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This little miracle is of course the greatest gift you can receive as a parent. As a mother, you are of course ready for the arrival of your little one. The room is ready, your partner is used to the idea and your birth plan is ready for use. All good signs that you’re ready for the baby to come, but are you ready for motherhood?

The realistic answer is no. Because no one is ready for chronic sleep deprivation, worry forever, and loving someone that makes you sick. Anyway, that baby is already in your tummy, so so you’re ready for motherhood, we have a test prep here.

1. What is the best way to prepare for pregnancy?

A- Sip white wine vinegar every morning and hang your head over the toilet.
B. Put a backpack on your stomach and throw in a sugar packet every month. Nine months later, you take three cans again. This is it.
c. Combine A and B and you’ll be reasonably prepared for pregnancy.

2. You are on the road and your child must spit, how do you solve this?

A – Do children spit up?
B. Of course you have a travel shower and a clean set of clothes with you.
c. With a little luck, you’ll be fast enough to grab the spit with your hands.

3. Do you find it annoying having to change bed three times in the middle of the night, including your own?

A – Yes, I find that annoying.
B. No, the solution is to make each bed with three layers of fitted sheets with a waxed cloth underneath.
c. uh what?

4. What do you do if your child is standing by your bed in the middle of the night?

A- Scare you to death!
B. Soon he returned to his bed.
c. You are too tired to get up and turn around.

5. When should the nappy be changed?

A – If the child is defecate or urinating.
B. If the child has red buttocks.
c. If the nappy is hanging on the baby’s ankles.

6. Do you appreciate a hot cup of coffee?

A – Yes, I can’t live without it!
B. I don’t drink coffee.
c. Cold or hot, it doesn’t matter, as long as it contains caffeine.

7. How do you best prepare for driving with a child?

A- Put the chocolate ice cream in the glove box and leave it there for now.
B. Stamp on a roll of rusk, open it and spray it on the backseat while playing songs from the children’s choir on volume 80.
c. Combine a and b, accept your destiny as you are ready for a baby in your car.

8. Do you appreciate the beautiful things in your home?

a) Yes, and I will teach my little girl to stay away from that expensive vase.
B. Well, no, I love screeching colors and devices that make annoying random noises.
c. ha ha ha ha

9. Wipes for…

A- Clean dirty buttocks
B. To clean a dirty bottom and wipe the nose
c. To clean dirty buttocks, to wipe the nose, to wipe the kitchen table, to dust the furniture, to clean the stains from the sleeves and things like that.

10. How long does it take to leave with a child?

a. 3 minutes, just pack up and go.
B. Where should you go with the child?
c. Pack things Pack the baby Unpack the baby because he poops Pack the baby Takes the baby to the car Hurry up again for forgetting things Pack things and sit in the car yourself Realizing you’re still in your dress Baby out of the car Get dressed Forget where I was going to stay home.

11. If you are a mother, you take care of my time…

A- The child is sleeping.
B. The child is in day care.
c. What time is it for me

12. Can you cook with one hand and 10 pounds on your hip?

A- Of course, opening and closing the microwave must be operated with one hand.
B. Of course I can find the home delivery app on my phone with one hand.
c. I have a guy to cook with, right?

13. Do you value deep conversations?

A- Yes, I also like to repeat everything 30 times.
B. I don’t need to hear someone else’s thoughts, I’m happy to hear myself think.
c. I only have deep conversations when I’m drunk.

14. You bump your little toe, what do you say?

A – Nothing, you pass it in silence because you do not want to wake the child.
B. Sjipssss, this hurts.
c. what do you say? I scream: G*dhot f*cking table leg you are!!!

15. You hear a squeak in the supermarket, guess what?

A- Ah, how sad for the child!
B. Ah, how sad the mother is!
c. Glad that the child is not mine.

16. Parenting…

a. Very easy, just do it!
B. Keep repeating.
c. The most thankful and rewarding task at the same time.

Are you ready for motherhood? Do you still feel good about it after this test? Then I’m sure you’ll rock motherhood along the way!

funny baby shower test

Want to use these questions during a baby shower? We’ve made them into cards so you can easily print and cut them out.

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