DIY this fall holiday

Do you have an hour to spare during fall vacation? You can make your home more beautiful and fun in a jiffy!

peekaboo boards

Nice, isn’t it, those ornate crockery? You can put it in the spotlight by turning it into an interesting wall object.

you need this

3 colored design plates (eg thrift store or Marktplaats) Paint cleaner • A roll of cling film • Compass + pencil • Foil cutter (or hobby knife) • Two-tone paint sprayer • 3 glueless plate hangers (eg. via

This is how you make it

Make the boards free of grease by wiping them with paint cleaner. • Roll up the cling film and draw circles of different sizes on it using a compass and a pencil. • Cut the circles with a foil cutter (put the cling film on the baking board, then do not damage the floor, table or cabinet). • Stick the circles on the boards in the most beautiful part of the design. Glue a few circles halfway up the edge for an original effect. Stick firmly, the spray paint is thin and will get into every crease. • Shake the bottle with paint for 3 minutes. Put the dishes (preferably outside) on an old newspaper and spray them with the desired color from a distance of 20-30 cm. • Allow it to dry. • Glue the hangers to the back of the panels.

No ammonia?

Anyone who has painted a piece of furniture knows this: with ammonia you get the surfaces you want to paint free of grease and dust. But did you know that they are also highly corrosive and bad for plants, animals, and yourself? Instead, use a biodegradable paint cleaner (eg from St. Marc or Alabastine). Are you still creative and also sustainable?

sexy views
Excellent B place for your e-reader!

table full of books

wrote out? Turn it into a bedside table to enjoy forever.

you need this

A stack of old books • Drilling with a wood drill 0 6 mm • Wood glue • Wood saw • Stone spacer 100 x 100 cm • 3 threaded ends 50 cm long 0 6 mm • 2 hex nuts + washer on both sides for the nut • Silicon glue • Glass plate 70 x 50 cm

This is how you make it

Look for books that don’t differ much in back height. Lay them neatly on top of each other to a stack of no more than 35 cm, aligning the spine and fixing the stack. • Draw two points 2 cm from the spine at the corners of the top book and one point in the middle 2 cm from the cut. Search at the top of the book in those three dots until you reach the second point. • Remove the top book and drill the holes left by the drill until you reach the third book. Dig this way until there is a hole in all the books. Glue the books together with the covers to strengthen them. Make sure the drilling holes are aligned. • Divide the bricks in half. Draw 3 dots on top of the short side of the brick wall according to the holes in the books. Note: Make sure the two points at the top are 2% cm from the side. Drill a hole on the points. Do the same for the other half of the brick shot. • Tighten the threaded ends to one of the rails with a washer with a hex nut on top. Lay the bulkhead on its side and “tie” the stack of books to the ends of the wire. Place the other half of the fender on top and tighten with hex washers and nuts. • Stand on the table in an upright position. Cover the tops of the brick sections thickly with silicone glue. Stick the glass plate on it. • Let it dry for a day and your book table is ready.


We used a brick wall, which is a wooden plank on which bricks are stacked in a brick factory. They are for sale at the hardware store. Also nice: used scaffolding parts. You buy it at the same hardware store.

green on the wall

Brighten up a boring wall in no time with this plant-inspired beauty.

you need this

6 wooden slats, 18 x 44 mm, 100 cm long • black paint • hammer • 18 nails 4 cm long • Synthetic fencing, 100 x 100 cm (eg via • 10 binding rolls • 2 picture frame hooks with screw

This is how you make it

Paint the wooden slats black. Make a frame from the slats: carve out a square of 4 strips and carve 2 strips in the middle in the form of a cross. • Attach the artificial fence to the frame with tie wraps: 2 on all sides and on the cross. • Now attach the picture frame hooks to the ends on the back of the frame. This attaches the green object to the wall.

There’s also an ivy artist in you


You can also see the object as a green base. Embellish her with plastic flowers, feathers, beaded necklaces, and other attractive gems.

Cleaning is (almost) fun!

Are you charged?

Some extra storage space is never lost, especially in the nursery. Recycle this drawer and make a drawer table. And with your child, store all the LEGOs, frills or marbles in it.

you need this

Tape measure • Wooden drawer • Pencil • 4 chair legs evenly with bent (Ikea Kyrre chair legs are used here) • Drill with a wooden drill into the thickness of the screw • 4 screws 8 cm long • A screwdriver • 4 wing nuts at the screws

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This is how you make it

Using the tape measure in the tray, measure a point 6 cm from the short side and 3 cm from the long side. Make a point with a pencil. • always measure a point on the legs at the same distance from the end (here at 8 cm) in the middle; Indicate it in pencil. • Drill 4 holes in the tray and legs. Slide the screws through the tray on the legs with a screwdriver. • Tighten the screws on the bottom using the side nuts.


No old drawer available? There are often a lot of options in the course. Or use a wooden crate or crate.

hexagonal bulletin board

High school kid? Useful for planning: Bulletin board. With these convenient hexagonal specimens, you instantly give a geometric shape.

you need this

Durable fabric, eg Cotton (coated) with a design you like • 10 cork hex staple panels (including at Kurk24 and • Scissors • Hobby glue • Fastening strips (patex, eg at • fixing screws

This is how you make it

Roll the fabric and place it design side down. Lay the hexagonal pin boards on top. Cut square or rectangular pieces of fabric around the hexagons. Make sure to leave a 2cm edge so you can fold the fabric nicely around the hexagons. • Leave the fabric with the design down. Cover one side of the pin boards with glue and stick them to the cloth. • Cut the fabric from the corners of the panels and paste it at the back. • Stick back strips and screw plates are ready to stick.


You can, of course, say hexagon, but the hexagram looks more elegant. It comes from ancient Greek and means, in fact, a pistol. On the Internet you will find many instructions for drawing a pistol yourself. Only: Why bother when perfectly sized cork hexagons already exist?

math on the wall


Yes, ombre, French for shade. It is also called color degradation and this means that one color fades into another. Here on a piece of furniture, but it is also possible on textiles. And in the hair: from dark blond to blond, for example. Or from green to white, even this is possible.

ombre square

Make that cute old dresser even more charming with this green to white painting technique.

you need this

grit 120-150 • Cabinet or wine cabinet • Paint cleaner • Wood primer • 3 cans of satin paint, there is 85% eucalyptus and some camphor and nice white Flexa used • 2 brushes • tape measure • painter’s tape • 2 paint trays • 2 sponges paint

This is how you make it

Sort the box. Nice if you have a sanding mouse and sanding angles. Are you widowed? Think of it as a waking moment! • Keep the cabinet free of dust and grease with paint cleaner. Let it dry. • Paint the cabinet twice with primer and let it dry well. In between, you can make it dust and grease free again with paint cleaner. • Then divide the cabinet into 3 equal parts and seal them with painter’s tape. • Paint the upper part dark and the lower part white. Preferably with two coats of paint. Wipe with paint cleaner in between. • Allow it to dry and then remove the paint strip. • Paint the center a medium color. Preferably with two coats of paint in between, wipe again with paint cleaner. Let it dry. • Mix the middle color with the darkest color in the paint tray. In another paint tray, mix the middle color with the white paint. Now you can use the sponge. If you are meticulous, you can always stick the strips, which makes the sponge stick harder and more powerfully. But it can also be done by feeling. Work from the middle section to the top or bottom and sponge more firmly. Check your work in the middle by standing at a distance. Are you satisfied? Let it dry well and put the cabinet in a nice place.

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