Ghislaine Maxwell gives an interview from prison: ‘This photo is not real’

She had never spoken out of court before. In late June, she was sentenced to 20 years in prison for recruiting underage girls to have sex with sex offender and billionaire Jeffrey Epstein. But she has always declared her innocence.

Ghislaine Maxwell now tells her story in two interviews with journalist and documentary filmmaker Daphne Barak. Barak is largely the first to gain access to convicted Britons. Thirty years ago she spoke to Maxwell about a documentary about the death of her father, controversial media mogul Robert Maxwell. Barak is now working on a documentary about the convicted woman herself. It will air later this year on CBS Paramount Plus. But a shorter interview will be shown on Monday. As a result, it appeared in a number of British publications, including: the sun And the daily mailAnd some articles that Barak wrote about the interviews.

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cancel culture

A striking topic in these two interviews are her friendships. “There are a lot of people who are affected by this story,” Maxwell says. “My friends who never met Epstein have lost their jobs. People who didn’t have anything to do with him were literally cancelled. For all those people… I think it was a very high price because of the cancellation culture. It was very difficult for a lot of people.” Maxwell’s address book used to be full of famous names, but the British are aware that she has lost many of these friends to her conviction.

As well as former US President Bill Clinton. She says, “It was a special friendship that has lasted over the years. We had a lot in common. I’m sorry he’s a victim again only because of his relationship with Jeffrey. I understand that, like the others, he can no longer consider me a friend.”

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Left to Right: Former President Donald Trump, his wife Melania Knaus, sex offender Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell. © Getty Images

Among her personal friends was Maxwell’s other ex-president, Donald Trump. But unlike Clinton, he voiced support for the convicted Maxwell. “We knew each other and were in the same circles, in Palm Beach, NY. I was so grateful when he wished me all the best afterwards (arrest, editor). He got bad media for it, but he dared, while the others didn’t. I was honored. That he reminded me. Well, he’s known for saying what he thinks. It’s given me a huge boost.”

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Prince Andrew and a famous photo

But perhaps the most notable friendship that failed was with Britain’s Prince Andrew (62). Because of his association with Maxwell and Epstein, the Prince was indicted and forced to relinquish his royal titles. “I feel bad for him. I follow what is happening to him,” said the woman. I was shocked that the prince’s lawyers claimed that the two were not good friends, but they understand it. I accept that this friendship cannot withstand my convictions. He pays for the association. I consider him Dear friend. I care about him.”

And even from prison, Maxwell continues to support the fallen prince. I did so by refuting an important piece of evidence. Everyone knows the famous photo of 17-year-old Andrew, Maxwell and Virginia Joffrey. He has his arm around the teenager, while Maxwell can be seen in the background. This picture is not real. No original was produced.”

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However, Maxwell previously confirmed in court, at the request of Epstein’s attorney, that the photo appeared to be real. Now explain. “I consider it my home. But I’ve come to the conclusion that I don’t think this picture is true. The original was never made because it doesn’t exist. I don’t think this picture is a real picture,” she says. “When you see a picture and it’s a picture of you in your house. And someone says to you: Is this a picture of you? Then don’t doubt it.” The woman did not say exactly what was wrong with the photo. But there would be “more than 50 problems with the photo.”

“You threatened to kill me.”

In the interview, Maxwell also discussed her living conditions in prison. After her arrest in July 2020, she was transferred to the Metropolitan Detention Center in New York. But there she felt insecure. “There was a woman who threatened to kill me while I was sleeping. It’s true. What happened.”

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Maxwell also talks about poor food and water and loneliness. She will be locked in a small cell 23 out of 24 hours. She is said to have lodged more than 300 complaints with the prison about living conditions. She was eventually transferred to a Florida prison last summer. She’s treated better and feels safer there, but has less freedom, it seems. “Prisons are dangerous. I advise everyone to do everything they can to avoid prison.”

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Maxwell filed an appeal against her conviction last summer. Her lawyers pointed out that their client should not be punished for the crimes of Epstein, who committed suicide in his cell in 2019 while awaiting trial. “Jeffrey Epstein should have been here for you,” she said at the time.

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