New trends: cool outfit ideas for a school photo

The new school year is approaching. and therefore also – somewhat sexy School photo. These tips will help you create great clothes for your child. This way, your child may also retain that joyful and relaxed feeling of summer vacation for a while.

Choose the color

Pictures of H&M clothing school Pictures of H&M clothing school

The start of a new school year is always an exciting time for your child. Back to class, new teacher, whole days, then also in front of you is the school photographer. It’s time to put on cute new clothes shine Confident. H&M’s new children’s collection is happily filled with trendy clothes, accessories and even school supplies. Full of color and very comfortable. Cool, because the new colors look perfect in the school photo. At the same time, the soft elements ensure your child is comfortable and snug in class – and in the photo – and feels just as comfortable as the only swimsuit at the camp site.

in the background

Pictures of H&M clothing school Pictures of H&M clothing school

Involve your child in the selection process. Then your little girl will proudly meet the school photographer, without any surprises in the outfit in the morning itself. So reduce anxiety for your child, with a really exciting start to the school year. Tip: Looking for nice solid colors? Always check the background of the photographer. Because if it was the same color as the shirt, your baby’s pretty face and clothes would disappear into the background.

Matching brothers and sisters

Are you also ready to take a brother photo? Very nice, of course, especially if you adapt all your children to each other. Do not make the clothes the same, it may seem boring. But two sisters with the same print in a different piece of clothing or two brothers in similar colors make a great effect. H&M’s new kids’ collection consists of fun motifs and colors that you can mix and match with each other.

Upside down

Pictures of H&M clothing school

In a hurry – and especially getting used to it – to get dressed ready on time? In addition to being fun for every day, this orange hat is perfect for bad hair day Or a shaggy look. It still looks durable and feels comfortable and soft. Say cheese.

big sum

Yes, the group photo must also be taken again. Nothing screams “new beginning” like new sneakers – Snow White. Take off your body those new sneakers? not necessary. This hip Bata It can be found in the children’s group for nothing. Glossy white goes with everything. Or go cool with an accent color. And because this school photo is usually taken at the beginning of the school year, fortunately, the sneakers are still beautiful, bright, clean and white on the photo.

on pants

Pair their favorite hoodie or sweater with some cool new kids’ jeans and pants – you’ll find them in a variety of cuts and styles, including chinos and cargo pants. Planning an adventure outside the classroom? So no strong quality problem.


There is nothing more useful than a “jacket” or layering in this new season. Nice outside, when the breeze comes in. But also cute and cool to wear indoors: as an extra layer or to update an outfit with some color. Tip: Wearing a bright red open top over the shirt also gives you a cool look. Especially in the school picture.

Doing sustainable work

Pictures of H&M clothing school

Not only is it colorful, comfortable and stylish; H&M’s new children’s collection also includes more sustainable options. Conscious Choice products are made with extra attention to the planet: at least 50% of each item is made from more sustainable materials, such as organic cotton or recycled polyester. The only exception is recycled cotton, to maintain adequate quality, no more than 20% of this can be used. This is supplemented, for example, with organic cotton. Do you want to know how you can make your clothes last longer? Check out the super helpful tips and tricks on washing, repairing and entertaining your favorite costumes. This is also sustainable.

And there’s more

Pictures of H&M clothing school

At H&M you will find everything your child needs to go to school in a modern and comfortable way. Well, it doesn’t have to be in the school photo, but it’s perfect for the new school year: How cool is this schoolbag? Ultra-strong and also reflective details for improved visibility. And like other H&M fashion items, at a very great price. Tip: Also style with matching outfits with the same print details.

This article was created in collaboration with H&M.

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