Juice channels are ruining the lives of celebrities

“Juice channels are ruining the lives of celebrities,” it’s a statement everyone has a different opinion. in the last Thank you, which is now in the shops, let’s talk about two experts. What is their position?


Presenter BNR Talitha Muse I sent iPhone life An anonymous video in which she supposedly smelled Coke to investigate how the juice channels worked. “Juice channels are definitely unnecessarily ruining celebrity lives. It creates a very scary feeling when lies are spread about you, and I should know. When Iphone Posting gossip about alleged drug use, I was immediately contacted and warned by several people in my network. Including business contacts, as well as from politics. And my inbox was filled with direct messages like “Hey coke sniffer!” Then I thought: This is getting out of hand. Even though my employer knew everything, I still feared my name. What if people think it’s true? I immediately regretted my previous decision to experience what is happening right in the moment I made it juice So that I can have a proper discussion about it. In fact, we didn’t expect Yvonne to find enough evidence in the video. You only see my back as I search my bag with my head down. From an anonymous account we sent the video with the suspicion that I was smelling Coke. I soon received a message from Yvonne asking if the suspicion was valid. I answered that this is not true. However, I decided to spread the gossip.”

“What shocked me was that after we said that it was forged He, received so many reactions that Yvonne had no other choice. Because “you can really see her doing it.” While I’m just looking in my bag. Strange how this works psychologically. What I find quite frightening is that juice channels like hers don’t think about the consequences at all. Even if there is not enough evidence, it is shared. Correction is then too late. So you really ruined someone’s life. So I think the juice channel shouldn’t be an acceptable form of a media platform. They forget their reach and responsibility. Even if this were true, you can’t say that a celebrity shouldn’t do anything wrong. Nonsense. Private matters are none of our business. When someone cheats, it’s up to them to fix it, not the people who get in the way. It is only harmful to the (alleged) victims as well. Of course, gossip is a thing of all times, but it has never brought anything positive. Stop it!”


If one of the first juice channels Marwa with its platform Marwa juice active for years. Her profession is to bring gossip about celebrities. “I never aim to ruin someone’s life or specifically the lives of a celebrity. If it works gossip When we arrive, we don’t just share every gossip that comes our way. For example, we are always keen on messages about drug abuse and addiction. We don’t want to believe in our conscience to give a celebrity the final push and that things really go wrong. A lot has already been written about André Hazes and Koen Kardashian, and we’re not really into it anymore. This is how you destroy someone’s life. find it too you did not To share that someone is pregnant or to take someone out. The joke is that RTL Boulevard Focuses specifically gossip About suspected pregnancies. Look what happened to Monica Josie. There was so much pressure that she had to reveal the fact that she was pregnant. We will never do that.”

“Together with my team, I want to help people. For example, we have already helped dozens of entrepreneurs who have been misled by influencers who do not honor agreements made. We also hear and hear. As a result, if we notice that our story really has two sides, we are open to That too. Like in the past with YouTubers Anthony Kruefer Who misleads and beats women severely during sex. We’ve checked speculation about this with YouTubers, and it’s stated that this wasn’t true at all. Then we shared the whole story. Anyway, we talk to all the celebrities before we share something on our channel. If this doesn’t really work and the message turns out to be incorrect, we immediately remove it and publish a patch. In the case of cheating, we find her alone juice If the partner does not know. Bee Simon From nick If his wife had already indicated that she knows, we wouldn’t pay any more attention to that. On the other hand, I understand the fear and anger of many celebrities from the juice channels. If your cheater becomes known, of course it’s no fun. But people shouldn’t forget that celebrities make the mistake, not us. So stop labeling us as bad guy. Just look at Jimmy Weiss Which toxic in a relationship with Lil Klein; If we weren’t there, you might still be with him now.

Text: Kim Boytenhouse | Photo: BRONOPRES

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