Verdi Boland: “With Marion, going to the balcony really feels like the main prize”

Before participating in the TV show Beste Zangers, he asked his wife for styling advice. Over the course of 34 years, Verdi and Marion Boland have shared their love for each other and hard work. “We’ve spoken to a specialist in the past, more couples should be doing this.”

Laren, ‘t Gooi. Balcony on De Brink. One look at Café ‘t Bonte Paard across the street and the memory of Marion’s 47th birthday comes to mind. Together with a good friend, Verdi organized a party for their birthday wives. Gooische fanfare was hired for an extra celebratory note and Ferdi asked them to stop in the middle of the intersection.

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Verdi: I wanted to make a mess, I thought it was funny when he appeared in the local newspaper. I heard them coming – Ramampam! Band at the crossroads. They blocked everything. Soon the police and firefighters arrived. My wife, who was dressed in a beautiful dress to match her mood, went up to the table like a real birthday girl to dance. Fabulous.’

Once again brings smiles to their faces. On this summer’s day, he ordered a hot chocolate with whipped cream (a “confirmed order”), ordered a cappuccino oatmeal and told about their first meeting in over 35 years.

Verdi was looking for an executive secretary for his production company and his record label, and Marion was one of twenty applicants. The application procedure was very strict; An outside specialist was brought in to make sure the work runs smoothly. Marion raised hug after hug.

Verdi: There hasn’t been an emotional spark yet, although my mind has been somewhat affected by her appearance. It got me interested. Fortunately not only me, all the staff were impressed.

He later confesses to Marion that he also has his own way of appreciating people. After job interviews, he looked out the window to see people leaving the office building. How did their character survive outside the building?

Verdi: I saw a really fast run with Marion. You had to come from good families to keep up. Wow, energetic, I thought. It’s my ace. Needless to say, Marion got the job.”

You two have been together for 34 years now. The big question, then, is: Who is Zayn since then?

Marion: “Where others can suffer from Monday blues, I enjoyed going to work. But I looked at the cat out of the tree, Verdi made it work. When we got into a relationship, I went to work elsewhere to keep things clear. I started working for a media company and worked in a world TV for a long time.

FERDI: “I still remember our first romantic moment.”

Marion: ‘She drove me to my car. We wanted to kiss, but ended up squeezing our cheeks together. So we stood for a long time. It was more intimate than the kiss. Very romantic. We dated the old way for a while. A vacation in Greece followed, after which we moved in together.

Take us back to those wild 80s.

Marion: “A couple in the world of music, it should be sex and drugs and the presence of rock ‘n’ roll. But that’s not for me, I’m upside down from two wines, and Verdi is very practical for that. Besides, we’ve seen the excesses. They’ve been It serves as a warning about how quickly things can go wrong.

FERDI: In my existence as a music producer I was surrounded by rock bands. Deep Purple, Hermann Brod, I was friends with everyone, and I saw what was happening behind the scenes, but I was too sane to share. Besides, I had a company to run.

Awarded as a singer, writer and producer of international films. Did Solo ever walk next to his shoes?

Marion: ‘Never. Sincerely. He is not a man with spots. He is definitely proud. A No. 1 hit worldwide, also in America, with rock me amadeus And the Jenny from Falco and I was in the army now, performed by Status Quo. Music also plays an important role in our family. Every day I find yellow stickers at home with individual melodies and thoughts. If it stops, that’s a sign on the wall that something is wrong.

On Verdi’s radio show on NH Radio, he sometimes plays a record for Me and Our Girls. At our wedding, with a big band behind him, Lady Red sang. Solo anthem is this is life from Sinatra. On the way to Zandvoort we like to play the vultures, during the pool party at home Maria Dolores Pradera – I love her Spanish sounds.”

FERDI: I wouldn’t be surprised if you have gypsy blood. We must investigate your bloodline. During evenings with friends, we like to test the spicy pop. I ask questions and present the Challenge Cup as a trophy. Men against women, it’s tough. Everyone wants to go home with that shiny gold thing. Women win more.

Marion: ‘Verdi started out as a singer. I think it’s great that he’s now being asked about the season for the best new singers. He came to see me a week before the shooting. They asked me to bring summer clothes to shoot in Seville. I only have dark clothes and arty. So I have a problem. Can you help me?’ After a day of shopping it turned out to be good. I find singles attractive in a good suit with a high collar. Anyway, this is less suitable for Spanish temperatures.

