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cooking and eatingBoiling or baking an egg is not difficult, but the illegal hard-boiled egg remains very difficult for many people. Too bad, because poaching is easier than you think.

Imagine a soft-boiled egg, but the yolk is softer and the protein is more tender. This is what hard-boiled eggs almost taste like.

“A hard-boiled egg contains a liquid yolk surrounded by a soft, just-cooked egg white,” explains Chef Warren Pierce of Ted’s All Day Brunch in The Hague. This gives it a different texture than a fried or boiled egg. And it’s still fun to cut such an egg and see the yolk of the liquid flow on your food.”


I hold for three minutes. Cook it for a very short time and uncooked egg whites will remain watery. But cook it for a long time and you end up with a soft yolk but not a liquid

Warren Pierce, Lunch Restaurant Chef

Betina Drost-Oostveen, better known as Betty from cooking website Betty’s Kitchen, understands exactly what Pierce means: “The yolk running like that, makes people lyrical. I also enjoy it myself. Nice pure boiled egg. pornography. “

The most famous dish with boiled eggs is eggs Benedict. This is a poached egg on a toast with ham, topped with hollandaise sauce. Of course, there are also a thousand different types of this in restaurants all over the world. What do you think about lbırTurkish egg dish with boiled eggs, yogurt and butter sauce?

“My personal favorite is the delicious oatmeal,” says Drust-Ostveen. This is oatmeal with broth instead of milk with a boiled egg on top. But it’s also delicious on brioche or as a meat substitute on truffles with Parmesan cheese. You can go with it either way.”

Pierce chose Shakshouka as his personal favorite: the “spicy tomato stew in which eggs are poached just before serving.”

How to make boiled eggs?

A real chef boils his eggs with a bowl of water and a stir spoon. This is the best known method, but it requires some skill. Bring a pot of water almost to a boil so there are no bubbles. Add a little vinegar. “This helps with stiffness,” Droste-Ostveen explains. “Not much, because then you get a sour egg.”

Then move until you see the vortex appear. Crack the egg and open it in the vortex, keeping it together. “What works best for me is to break the egg into a small bowl to keep the yolk intact. Then you can move it very softly from the bowl into the water.”

Pierce cautions not to stir the water until the egg whites begin to harden. “Then you get a much nicer egg.” After two or three minutes you are done. Pierce: I’m stuck for three minutes. Cook it for a very short time and uncooked egg whites will remain watery. But cook it too long and you end up with a soft but not runny yolk.” Drost-Oostveen uses the same times: , , keep it for two to three minutes, until the egg whites hold together and the yolks stay soft.”

Remove the egg from the pan with a perforated serving spoon and leave it for a while to dry.

Does this sound like a lot of work? Then there is a faster and easier option. Take a sandwich bag, rub the inside with olive oil and crack the egg over the bag. Tie the bag closed, place it in a pan near boiling for two to three minutes, and you’re done. It is almost impossible to fail. And let me put it this way: Boiling an egg in water is best, but when I’m cooking for my whole family, it takes a long time. Then six sandwich bags in the pan is a great alternative.”

Delicious recipes with eggs? Try the homemade egg salad sandwich with bacon or the egg burger.

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