Drug terrorism: Mocro Mafia sends teenagers across the border with Kalashnikovs

They thought they were going to celebrate in Antwerp, as the Dutch often do. So said the two young women, 18 and 19, who were arrested by police in the middle of the night in that city at the end of August. They were riding with three boys who were seen on a street where the attacks had already taken place. A motorcycle police officer noticed the car at 2.30 am because it was parked incorrectly, after which it was checked. The police then found large pistols in the luggage compartment of the Volkswagen Golf: a ready-to-use Kalashnikov, a pistol holder and a flak jacket. The two young women are now suspected of illegal possession of weapons and belonging to a criminal organization. Belgian media can read in unadulterated Flemish language that they stated that they were not aware of “any criminal intent”. The two girls say they are framed. One of the boys invited a friend who, in turn, invited a friend. It seems that the boys from Amsterdam asked the girls from their city, because a car with a few husbands would seem less suspicious. One of the girls broke into tears when she heard that she had to stay in prison for an extra month, and threw herself on the floor in front of the Belgian judge.


But what were these teens doing in the car with a Dutch license plate where the heavy weapon was found? This is also near Deken de Winterstraat: the address where the previous incidents occurred, apparently targeting the home of a suspected drug family.

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On September 15, a fireworks bomb was found for this case.

This is not the first time this house has been attacked. At the beginning of August, the word “snitch” was painted on a door with a spray can: traitor. A car parked in front of the door also caught fire. In July of this year, a bomb with fireworks damaged the facade of the same house. Three years ago another bomb exploded in the street.

The attackers are not the smartest boys: ‘The chance of mobilization in this location is practically 100%. Next to the camera hanging there, there is also spotted by the unknown police’

On September 2, street residents decided to call the police when they saw a car passing by several times. The Antwerp Police Rapid Response Team has arrested two 18-year-old boys and another 15-year-old boy, who were in possession of an emergency pistol.

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Poke Bowl Place, owned by the family of kickboxer Jamal Ben Seddik, has been the target of three attacks. A gun was fired on the facade and a “thief” was chalked up to the roller shutter.

A mobile police camera was hung on the street a few weeks ago. But the threatened family appears to have taken action. Recently, videos of two men in their underwear were found that appear to have been tortured. according to Antwerp newspaper It is rumored that the men were arrested by the hastily created “security service” for the suspected family.

Arrests have already been made for this purpose as well.

The Ben Seddik brothers accused of drugs

A week earlier, there was another incident in Antwerp involving the Dutch. On the morning of August 23, police arrested a group of Dutch youths, aged between 17 and 20, with petrol bombs and a firearm in their car.

This time it happened in the Borgerhout area, now famous for drug crimes, near the Poke Bowl Place restaurant, owned by the family of famous kickboxer Jamal Ben Siddik.


According to the Belgian judiciary, his brothers are suspected of being active in the drug trade. Poke Bowl Place has also been the target of three attacks this summer. A rifle was fired at the facade and twice bombarded with explosives. The “thief” was also chalked up on the roller shutter.

How can several groups of attackers of Dutch origin be arrested in Antwerp in a few weeks?

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Dirty money in the Belgian port.

The Public Prosecutor’s Office in Antwerp officially announced that it suspected a conflict between criminal organizations, possibly in the drug environment.

Dutch custom

It’s an understatement. Antwerp criminal journalist Joris van der Aa has witnessed it all happening in recent months. Street violence increased. He is not surprised. He says things have been brewing in the Antwerp underworld for some time, on a rainy afternoon at a lunch café on Caye, in a friendly town. “The situation was worrying years ago, but now it has suddenly caught the attention because there are decibels of explosions.” A Gazet van Antwerpen reporter believes the recently arrested Dutch boys are “only getting some pocket money” for “trying” an attack. According to him, it is not the smartest guys who do this: “Because the chance of getting caught in this place is practically 100%. In addition to the camera hanging there, there are always patrols of unknown police. “

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Ex-con Younes: “The boys who do it at the end earn very little.”

Van der Aa believes that the crime committed by these groups of young people is a typical Dutch problem, which the “Dutch” should be concerned about. “You have an almost inexhaustible reservoir of modern despondents of about 12 years, who are ready for this kind of work. Here we have 14.15-year-old Dutch boys, who have been in a container with Coke at night to get them out. Mostly of Moroccan or Antillean descent” .

The Flemish reporter says that if they end up in prison, she does very little. “That’s part of it for them. They laugh at us. While most people have to get out of bed at 7 a.m. to earn maybe $3,000 a month, they earn that within a week.”

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Although it is not yet clear why the Dutch youth are violent in Antwerp, van der Aa suspects that a power struggle is emerging. “Now that a number of dignitaries from the Dutch underworld have been imprisoned, their former subcontractors in Antwerp are big boys in the environment. Because those white things must still be imported.”

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