Andrei paints vibrant pictures: ‘I like to convey facial expressions and emotion’

Drawing and painting, that’s what André de Lange loves to do more than Hengelo. From pictures and animals to buildings. He draws all sorts of things and regularly brings world stars to paper.

“Drawing and painting is relaxing for me. It’s one of the most beautiful uses of time I can think of. I also like to play LPs in the room I’m painting in. Then I work on a couple of things that I really enjoy,” he says.

Cartoon characters and artists from Hitkrant

He’s been drawing for a long time, Andrei remembers. “I had folders full of cartoon characters that I drew. When I was 15 I saw a portrait of an artist in Hitkrant, there was a lot of shadow on the face and I thought it would be fine to draw that. I started with pencil, but soon turned to charcoal. It was These are mainly portraits, but also dogs, which I did fanatically for many years. Later I also occasionally worked with watercolors, which I also liked; but also complicated.”


Meanwhile, the pencil is also replaced by a brush. “Over the years, drawing has slowed down a little. About nine years ago I started doing something else. And that is drawing. In a distinctive way: with bright colors in the face. Now it is not only pictures, but also animals or other tasks. I still draw pictures, but with a pen.” Lead and less with charcoal.

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Pictured: Andre de Lange


Use a pencil, brush, painter’s knives, or straight from a paint tube. Andrei tries everything and faces challenges. “I feel safe with portraits, I’ve found a certain method that works well. In addition, I sometimes get requests other than portraits. For example, I once painted Ponte Vecchio in Florence for someone I know. I’ve never done that before, but I suppose I can I draw and paint everything my own way. I take everything. It’s good to work on those pictures, but I also love to draw everything else.”

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Pictured: Andre de Lange


Its work can take several hours. “I’m very detailed, especially when I’m drawing. This drawing takes a lot of hours before I’m finally satisfied, and sometimes it’s about little things. On the one hand, it’s great, because then you get a good result, but on the other hand it can sometimes kill you in terms of Time. For example, I painted someone’s house. My idea was to take about 15 hours, but that almost doubled. I painted each stone individually. Sometimes I can lose myself in it.”

stars on canvas

From Mick Jagger, Amy Winehouse, David Bowie to the actress from the popular chess series The Queen’s Gambit. Andrei put it on paper. “I like to convey facial expressions and emotion. You can draw an expressionless eye, but by drawing details like glitter in an iris you make it more expressive. You can do it very precisely with drawings, but I also see it in paintings. That way it becomes lifelike.”

“Sometimes I wanted to paint a certain artist, like when David Bowie passed away. Mick Jagger is there too. I think the Rolling Stones made good music, but I’m not necessarily a fan of it. I think he’s a striking person that I’d like to portray on canvas. Times, I have noticed that there are many deceased people that I am drawing, and perhaps it is also a certain appreciation for them.”

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Pictured: Andre de Lange

bright colors

What is his style? “Originally it’s a bit like Andy Warhol’s style, with its bright colors you can probably compare it a little. It’s not that I wanted to do the same thing as Andy Warhol or be a replica. I give it my own touch; it all comes down to feeling for me. I guess. : With this I can put something beautiful on the canvas.”


His loft is full of his work, but are there also favorites among them? “I am very proud of the painting of a woman covering her face with a piece of cloth. This is hanging in our living room. If people wanted to buy this, I doubt I would get rid of it. I am very happy with this work. I am also very proud of my Jimi Hendrix painting and a small color plate on it Dali”.

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Pictured: Andre de Lange

new job

At the moment, Andrei does not sit still and there are already new stripes on the canvas. “I have been preparing for the canvas that will be the head of a bald eagle. In addition, I am working on another work for a singer. I have stopped due to Corona time, and now I really want to get back to work.”

expand hobby

Andrei hopes to expand his hobby further. “I would like to have my own place, because now I paint in the attic where more things are done than just drawing. Because of this, I can’t always leave my work behind.”

“I would like to have a place where I can leave everything and go there whenever I feel like drawing. I would also like to take on the challenge of working more on the big canvases.”

Sea Eagle and the Queen’s Gambit

What else is on his wish list to put on the canvas? “I drew the main actress in the Netflix series: The Queen’s Gambit. I find a woman to be inspiring in terms of facial expressions. If I start drawing again, it will be another portrait of this actress. As far as drawing is concerned, the bald eagle is my favorite animal. These are the next ones. who will be drawn and painted.”

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