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Are you pregnant now and expecting your little one for Christmas? Then research proves that you have a very special baby! December kids are very special. It is so much fun to come up with a special baby name for your birthday baby. Whether it is a nickname or a middle name, here is a list of baby names for inspiration to give to your child for Christmas.

christmas baby boy names

David Means darling and friend, something we love to have around during the Christmas season. Dave It is a lovely variation of this sweet Christmas name.

Daniel It means that God is my judge, which again means that only God can judge me. dean It is a particularly beautiful and popular type of Daniel.

Kasper is corruption Caspar, One of the three Magi from the East who came to pay tribute to the newborn Jesus. The name means wise and treasurer. Beautiful boy name for birthday baby.

Chris Derived from the word Christian, Jesus Christ is a Christmas child. The meaning is given, followers of Christ.

Despair It is a Hebrew boy’s name. It means that the Lord is my God.

good This name is also derived from a Hebrew boy’s name and means radiant or shining. So it is perfect for the Christmas season.

Emmanuel It is a wonderful name for a birthday boy. It means that God is with us.

Gabriel It is the name of one of the archangels. Announcing the birth of Jesus. The meaning of the name is the strong man, the strength of God, as well as the hero of God.

Joshua It is an English boy’s name and means “God save”.

luke, A variation on Lucas and means “light.”

Nick, derived from Nicholas Nico It means victory and complete means “the conqueror of the people.”

Noel Literally means Christmas. It is also called “Christmas” and this of course means the birthday of Jesus.

Joel The name is similar to Noel, but it really means something completely different, which is “God is good.” Also great for a birthday kid.

Yuki Something completely different, the name comes from Japan. Lovely for people who always wanted a white Christmas, because it means “child of snow.”

Rudolph You can think of Rudolf the Rednose Reindeer, but the meaning is nicer; Glorious wolf!

christmas baby girl names

AngelaThe name of this girl, of course, refers to the angel of the Messenger of God.

belle, Lovely name for Christmas for a lovely baby. So Belle means beauty, but it can also be derived from Elizabeth This name means I swear to God, God swore to me. “

Krista Girl is the form of girl derived from the word Christian, Jesus Christ is a Christmas child. The meaning is given, followers of Christ.

David She is of course the alternate girl for the birthday name David, which means lover and friend.

Eve It has a wonderful meaning, which is “life”. The English term “eve” means the eve or “Christmas eve”.

fi derived from Faith. and faith It means, of course, trust and faith.

Gloria (in excelsis Deo). At Christmas your child will think that there is a song made just for him. But of course it means glory, and glory to God in the highest.

beauty, This name has very beautiful meanings, choose for yourself: blessing, merit, kindness, friendship, grace, magic, grace.

ivy I mean wine and that’s what we drink during the Christmas season.

cheerful to the world! Excellent name for a birthday baby!

Noel She is the girl’s version of the literal meaning of Christmas.

Robin It has a beautiful meaning corresponding to Christmas, namely “sparkling and beautiful”.

star So the name Sterre is of course also a good name for a birthday baby.

Variations on Mary:

You might think we forgot the most important name for Christmas, but no! Mary, the mother of Jesus, has many variants that we have put into a separate list. The meaning of Mary in itself is not very amazing, because Mary means bitter. But fortunately, there are a few differences in the name that make them all a little nicer. For example Marre, which means “sea” and Mariasha means “perfection”.

Fun fact, the name Maria (or any other variant of it) was very popular from the late Middle Ages until the 1980’s. It didn’t really lose popularity until 1990 and now we only have Mia in the top 100. So it’s time for a good comeback!

Mike, Mickey, Maritty, Mara. Marja, Mary, Mary, Marie, Marielle, Mariette, Marijk, Marijke, Marischka, Marleki, Manon, Marilyse, Marie, Marie, Marie, Marielle, Mia, Mickey, Ryan, Ray, Rita, Retigi, Annemari.

Asmaa darling birthday

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