributed.”

At one point I was so pissed off about it that I had to explain to Melchior how many invisible tasks he had fallen on my tablet and he wasn’t aware of that had prevented me from getting my work done properly. He caught that right away and now asks regularly if I think everything is still fairly distributed. We are well aware of the division of roles.”

Sunny Vogel


Everyone who says Sanne Vogel thinks about sustainability. From an early age she makes conscious decisions when it comes to food, clothes and…everything really. “When I was 12 I became vegan, and now I’m vegan. At about 22, I studied the abuses in the clothing industry and since then I buy everything as sustainably as possible, so: Lots of old fashion, not fast fashion. If I combine sustainable brands with vintage clothes, it will be affordable. I’d rather save on a solid dress I’ve been wearing for a long time than buying ten Zara dresses for the same money that doesn’t fit after three washes. Sometimes I go shopping with Bella, who loves her – then Walking around in a red ’70s coat and an orange necklace. So funny.”

“I’d rather save on a sustainable dress I’ve been wearing for a long time than buy ten Zara dresses for the same money that no longer fits after three washes”

Sunny also understands that having children is never a sustainable option. “The planet is so full, and I understand it all too well when people say, ‘I don’t bring a child into the world anymore.’ But I don’t feel bad about having my own children. I try to get as close to everything sustainably as possible, consciously choose solar panels and put vegetables and seasonal – as much as possible.” “Local food is on the table. Soon Mel and I will be taking a vacation to potty train the twins in three days. I’m happy when we get rid of those diapers, for myself, for the sake of the kids, but definitely in terms of the impact on the world.”

From an early age

Each of them are conscious choices, with which they may live their own lives. “If you make children aware from an early age of the impact they can have on the planet as an individual, they will carry that with them as adults and can also inspire their environment with their choices. I really believe in that. Anyway, for the same money, my ideas will soon be completely finished and they will race away in the Hummer car, toedeledoki ma!”

“For the same money, they will soon be racing in a Hummer, toedeledoki ma!”

But for now, the twins are completely fascinated by the beauty of nature. In every tree they shout ‘Oh, beautiful tree! “And since Loewy discovered gooseberries in the market garden, he hasn’t talked about anything else. Mel recently laughed: ‘I don’t think I’ve heard of gooseberries until I was 23!”

The entire interview is in Kek Mama 10-2022.

Sunny Vogel

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