Kotaku (or EA?) on Pokémon GO: “Eggs are nice gifts”

Loot Boxes have been under fire for years, especially in the case of games from major publishers such as Electronic Arts and Ubisoft: links are created over and over between loot boxes and gambling. In the case of Pokémon GO (and the Wizards Unite clone), things are a bit more complicated. Although eggs are made through free infinite incubator to hatch, but in addition to this, infinitely less usable incubators are sold for Pokécoins – which can also be earned in the game by defending the gymnasium.

However, Niantic hasn’t come out of the Lootbox controversy unscathed, so the company feels compelled to try out a feature that shows players that Pokémon can hatch any eggs, likely in anticipation of legislation being worked out in different countries. In response to this feature, Kotaku’s John Walker has published an article arguing that eggs from Pokémon GO are not loot boxes. And if you’re writing such an article, it’s best to consult it from Electronic Arts, which previously compared loot boxes to Kinder surprises. It’s time for a counter voice.

“Surprise Mechanics”

Walker calls the eggs “beautiful gifts,” with EA comparing loot boxes to a chocolate egg with a toy inside. Eggs will not provide any benefits, so they are completely harmless. You will never have to spend money on it and they regularly offer you great and amazing rewards. In addition, the chances of a rare Pokemon are so small that, according to Walker, it is better to get those creatures in other ways. Finally, you get a lot of free add-ons at first incubators By reaching higher levels there will be no need to buy them with your own money.

Now Walker says he’s only been playing since August last year, and there are signs here and there that he’s been playing Game mechanics I don’t quite understand, but even with the above description you should already conclude that eggs are actually loot boxes. After all, loot chests from Overwatch also count as loot chests, even if you only get cosmetic items that you can’t take advantage of. Also in this game, you can get a loot chest every now and then, and the flow of free loot chests dries up gradually – just like the free flow. incubators. Also when the eggs hatch in Pokémon GO, you get interesting animations (and possibly music) for your target. Indeed, the chance of getting a rare Pokémon from eggs is actually slim – just as it’s rare in FUT to get Ronaldo from a pack.

Pay to win

Plus, there are definitely advantages to incubating eggs: the Pokemon you get out of are guaranteed individual values (IVs) of 10 or higher. These points affect the Pokémon’s attack, defense, and HP. With wild Pokemon, these values ​​are completely random. Since IVs range from 0 to 15, you are more likely to get powerful Pokemon from an egg than just sitting in your own backyard. Certainly since player-versus-player content is provided, there is already a file Incentive To hatch more eggs: When two Pokémon of the same type, level, and attacks come into battle, IVs often make a difference.

Now comes a point that Walker didn’t know because he only started playing last year. Previously, some Pokemon came exclusively from eggs. This was the case, for example, when the second generation was added, which introduced the child Pokémon at that time. These creatures (such as Pichu, Cleffa and Igglybuff) – just like in Pokémon Gold and Silver – were exclusively available through eggs. And the worst case scenario was (and still is!) Tyrogue, the pre-evolution of the newly introduced Hitmonchan, Hitmonlee, and Hitmontop. Tyrogue develops based on – yes – his IVs. Attack higher than defense: Hitmonlee. Defense higher than attack: Hitmonchan. Defense equals attack: Hitmontop. Getting a Hitmontop was a real nightmare, so this was only possible by winning the egg lottery. Hitmontop now appears in . format raidsSo I forgive Walker for not knowing that. But this does not mean that eggs are no longer loot boxes.

Calling the animal by its name

Walker is right on one point, which is that eggs in Pokémon GO do not work as a file abbreviationlike aggregation skins In Overwatch or getting FUT players will work. No matter how much money you spend on incubators, you should still walk at least two-thirds of the distance it takes for the particular egg you lay in. It’s also true that the eggs in Pokémon GO are a little lower Predatory One of the most famous cases. But again, this is not a reason to suddenly give the animal a different name.

In conclusion, the points Walker makes for classifying eggs in Pokémon GO into a different category are meaningless. No, it’s not strictly necessary to use them, but skins in Overwatch are not necessary to enjoy this game either. No, it’s not necessary to spend money – but the same goes for Overwatch and even FUT. But when it comes to payment, buying a sitter It’s still similar to a loot box: you’re spending money on something you don’t know (exactly). Niantic gives players a lot of free business incubators at first, and that flow slowly dries up as you level up – just like in other games. This way you get used to the luxury of many “beautiful surprises”, and are likely to pay a few euros for something extra later. incubators.

Does this mean I’m annoyed with eggs in Pokémon GO? of course not. Like I said, Niantic seems less eager to suck every last cent out of my bank account, as a party like Electronic Arts has no problem with 8-year-old boys draining their parents’ credit card(s). But again: just call the creature by the name of its loot chest.

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