Is showcasing wild animals still relevant today? This is what the DVHN Youth Committee thinks

In the Wildlands of Emmen, a lioness was recently killed in a fight with the “new” lion Jafar. Previously, the lion was badly beaten by the lioness. Is showcasing wild animals still relevant today? This is the opinion of the DVHN Youth Committee.

In nature, animals have vast territories where they do not have to confront each other if they are hostile to each other. Or they fight who is the strongest and the loser leaves for another homeland. In the zoo, the animals have nowhere to go, and they are dependent on the keepers who decide if the animals are allowed together on the same property, when and where.

Zoos participate in breeding programs for endangered animals and contribute to important research on protected species. They also have an important educational function. Many people and children love zoos. However: Is displaying wild animals still relevant today?

Alyssa Boss (16)

“Personally, I think the wild animal show should definitely stop. I think wild animals should really live in the wild.”

Animals, like humans, have every right to their freedom. Human influences, among other things, limit the animal instinct of many wild animals. Animals are not toys, but living creatures that have the right to a free life in the wild. By arresting them, we deprive them of this life. This, in my opinion, is unfair.

Obviously, many people view caged animals and watch them as a kind of movie as entertainment. Personally, I find it pathetic.

Many animals have a limited number of special beings around them in these circumstances, which can make them feel very lonely. In addition, the habitat is much smaller, for example, in the zoo than in the landscape, where the animals will be in favorable conditions.

I don’t see the point of showing wild animals. I think we should value every animal and accept that as humans we can’t control everything. I very much hope that one day it will be normalized just leaving wild animals alone.”

Eva Pabst (13)

“I really like zoos. But I also went to zoos where I felt sorry for the animals. They had limited space, and a fairly small habitat. Recently I was in a zoo which I really liked. The animals had a lot of space, the animals were hostile to each other, each had Of which there is a separate habitat. You can also see on the map there that “Lions” was written twice, in completely different places.

It was great to see this, but there are not many good zoos. There are still many zoos where the animals don’t have enough space, and they usually can’t do their own thing. More attention should definitely be paid to the quality of zoos. It is shocking that there are still zoos, many of them, where the animals are still confined to small cages.

This is ridiculous. I understand you want to make money, but yes, saying that “wild animals are dangerous” when running a zoo is very bad for the animals and nature. I think you should regularly check whether the zoo is OK up to standards he is. Good living environment, enough space, and distance between animals that don’t get along well with each other. Otherwise, the whole thing about “we protect the species, because they are endangered” is complete nonsense. ”

Mosquito Vivian (16)

“Zoos have been a hot topic for some time. The question is whether it is still appropriate in our time to confine wild animals in small cages and thus remove them from their natural habitat. I think it is right that this discussion is here now.”

Today it is all about equality and equal rights, but especially between people. And yes, there is a growing interest in animal rights; Many people have become vegetarians or even vegans, and animals are no longer allowed in circuses. Yet we seem to forget about the wild animals in zoos.

I honestly don’t really know what to do with it. I hate that we use wild animals like this for entertainment. We totally take in their natural instincts.

On the other hand, I think it’s good to have zoos, because kids love them. Shows children how beautiful nature is on Earth. Zoos also have some sort of educational function in this regard. Children are more inspired to save animals from extinction just by seeing them in real life.

So you can also see it as the sacrifice of some animal that then has to be locked up, to save the animals in the wild.”

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