Pre-publication of the book Gdanizaken. Hink-step via Flemish Press “by former journalist Karel Anthierens

From ‘The work is done. Henk Stabb via the Flemish Press of Karel Anterens, Knack previously publishes a chapter on De Zwijger (1982-1983), the cult magazine of Karel’s famous brother Johan Antierens.

But then Johann had to start a satirical magazine if necessary. First without me. La Bonnie HeuerHe was now old and wise enough. But if it is true that Johann wrote very beautifully, it is also true that he did not know how to twist a paper. This turned out from the first issue: the magazine with 45,000 subscribers was a painful mistake. It does not seem so. Literally everything about it was wrong. In particular, the caricatures, which should have been an essential part of the magazine, were clumsy scribbles by well-meaning novices. After all, Johan decreed that he wanted to work with new blood and did not want well-known names in his magazine. The first issue also contained an essential appendix in which Johann explained in detail how the silent into existence. I didn’t think this was a good idea: the second song would be instantly thinner. Even less wise I would have thought Johan made all kinds of promises to the reader that the magazine could not keep. the silent He will do what traditional newspaper journalists have failed to do: not only attend press conferences, but also write reports on parliamentary work, ask critical questions, expose groups, and expose background politics. But where will he get the necessary manpower? Although it was fairly good with a secretary, three full-time editors and a number of permanent staff, including the famous Hilde Geens, the now late Raf Sauviller, Henry Coenjaerts, Jan Hertoghs, Dirk Vander Sypen (also the late) and from the second issue As editorial secretary, it will not suffice to keep a close eye on political and parliamentary details. French satirical weekly Le Canar Inchini It employs about thirty journalists and a permanent core of the same number of freelance journalists. Realizing that his first issue was no more or less a disaster, Johann asked me for his help and he did not have to insist: the world of satirical magazines seemed to me more wonderful than filling appendices with everything that did not interest me at all.

We had no spies at the party headquarters and where our liberators appeared, the bottles opened, but the mouths remained closed.

Bee the silent I found my mate from the new Back. Brigitte Raskin got a column there under the name Braille Column, composed by my son Frank during a brainstorming session in our house. Brigitte says she’s still happy about it: “The merging with the French feminine personal pronoun was a feminist-charged discovery of the day.” It was a bonus that her initials were taken from her name. (Once the silent I went down, suggested Brigitte to continue her column in panorama.)

Gradually there was some peace and balance in this matter. Johan could no longer resist the attraction of famous names, especially artists, partly of my “discoveries”: Meynen, GAL, Piranha, Luc Vandevijver, Benoît, Jan Vanriet and especially ZAK. The writers also found their way into the editors at Willem De Zwijgerstaat, including Herman Brusselmans and Tom Lanoye. Johann, who had not had a conversation with Hugo Klaus at the time, even received an advance post of his sadness belgium to seize. but one Canard enchainé Not so. We had no men of high power, no spies in the party headquarters, and where our liberators appeared on rare occasions the bottles were opened but the mouths kept shut. We only get some information from time to time anonymously. Including reporters from the then BRT with a chatter from Reyerslaan. But there wasn’t much either, the only thing that really stood out was how badly these boys (no, girls ever) wrote from the announcer. Suppliers were ordinary talentJournalists Jos Grobben, with much gossip about the ins and outs of the publisher Roularta, where he later became, ironically, magazine director, and Johann Stroy. He is a rare king In his living room there was a picture with his daughter Sandri who was allowed to shake hands with King Baudouin, and he wrote a slander about the “barren womb” of Queen Fabiola. I thought this was shockingly rude, but it didn’t shock me. as editor-in-chief talent I have often received enough copy of it on my table and thought that this is not possible at all. When I talked to him about it, he said “I know you’re going to delete this”.

now in the silentThere could be a little more than that, but not much. That made the atmosphere in the editorial office a bit strange. We started a satirical magazine, and cartoonists in particular could unabashedly indulge in it. But the editors wrote on the brakes. From the beginning Johan painted: “Not with a sharp axe.” This left the reader somewhat hungry and the editors feeling handicapped. Raf Sauveller in particular, who was able to play very sharply in his division with the apt name “Razende Raf”, suffered from Johan’s censorship. I later recruited him into Jigsaw, where he would make meritorious contributions. He passed away in 2018.


The heart of the magazine, of course, was Johan’s weekly editorial. He was eagerly waiting. They are often presented in beautiful pieces. But… they rarely reached the level of what he called “eyewitness” talent Put down again and again. Was the freedom he now enjoys unlimited? Did he miss the limits that must be crossed, the barriers that must be broken, the orders that he ignores? No one stood in his way now: not me, as with talent, as I had to occasionally point out something very delicate in Roeselare. He was no longer even Ferlin, who had always given him all the freedom, but he still felt responsible for what appeared in his journal. Not even Rick or his mother, De Nulf, who weren’t always happy with his free-floating boot. But Johan was especially absent the silent Readers, mostly well-to-do bourgeois, who could caress their shoulders. None of that at all the silent, these readers bought the magazine because Johan was… Johan and couldn’t bake it brown enough for them. If there are no legs to kick, the fun will soon be over.

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