Easter Egg Hunt: Top 10 Places for 2022!

Photo 1. When you go looking for eggs at Het Land van Jan Klaassen, you will also meet an Easter bunny! Photo: Jan Clasen Land

April 11, 2022
tourism villager Easter egg hunts are just part of Easter. Don’t have a suitable garden to hide, or are your kids so good at hunting that they can pick up all the eggs in five minutes? Then take them to one of these 10 original places to look for easter eggs And make it a great day out! And who knows, maybe one of you will find a golden egg …

1. Egg hunting in the castle

amerizoden – Go and find Easter eggs in this year’s castle! The Easter Bunny visited several castles. Sometimes the eggs are inside, like Amerswein Castle, where a dragon’s egg is hidden. In other castles, whites wait outside in the beautiful castle gardens. Quests in the castle on Easter and Easter.

Barnifield – In the Poultry Museum you will find not only chicken eggs, but also Easter eggs! The Easter Bunny hid the Easter eggs in Hoendertuin in the Museum and you can find them Good Friday, Holy Saturday and Easter Monday. There is also a golden egg among all those eggs.. who will find it among the playground equipment and get a great prize? After searching, pay a visit to the cute chicks that have just been born. You can search on Good Friday at 3pm and on the other two days at 11am, 1:30pm and 3:30pm.

3. Meet the Easter Bunny

Black Berry – In the Het Land van Jan Klaassen play park, the Easter bunny is ready From 15 to 18 April To hide Easter eggs. Kids can first enjoy the afternoon performance and then hunt for eggs with the Easter bunny. Of course you don’t have to give eggs to him, you can eat them yourself! Also cute: you can take a picture with the Easter bunny. Jan Clasen grounds are open from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

4. On an island

Muiden – In Fort Island Pampus you can Easter Monday and Easter Monday Enjoy doodling and searching for eggs around the wing. Look closely among the green blades of grass to find eggs, then run along the water and feel the sea breeze on your face. The castle of the museum is open and it is also very nice to walk around. Plus: This is a real island, so you go there and come back by boat. How cool is that?

5. Find a golden egg

BUNNIK – Eggs are also hidden in Fort bij Vechten. No ordinary eggs or Easter eggs, but golden eggs! Whoever finds one can hand her a nice surprise. By the way, Fort bij Vechten is having a whole party Easter Monday and Easter Monday, because the egg hunt is part of the Fort & Food Easter edition. A food festival full of fun activities (for kids). Including bouncy castles, family treasure hunt, face painting, kids disco, and more kids entertainment. And of course lots of fun food carts.

6. In seals

Peterborough Join the Easter treasure hunt at the Seal Center Pieterburen. Look at the cute seals that are cared for there, find out all about how they live in the Wadden Sea and in between take part in the hunt for Easter eggs. They lie through Easter holiday Hidden throughout the center of Pieterburen, so this would be a real find! And you can immediately see the new view, as you learn how the seal ends up in the center of the seal. You will experience everything: from the seal notification to the shelter.

7. A cold price for a golden egg

Rotterdam – Hunting for Easter eggs in Plaswijckpark has gradually become a tradition Easter Monday and Easter Monday. While the kids enjoy playing in Speelwijck and painting their faces, Easter Bunny hides his eggs in no fewer than three places in Plaswijck Park. Where children go to search depends on their age. The youngest of them also have a chance to find a golden egg. Because whoever finds it gets a great prize.

8. Play and search

RAALTE – There’s plenty to do at Play Farm and De Flierefluiter والترفيه Easter Monday and Easter Monday. Pictured with the Easter bunny, a pony ride, a free ride in the covered wagon, a visit to a hundred chicks you can also pet and of course the hunt for Easter eggs. Find as many as you can, because there are great prizes to be won!

9. In the sand dunes

The school – The Easter bunny has been spotted at Schoorlse Duinen! Could he really have hidden his eggs in the dunes themselves? craft Easter Monday and Easter Monday First at Buitencentrum Schoorlse Duinen a nice Easter basket, so you have something to collect your eggs in. Then go outside to the beautiful sand dune area to look.

10. Around the farm

RUINERWOLD – Located in the 17th century Farm De Karstenhoeve Museum Monday Easter Lots of eggs hidden! At 11:30 a.m., the search will begin. Don’t run too far in your enthusiasm, because you’ll get past them if you don’t look around. Then you can still cuddle the rabbits.

Photo 2. Diving into the Hoendertuin bushes near the Poultry Museum and looking for the golden egg. Photo: Gerard van de Bruynhorst

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