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When you ask children what is the best thing about Easter, they will undoubtedly answer with “egg catch”! My kids will add “eat easter eggs” to that, but that’s beside the point. Finding colorful eggs with a little competition is something that makes Easter so much fun. So it is a tradition for many families to hunt for eggs at Easter.

What day are you looking for eggs?

But where does this tradition come from? And on what day should we look for eggs? After all, there are two days of Easter. Eggs have been symbolically eaten for centuries. For example, the Germans ate eggs in the oblation meals of Ostara, the goddess of spring and fertility. The vicissitudes surrounding Easter eggs originated in the Middle Ages, when the church placed Easter on pagan sacrifice. Lent was introduced by the Church before Easter, and thus the eating of eggs (among other things) was forbidden. But, of course, the chickens continued to lay eggs. These eggs were then boiled, so they would have a longer shelf life, and were beautifully painted. Eggs were plentiful on Easter day and they were given as gifts and eaten. And so the tradition began. So one of the days of Easter is the most logical day to hunt eggs. But well, if Easter suits you better, that’s okay too.

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How and where to hide Easter eggs

Besides the fact that many Christians celebrate the resurrection of Jesus on Easter, today we still celebrate Easter by hiding eggs. There are many games to hide eggs. Before you start making Easter games, think about whether you’ll be hiding Easter eggs indoors or out. First, it depends on the weather. And secondly, it depends on the space you have. Here are some ideas where you can hide Easter eggs indoors and outdoors.

Hide Easter Eggs Inside

When kids are looking for eggs, they want a little challenge. Don’t put all your eggs in plain sight, but think of some really good hiding places. When you hide eggs inside, these are cute hiding places:

  • In a cupboard (kitchen) or on a shelf
  • Among the Easter crafts
  • In the shoe, be careful not to forget anyone …
  • among plants
  • behind the curtains
  • On the stairs
  • Tip: Do not hide the eggs in the subwoofer! It’s also a good idea to empty it once, you’ll be amazed at what you’ll find in it.

Hide easter eggs outside

The best thing, of course, is to hide the eggs outside. Add the sun and the party is complete. These are lovely places to hide Easter eggs outside.

  • Among plants or shrubs, this is the best and most beautiful place to hide eggs
  • On the swing or behind the slide
  • in the sandbox
  • In a bird food stand, they never expected it!
  • at the back door
  • In the shed, the kids here have to look for eggs among all the trash

Egg hunting games, these are fun ideas

Besides just hiding and searching, there are also all kinds of fun game ideas. This way you make egg hunting more fun! After all, Easter is a celebration.

Hide and search by time

A little competition can’t hurt. If you let the kids look for the eggs, they are already there anyway. But the competition really only begins when you turn it into a competition. Set a timer for that and who will find the most eggs within a certain amount of time? For a very fast sprint, set the timer to two minutes. If you want to make it a longer game, hide the eggs well and set the counter longer.

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Find eggs by color

Another fun Easter game is egg hunt by color. Make sure the hidden eggs are in different colors. You can play this in many ways.

Give the kids a color to search. So only one child can search for red eggs and the other child only searches for blue eggs.

But also the nice thing is to give points colored eggs. A yellow egg is worth 2 points, a red egg is worth 3 points, and so on. Whoever gets the most points after the mission wins the Easter game.

Easter game

Find the golden egg!

And the golden egg, of course, is worth more! You can also play this as a separate game. For example, if you play an Easter egg hunt, whoever finds the golden egg wins.

Find the Reverse Easter Egg

Kids love to hunt for eggs, but maybe they also love to hide eggs? Then play Reverse Easter Egg Hunt in a round. The kids are hiding and the Easter bunny (mom and dad) has to find the eggs.

egg scavenger hunt

If you really want to make it a fun Easter activity, make an egg hunt. You can do this with a printable at home. But you can also stop the scavenger hunt outside. It is very fun to play egg hunt with neighborhood kids. It’s always good to see your neighbors outside after a winter sleep, isn’t it?

How does egg hunt work?

When you order a printable, you will receive a mission card with a path to the golden egg. On the way you will come across a number of Easter eggs. Eight to be exact. You have to find these Easter eggs before you reach the golden egg.

You are making a way to hunt eggs at home or outside in the neighbourhood. For example, you can hang one egg in the toilet, the next Easter egg in the stairwell, and so on. When you’re on a scavenger hunt outside, for example, you start at the front door. You’ll also get a printable with carrot-shaped guides, so you can help the kids follow the right path. And in the end the children will reach the golden egg!

What you can do while searching for eggs are small tasks or games. You can come up with this and interpret it entirely according to your own vision. Ideas, for example, a game of dice or a rabbit prick, these games are described below. What’s also nice is giving a glimpse of Easter eggs. This gets the kids to think about where to find the next egg.

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