Angry farmers, upside down flags and booing

Prinsjesdag has caused farmers to go bald today. They particularly found the words of King Willem-Alexander – and thus the Cabinet as well – tiring. The throne speech sounded quite familiar to them. In addition to the disgruntled farmers, there were also flags upturned – this morning – tractors in and around The Hague.

According to the Agractie working group, Prinsjesdag is a “sad day” for farmers in the Netherlands. “The king said the same message we’ve been hearing for months,” foreman Bart Kemp said Tuesday after his throne speech at Koninklijke Schaeuburg in The Hague (you can read the full speech from the throne here). “Unfortunately, we cannot find any positive points that remove any of the distrust and uncertainty or give hope.”

“Farmers are affected by more than just nitrogen”

Kemp says farmers aren’t just affected by nitrogen actions. “The cost is increasing due to high inflation and also higher energy costs on the farm,” says Agractie foreman. “Therefore, we fear that the gap will not be bridged, and we do not see signs yet to begin to restore confidence between the agricultural sector and the government,” he added.

The foreman says farmers want to start with “feasible and affordable” measures to reduce nitrogen. However, according to Agractie, it now appears that “food producers in the Netherlands are seen as an unnecessary heavyweight”.

Reverse Flags and Boos

Today, many upside-down Dutch flags can be seen along the coach’s glass-bottom route through The Hague. They hung on fences to protest government policy. King Willem-Alexander, Queen Maxima and Princess Amalia sat on the bus. Buu heard along the roadside. During the balcony scene at Nordeinde Palace, the audience waved upturned flags outside the walls.

Dozens of people demonstrated noisily in Kneuterdijk. They carried banners, hoisted Dutch flags and blew whistles. They shouted slogans such as “Rutte rot op” and booed the royal chariot. They also stood with their backs to the cart. Princess Beatrix, who was watching the tour from the State Council Building, was able to see the protesters through the windows.

The horses on the tour were clearly struggling with the whistles and noises. Some of the animals started to roost and it was difficult to control them.

Reactions of the opposition parties to the throne speech

The cultivators alone weren’t disappointed now that he had given the Throne Address. These are also – as expected – the opposition parties in the House of Representatives. There are harsh words in the reactions to the government’s schemes. Brief overview in quotes:

Jesse Claver (GroenLinks), happy with the future price ceiling for energy bills: “The Cabinet is putting all the major problems ahead. Whether it’s livelihoods, the climate or the nitrogen crisis.”

Geert Wilders (PVV): “The Cabinet is completely destroying the Netherlands. The hatred of the peasants, the opening of the borders and months of indifference to the financial suffering of many Dutch people, is causing misery and distrust among millions of people.”

Thierry Baudt (Democracy Forum): “The cabinet is once again doing nothing about the crisis in the Netherlands. The path of disaster continues.”

Lillian Mariensen (SP): “It is not good that the economy is going like magic, but it is difficult for people to make ends meet. The government is putting the livelihoods of many Dutch people at risk and with it our civilization.”

Esther Oehand (Animal Party): “The house of short-term thinking is crumbling.”

Joost Eerdmans (JA21) cares about small and medium-sized enterprises: “Hot words from the treasury. Our economy will collapse if the largest employer in the Netherlands collapses.”

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Bald farmers, inverted flags and booing on Prinsjesdag

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