When do you think Marion is particularly handsome, Verdi?

FERDI: ‘Marion pictures so well, I can see that in her Instagram creations. Anyway, I think she looks great for her age.

Marion: “Note the addition ‘for her age’.”

FERDI: I mean that in the most positive sense. Put your ten women in a row of the same age…”

Marion: “Oh, stop!”

What connects you other than music?

Marion: “Our optimism and our life’s energy.”

FERDI: “Shared love to work hard. Marion works in a gymnasium where our girls also attended. She released her first single when I was 14 and I’m not even thinking about quitting. Before you know it, she’s no longer relevant and that feeling is making you sore. Our relationship is based on a very simple criterion: We have our own world of work and we can do business on our own, but moments together are always more fun.With Marion, going to the balcony really feels like the number one prize. If our daughters Robin Tess and Samer attend too, that’s it Grand prize “.

Marion: “It makes thunder and crackles sometimes. We’re strong personalities. Talk a lot, add expressive hand gestures. We’re not like completely exhausted couples who don’t have much more to say to each other. He’s never so restless at the table. We can glean joy from it.” Great food.Our family Whatsapp has many meal pictures.We are running a contest to find the best club sandwich.Hyatt Grand Central New York has the highest score so far.

FERDI: Toast is the secret to high class. We can talk about it warmly. I find in Marion a woman my equal. My soundboard and travel companion, for example recently, when we were in Vienna, working as creative director on the Falco musical. Like Marion, I thrive in peace and communication. I hate polarization and fuss. If there is a difference of opinion between us and Marion, it is necessary to continue to think in a problem-solving manner.

I strongly believe that you should keep an eye on it in the long term to avoid problems in the short term. It’s about continuing to see value in life. So it’s not about fighting that little battle you’re trying to win, but about turning your gaze forward. same. Collecting. You might be giving up on something. And then you learn to look at the whole: together it’s really more fun than it is alone. RO bright side of life. In relation to everything give and take. Especially if you two have been together for 34 years, it’s such an okay journey.”

Were there periods when you didn’t find each other?

Marion: “Sure. During the period after my parents passed away, it was very difficult. And in busy times, it is still difficult to keep seeing each other in a figurative sense. Something as simple as having a drink together on the porch helps. For us to talk.” What are you busy, What are you up against?” From the outside, Verdi looks calm, but he is just like a duck: you see an animal swimming calmly, but legs are kicking under the surface of the water and all sorts of things happen.

FERDI: ‘Because of circumstances, I was given a great deal of responsibility at a young age. It made me look at things very complicated. I tend to overanalyze. Marion taught me to have fun now, it makes life easier. In the past we sometimes spoke to a professional because we thought it was important. It is a pity that there is a taboo in this, we think it is wise to talk to someone. Seeing a professional from the outside can be a source of relief and enlightenment.

Marion: More people should do that. There has been no connection for a long time in the relationships of the stressful couples we talked about. While it is great to learn to listen well. If this is difficult, there are plenty of professionals who can help. It helped us at some point. Sometimes a relationship is hard work to be able to grow again, laugh, and have fun. With this man by my side, I hope to be able to celebrate many more birthdays.

FERDI: ‘Promise me you’ll climb on the table again next time and dance. I like that.

Verdi Poland (1956) is a singer, composer, producer and businessman. He achieved worldwide fame with songs he composed and produced for Falco, Status Quo, Johnny Logan, Samantha Fox, Herman Brood, Rob de Nijs and Dana International. 65 million records have been sold worldwide and has been awarded the Buma Cultuur Export Award five times. She has her own radio show at the Gouden Hits Museum in Ferdi on NH Radio. Working on a solo EP in Dutch and after a long time can be seen singing again in the new season of Beste Zangers from AVROTROS. He works as creative director on the musical Falco, which will be shown for the first time in Vienna.

Marion Poland (1964) She has worked for years in the media world, for example at John de Mol Productions, was also a sports coach and now works in a gymnasium, where she is involved in communications and organizing events. She regularly posts her colorful fashion look on Instagram (@marionbolland). She and Ferdi have two daughters, Robin Tess and Summer.

This dual interview previously appeared in the print edition of Nouveau (c) Nouveau DPG Media 2022

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