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videoJimmy Weiss has filed a complaint against her ex-partner, Lil Klein. She said this Thursday evening on the talk show Khaled and Sophie. It was the first time Weiss had told her story publicly, after a video emerged a month ago alleging that the rapper had abused her. “I think it was necessary, no matter how severe, to get out of this situation.”

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Jamie Weiss, 32, broke the silence last night after being silent for weeks. She joined the NPO talk show with her lawyer Kim Beumer Khaled and SophieTo illustrate her side of the story. How was she, Lieutenant Colonel Khaled Qassem asked her cautiously at the beginning of the conversation. going well. Some days are better than others, but you’ll keep that for a while. I have good help and my dear friends and family around me. But it’s a rotting period, not easy.”

It’s a question that’s probably on many people’s minds: How did the relationship between Jaimie and Jorik Scholten, as Lil Kleine is really called, take such a turn? This went very gradually, Weiss said, saying that the first year of her relationship with Schulten was “very interesting.” You have beautiful moments, you are in love. But the dynamics shift then. You go from base to earth several times a week. And you’re slowly building it.”

However, when the first cracks appeared in their relationship, Weiss could not distance himself. “If you love someone, don’t just leave. However, as crazy as it sounds, you can miss someone. Even if it doesn’t feel good for you. Your heart and soul is with such a person.” Family and friends also offered advice, but to no avail. “They are not emotionally involved,” Weiss told Kassem.

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the other side

She couldn’t remember the first time things escalated between Weiss and Schulten. I noticed Lil Klein showed a different side of herself often – but gradually. This did not immediately appear in physical violence, Weiss explained. It was especially difficult mentally. “Physical violence will go away. Words and behavior stick together. It is unimaginable that someone can hurt you so much. This dynamic is so insane,” Weiss said visibly and emotionally.

Weiss couldn’t say much about the relevant video that leaked via Yvonne Caldweire’s juice channel a month ago due to a criminal investigation. “But it was a night like many others. A night out. Along the way there is friction and a fight and then it escalates until then. What can be seen in the pictures.”

No matter how intense the period is for Weiss at the moment, she is not disappointed with the leaked photos. “Had it not been so explicitly shown, I wouldn’t be sitting here at the table and I would still be in the same position,” he sounded resolutely in the studio. “There is no turning back,” Weiss said. I just need that. “

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Lil Klein and Jimmy Weiss.
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I thought at the time that it could really be different

Jimmy Weiss

It became clear last year that Weiss’ relationship with the Amsterdam rapper had many deep ravines. Then it was found that Weiss had arrived “stained with blood” in the lobby of a hotel in Ibiza. There was an argument that got out of hand, after which Weiss gave a statement to the police. She did not follow up on that statement until a report was submitted. Later a video emerged in which Weiss and Lil Klein sat next to each other and told their story; Everything looked like cake and an egg again. In addition, Lil Klein promised in the future that he would be a little nicer with his ex-girlfriend now.

Weiss couldn’t say much about this issue tonight either. But, Weiss, who found it difficult to watch the video, admitted: She “wasn’t at all the same” and didn’t sit there with “one hundred percent conviction”. The film was a kind of “crisis management” to save what could be saved. Both were provided with a text by their management, which they then had to translate into their own words. After shooting several videos, the one that turned out to be the best was shared with the outside world. “It was a signal to the public not to let her escalate further at the expense of my ex-boyfriend’s career,” Weiss explained.

After the video was posted, Weiss received calls from friends and family. How many times did they have to advise vis? And how many times did Vice have to push her limits? Love makes blind. At the time, I thought things could really have done differently.”

In the past, Weiss believes that the directions she received at the time weren’t always honest. “The people who gave the advice probably had other interests, maybe financially,” Weiss says, who said he has good guidance around them. It also separated from its management Namam, who also manages Lil Klein.


Weiss has now filed a complaint against Lil Klein. Her attorney Boomer did not say what exactly was filed against the rapper. “The criminal investigation is now taking place,” she said. Besides the announcement, several “civil matters” must also be dealt with, such as the termination of the relationship between Jaimie Vaes and Lil Kleine. “They had neither marriage nor partnership, but they had a minor son.”

There is currently no connection with Lil Klein. Weiss watched the video of the rapper expressing his remorse last week. According to Weiss, this would also be “crisis management”. “My reality is completely different from what it looks like now. He has a very different attitude towards me.” Therefore, Weiss does not believe in the words of her ex-partner. “I have Kim (her attorney, editor) by my side, otherwise I would have been standing on the channel a month ago with the boxes.”

Vice now wants to focus on her future. She will soon move to Ibiza, where she and her son Leo are feeling well. There are also “nice plans” ready. “Then it is the path to recovery. I wish I could leave the grieving process behind.”

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Lil Klein was arrested last month. It is said that he stuck his fiancée’s head between the car door. After three nights in prison, the investigating judge decided to suspend his pretrial detention. The Public Prosecution Office objected and appealed. This was followed by a session in the council room, which ruled that the rapper must be detained for another fourteen days. He was released from prison two weeks ago.

As a result of reports about alleged violations, several companies decided to stop working with him. Former record label TopNotch is no longer promoting his music and his new music label Sony Music has canceled the collaboration.

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