“I never lost myself in booze and drugs, but in love.”

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Background – In Veur de Draod the famous Achterhoekers expose their souls. Today’s singer Vincent – “Dance-You-Dance With Me-Then Dance-We-Rejoice-Together” – Classy (51).

By Andre Falkmann

1) My mental mood is:
“The weather keeps raining, I’m cheerful. I’m doing a song for my biggest Dream Dance song in the studio for a radio station in Curaçao. Making music is happiness!”

I’m always happy, even the song. In Dream Dance my character synchronizes with a song, I think you can feel that. She now has 30 million streams on Spotify (same greatest songs by Guus Meeuwis, editor). Not real. This hit was truly my childhood dream.
Ten years after recording, I heard that it is still shown in many exhibitions and parties.
Watching a number like this grow is strange. DJ Quinn and Sander heard Nick and Simon play her on the TV show De Zomer Voorbij. They decided: Let’s make this a success. Dream Dance’s noise was there. Some students, such as the students at Tilburg, have already adopted it as an anthem while applying. So it exploded.
Tonight I will sing it again at Mega Pirate Festijn Maaskantje.

2) I’m like “mien va/mo”:
“Appearance, that dark edge to me, is my Indonesian father. My parents divorced early in my life. They remained two happy people to me. I got my cheerful personality from both of them.”

3) This is my biggest fear:
“Being lonely. Seven years ago, my relationship with my son’s mother broke down. I’ve never lost myself in drink and drugs. In love and feminine attention. I’ve thought about my life, my penetration rollercoaster and fun games. That loneliness, and suddenly being literally lonely, hit me hard.” I later got into a new relationship and decided to do things differently. Maybe we’ll come back to that in another statement.”

4) After death:
“In my opinion it has something to do with karma. You can only score points in this life with good behavior. This good will remain. Will you then go to heaven? And people who do bad things in hell? No idea. But the pursuit of good, this is seen. Just A hunch, I have no proof.”

5) My greatest hero is:
“Elvis. Suit, his voice, guitar. He invented, launched, and published art. Oddly enough, I rarely listen to his music, except that I sang it in the past. But I didn’t want to imitate anyone. Elvis was the same too. I wanted to find my voice. I found it.” Specifically by imitating and discovering what I am not.

But the same applies to all artists: the stars come, the stars go, and only Elvis remains. ”

6) I can live outside of his choice:
“Yes, I left when I was six. Achterhoek still carries a sadness inside me. It’s my youngest childhood and my strange birth story. I was born in an ambulance, on the border of Winterswijk and Eibergen. So am I a native of Winterswijk or Eibergen?”

7) People with an accent are:
“Expatriates or strangers. The dialect makes you conform to an area, or makes you veer if you don’t talk about what other people are talking about. My parents divorced and I went to live in Enschede with my mother. I had a difficult relationship with her then-husband. I decided to move to The Hague to my father. My oriental accent made me I feel lonely. I don’t want to. I learned to speak without an accent from my new stepmother.”

8) The man is monogamous:
“No, not biologically. It’s a date. I think a man is looking for affection and love. Not even instant sex. You can find that love and warmth with multiple people at the same time. Only then can sex.”

I am a child of broken marriages. Through trial and error, I’ve discovered that arranging monogamy makes you the happiest. Yes, I cheated in my life in previous relationships.
I won’t do that again. If you do, then something in your relationship will change forever. You break trust in another person and in your self-image that you are doing the right thing.”

9) Then I cried for the last time:
“I have to think for a long time. I almost shed tears when my son was sick on vacation. He had stomach cramps and such a pain.”

10) This is on my tombstone:
“‘Live for today.’ Lots of people say, think: I’ll do it tomorrow. I’ll chase that dream after today. No, do it now, have fun now! Today we have it, we don’t know if we’ll get there tomorrow.”

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