Gerben Morsink from EquineM: Transparency is a must

Gerben Morsink, showjumping racer and founder of EquineM. Photo: Kisnan Dogger

For the equestrian entrepreneur, the outlook, both financially and practically, is more than a matter of convenience, says Gerben Morsink. According to the showjumping rider and initiator of the stable EquineM management system, the time for creative accounting is behind us. “Only if you can prove your financial worth, the bank may be willing to provide the financing. NVWA has already announced that it will check if the registration obligation has been fulfilled – we also have the free PaReg app for this – and the tax authorities aren’t crazy either. In the long run he really has no choice: transparency is a must. If you look at it this way, EquineM certainly contributes to the sector’s sustainability.” Three equestrian entrepreneurs with diverse businesses tell us how EquineM helps them gain an overview.

In a sports and commercial stable: “bills are much faster”

BN Stables in southeast Drenthe is the workplace of Ina Beuving, Koos Naber and Sander Naber. Koos focuses on training and saddle-breaking, Sander rides jumping horses and Ina trains a number of dressage horses. It also takes care of the bills – and thanks to EquineM this is a lot easier than before.

“We worked like many stables: We wrote everything on the whiteboard and eventually erased everything again,” says Ina Beuving. “About six years ago I noticed that everything was actually done digitally, but I still had a lot to factor into the bills. We have a lot of training horses and for that I had to know every month if they were competing, cutting or injuring, or getting vaccinated, Or they dewormed or they visited a vet. In short: Too much trouble. I can now see all these things at a glance and send an invoice at the touch of a button. To me this is really a godsend.”

Connect with RVO

“If the owner is curious about what his horse has done, you can print an overview. Or even hook the owners into the stable and give them access to their horses or horses so they can keep track of exactly what their horses are doing. Practically speaking, we never do, because we always keep the owners on Well informed via the videos, but it’s good that it is possible. And so there is still a lot to do with EquineM, I’m not using all the functions yet. Linking to RVO, for example, is very useful. Horses come with us and go with us Regularly, so it’s ideal that you don’t have to enter them separately. There is a link with Horsetelex, so you can also view the competition results with the horse.”

Assign tasks

“Learning to use the system is very easy. It may have taken a while for us to get used to, but the young girls and boys who work here in the stable are very digital, and they are right. There is a large sign in the stable that provides an overview while they work there. But everyone can also see it on Their phones via the app. This is also useful if you are in a competition, for example. You can assign tasks to team members, so if you immediately realize that the horse still needs to rush, you pass it in no time. Maybe little things, but it provides peace and general outlook.

EquineM provides an overview. Photo: Kisnan Dogger

For the riding school and pension: ‘Don’t forget anything’

Cindy Koster works at the Nootdorp Equestrian Centre. A versatile company that facilitates riding lessons, boarding stables, and competitions, among other things. Its size makes it difficult to keep an overview.

“We put the riding horses outside and back every day anyway so they have freedom of movement, but we also have a dressage and walker service for the boarding horses. To be able to see which horse did what exactly, we use EquineM. Layout of different pastures is also included, so that every employee can Or a trainee check them if he’s not sure. So it’s about stopping him, so you can’t forget anything. At the end of the day, I can check 100 percent of the tasks are complete. When we hit 100, it feels good.”

At the exact time

In addition to the Elimination Overview, Hippisch Centrum Nootdorp also fills in a complete feeding schedule and when a horse needs to go to the dentist or farrier. All vaccinations are also recorded. “We only do the dentist and veterinarian for the riding stables, but we also arrange vaccinations for pension clients. It is of course important that all the horses in the stable are vaccinated on time, because we also organize KNHS competitions here. With the app we are all retrievable and we are not behind on the facts “.

Pollination and control

The app has also come in handy during shutdown. “When lessons could not be conducted, the horses of course had to get enough exercise. For this we assign tasks to different mates. For example lunging or driving. Finally, we track everything related to pregnancy in the EquineM app. We get one or two foals in year, and it is helpful to be able to see a mare exactly when she is in heat, or when she needs to be vaccinated or checked in. The vet can always look at what has happened and when.Since this is not an ‘essential business’ for us, it is ideal not to Forget anything.”

On the road or in the stable, all employees can check what to do with the horses.

In the International Dressage Stable: “Transparent Like Us”

Desirée Bleeker, the stable director at Academy Bartels, is happy with EquineM. “I think it’s a great system. You can put everything in it and you’ll never have to dig through the diary again to see who was where it was, to name a few.”

A team of around five employees ensures that everything runs smoothly at Academy Bartels every day. The stable manager Desirée Bleeker has the most contact with clients, the horse owners. These are often jockeys and Amazons (foreign) who train with Tineke or Imke and also their horses have been partly trained by them. “We are transparent about what we do with horses and the Gerben system fits well with that. You can see everything for every horse: how often it has been ridden, rides, meadow, and in competition. Every assignment is verified by the relevant employee and our goal is to check at one hundred percent every day.I was expecting owners to want such an overview at the end of the month, but they don’t really need it.This is mainly because most of them are here a lot anyway.So they already know what their horse is doing,and there they are Lots of verbal discussion. But it’s good to have a chance to look back.”

Cost Overview

Bleeker could be brief about what Academy Bartels EquineM is used for: “Actually everything! Horse training, lessons given by stable riders, competitions, transportation, whether extra driver or upcoming groom, kilometres, farrier, vet Vaccinations, vaccinations…Most of the horses here are from their owners, so I use all of this information for billing. But we also keep an overview of how much our horses cost. Correlation with RVO is nice too: all the information about the horse is together and if I know where the horse is going, I enter the UBN and it is arranged. After thirty days, this report will automatically become final.” Bleecker is also pleased to have all of the horses’ medical records in a row. “We’ve also entered the basal temperature for each horse. For FEI competitions you have to take the temperatures a few times so it’s good to have that information already and you can add to it. You can also add all the reports, for example, the horse’s echoes. This is behind a password, so not every employee can access that information. All I can say is: I’m really glad we’re working with this system.”

know more?

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Easy registration with PaReg

“NVWA will closely monitor horse registration compliance,” recently titled. The NVWA has announced that the tightening of the identification and registration policy has been in place for a while – since April 21, 2021 – but from now on, it is being actively enforced as well.

Each horse must have a chip and passport (horse) and be registered with a unique company number (UBN). It is also necessary to track horses that are present or absent from the stable (or in the meadow) for more than 24 hours. This is allowed in the notebook, but digital is very useful. For example via the free app PaReg, developed by the makers of the stable EquineM management system. Briefly:

  • No need for a laptop anymore, the app also helps track location changes for less than 30 (or 90) days;
  • Check the list of useful notifications to see how many days you have left to report a horse arriving or leaving the RvO;
  • Turn on / off / die / export and import notifications to RvO directly from the application with the press of a button;
  • Fill in the static list automatically by collecting all current horses from the RvO;
  • When the horse arrives, simply enter a name and chip number or UELN, and the rest of the data (if known) will be collected from the RvO.

Download the app from the Appstore or via GooglePlay and arrange it today!

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