PHOTOS: Gilles van de Wettering

In October, Gil van de Wittinger exhibited her work at the Nova Café on 20 Markstraat Street. In her work she mainly focuses on making animal portraits. She has a special fondness for the horse, and does not want to discriminate against any animal. You can see her work online at Jill’s Art. Besides drawing, she has her own “portable” farrier. I recently spoke to her.

“Only, I found out that I don’t like giving financial advice at all.”

About Jill:

Boy: Yes, built in 1975 in Deventer
parents: Mama Doll and Papa Henk, they are both no longer alive
brothers sisters: My sister Jaime and twin brothers Jasper and Gruen
In love, engaged, married: married to chris
Most proud of: How I look like my father
Inspired by: People who are kind to animals, each other and children. People who leave the world are more beautiful than they found it.
Dislikes: Hurting each other and drama
Likes: Seeing harmony, love and madness of course
Which book is on your bedside table: A book by Rien Poortvliet and books on Access Consciousness
Why they might wake you up at night to: Fries and puppy video
future dream: Making more people happy with my art, which means I have more money to do beautiful things for the earth and its animals. Making a children’s book in the form of comics with my illustrations.

When did you realize that art and your passion for horses would merge?

“I started pony riding when I was a little kid. From the age of eight, that wasn’t allowed before. In my experience, I also started drawing horses. All I could draw were horses, and I couldn’t make a frog. Cats and rabbits also succeeded, but horses She was the best. I’ve always been drawing from memory. I loved doing it. That’s where I really started. But when you’re 17, adult life begins, and your dad says, “No, you can’t go to art school, because you study economics so well. Better, this is the future.” So I did it well. In fact, I’m almost a licensed mortgage and retirement advisor. I started doing it when I was nineteen and did it for 5 years. My dad had his own company and was able to work with him. I bought My first horse with my first money as a mortgage advisor.Only,I found out that I don’t like financial advice at all.Until I don’t have to work with my head anymore, I’ve been a waitress for a few years.It was good to basically work physically.

“I still paint, but I haven’t checked yet, it was just relaxing. I paint something every week”

I ride my horse about 4 to 5 times a week. It was in Rowenwald and I lived in Maple at the time, which was fairly close. I can usually ride until 12 noon because I do the guided visits in the afternoon and evening. I’m still drawing, but not yet, it was just relaxing. I draw something every week. After my exhaustion in 2016, I took drawing seriously again the way I did as a kid.”

Where did you develop your knowledge and skills in drawing/drawing?

In 2015 I moved from Maple to Apeldoorn for love.

I took part in a nice drawing workshop of Peter Ten Lohes, about 6 years ago. Now I still take his lessons every Monday evening. This is where I really learned to draw. He knows how to make something funky inside of me, so that I can grow into this profession. I remember as if it was yesterday, when I walked into first grade with a picture of my dog ​​under my arm. He said, ‘You wouldn’t be able to do that with that setup. If you want to draw animals, it is better to take lessons from a person who specializes in animals. ‘. I asked him: Don’t you want to teach me then? I really want to develop my own style, and I want to be completely free in this regard. Peter replied, “If you want, you must stay with me.” So I stayed with him. I also take classes elsewhere, but they are mainly online or one-time workshops. Wherever I learn, you can meet me there.”

“According to my mother, the love for a horse was already there when I was still in her tummy. I noticed I moved more when she was around the horses”

A love of horses does not automatically lead to a desire to become a farrier. How did that happen to you?

“According to my mother, the love for a horse was already there when I was still in her stomach. I noticed I moved more when she was around horses. She hit my 32e My therapist asked this important question: “What do you most want to do?” , the answer came immediately: “Work with horses!” Well, but try to make a living from it, in 2006 it wasn’t that easy. You didn’t have the internet as a platform to promote your company, which is completely different than now.

I love working with tools, drills and the like. It can’t be crazy enough for me, I love being physically active. My father was a left-handed man, so I had to come in handy as a child, for example, I always hung lamps and shelves by myself. While riding a motorcycle, I saw a girl cutting horses in a meadow, and then suddenly the money went down. Barrier was a logical choice for me: physical exertion, working with tools and being involved with the horses at the same time! Then the question is where can I find a good education? I am the natural type, I don’t like aspirin but I prefer to use herbal tea for pain relief. In the end I found training in America perfectly suited me.”

I trained as a battery in the USA. What is the reason for this?

“The traditional way of wearing shoes and trimming doesn’t really suit me. I want to learn it so well that if someone calls me, I can help the horse and it will be even better. This is only possible with a great deal of anatomical and medical knowledge. I didn’t find it in Holland the way I wanted. Like the way In which I ride a horse, you work together. Not with strength, but with confidence. I do not believe in hitting or stunting if the horse does not cooperate. You are a team and the horse should also have something to say about where we are going and how to handle situations. Together we achieve a lot, Instead of forcing your will on the horse, you’ll go out together.I’m not the leader telling you how to do it, unless of course you have to cross the road safely, you have to.

“The interesting thing about horses is that we are basically predators and they are flying animals.”

The interesting thing with horses is that we are basically predators and they are flying animals. When looking after hooves, you have a hoof attached, so it can’t escape anymore. Therefore, you need to build trust between you, otherwise he will not voluntarily offer his feet to you soon. Well, that’s how I found out about this instructable, and I went to America. Training cost $10,000 in 2007 without flight and accommodation. Then the training lasted for 3 months and was in Snohomish in Washington. Now the training is elsewhere, but it’s still excellent.”


After that I started working as a farrier, how did it go?

“I had a site and then it was at the Yellow Pages where they could find me. They were always surprised to see this little girl get off the van. Now I’m expanding my client base through the internet and word of mouth. I now only do it one day a week, so my body can It is well kept and my clients also benefit from it.On average, the horse is trimmed every two months.I go to the client with my car and can only take all necessary things inside.Saving nails only takes about half an hour.Square boot (this is all 4 hooves) It keeps me busy for about two hours. Half of the batter, just the front legs, takes about an hour.”

What makes horses so special compared to other animals?

“I had to really think about it. You can blend in with it. But by itself I can do it with a dog or a rabbit. I really love all animals. I’ve been riding horses for 40 years, so now you know it makes you very happy.”

Don’t you really want to look them in the eye to feel the connection? But I’m assuming you’re using photos for your animal photos.

“It’s best if you already know them. I actually like one picture less. That’s more of a flat picture. I prefer at least 20 pictures. Then I get a hologram in my head of the nose, eyes, and ears. Everything should be fine, you can Also getting a magnification made of a single image I find that less interesting. I actually like to put depth in the canvas. All the images create me an image in my head that I’m working towards. Often a single image of the whole image isn’t true either, if you have tilted angle, the animal will have a longer nose than it really is. That’s why I want more than one picture. Even in animals, the eyes are the mirror of the soul.”

In fact, you have two equal passions. Don’t these two get in each other’s way from time to time?

“Through artwork assignments, I always keep a close eye on my layout, writing everything down in my ‘Bible.’ There are usually deadlines you have to meet. Think of parties and birthdays when you should be ready. Sometimes something comes in between. ,like the electrical cabinet project in Apeldoorn that you can submit designs for.Wow,I submitted 3 designs for the “Water”theme.Both passions are important to me,but art is the most important.Sometimes it’s lonely behind my donkey and then I miss the animals, people,smell and colors of being outside. This is why trimming one day a week is great for balancing. I can now make a living off the art, which works so well.”

“My dream is to create and design illustrations for children’s books, with a lot of madness”

What defines an animal image. For example, what are the most distinctive elements of a horse?

“When I think of it this way, I always pick up a cut and rarely get a full horse. It’s always about the part that fascinates me the most in that moment. Appearance is the most attractive element to me. It’s not necessarily the eyes, it’s about the look.”

Did the Corona crisis bother you?

“I didn’t have much time, I had more time to draw. I didn’t bother.”

How do people know where to find you and where to showcase your work?

“I try to get attention for my work via social media. I also hope this exhibition contributes to that. It is my first exhibition and solo exhibition as well, I find that very exciting, in a nice way.”

Do you always work on commission or do you also do free work?

“Besides assignments, I definitely do free work. Most of my assignments come through word of mouth, people see my work hanging somewhere or online and then they come to me because they want a drawing of their animal themselves. I’m thinking of giving information to vets and crematoriums. But for good Fortunately I have enough tasks. ”

What is your ambition for the coming years, what are your challenges?

“I can also focus on people, which I did. On my website, the focus is really on animals, which is what I’m going to keep for now. Drawing people is easier than animals in my opinion, but honestly I find animals more fun. My dream is to invent and design Illustrations for children’s books, with a lot of madness in them. My rich life with so many animals provides me with enough inspiration to draw on my stories. Above all, you always get better at what you do, and the learning never stops. I use a lot of my time reading and studying, and I want to I keep improving myself. My ambition is to one day become a really good artist.”

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