3 x Slapneck: Father Frank and sons Stan and Sammy present together in Bruges: “We Are Three Souls Looking”

From 14 to 30 October, the exhibition “3x Slabbinck” will be held at the BEEN Gallery at Beenhouwersstraat in Bruges. For the first time in their careers, Father Frank and his two sons Stan and Sammy together show: “There is so much more than blood that binds us. We are three soul seekers.”

“Our father’s 80th birthday is a reason to finally put him on a pedestal. Because his hometown of Bruges doesn’t respect his talent enough,” whispered collage artist Sami Slapink (45), as Father Frank left the room for a while. The youngest member of this art family started this group exhibition, where the three artists created new work, including a collage of the three’s work together.


“At home, we used to talk a lot about art, from an early age we played in dad’s studio. However, he often said to us: Please don’t become an artist like me. But blood crawls where it can’t go. The three of us are brainstorming, even though our art disciplines are very different,” says graffiti artist and decorator Stan Slapink, 49, who has designed sets for Tomorrowland and Disney, among others.

Metaphysical painter Frank Slapink (79) answers: “You were allowed to choose what you wanted to become. I confess: I would have preferred to become a butcher or fishmonger. Because the life of an artist is not easy. After a few years I managed to do it myself, when I was allowed to exhibit at an exhibition At Knokke. I studied interior design, but I hated this job!”

“The fact that the police have been at the front door thirty times, because I’ve already sprayed graffiti somewhere, must have played a part,” laughs Stan Slabink. “I always had a rebellious side and moved to Amsterdam when I was 14, where I was introduced to this new art form. Although I never smeared house facades with signs, I mainly decorated ugly railway bridges with large drawings.”

“I am a person of a socially critical nature, and I observe questioning how the world is changing. Witness to this is my last series murals “God of Nature”. I like to refer to the time when man was more in balance with his environment and nature. I work intuitively and try to reinvent myself as an artist every five years.”

“Stan and I worked together on the Catelegen Bridge for the European Capital of Culture in Bruges in 2002,” Frank vividly recalls. “And I once showed at an exhibition in Liege with Sammy. Now for the first time we are doing all three together. This exhibition has brought us closer as a family.”


Father Frank Slapink has developed since the 1970s as a painter, illustrator, and sculptor, with very vibrant and colorful installations, dolls, animals and masks, suggesting a penchant for ethnic art: “I try to capture the elusive and create my own world with anthropomorphic figures. The older I get, the more I use colour. But my forms are increasingly reduced to substance. less he is also with me more..‘ says Frank.

“Do you know what still connects us? We are all three Bruges: Bruges Zoten, with our own personality. More cheerful than the people of Ghent or the people of Antwerp. And we Treat like each other. Bullying demands love with us,” Stan winks. Brother Sami adds, “However, there is one thing about which we differ greatly. I can neither draw nor draw! My dad sent me to college because he mistakenly thought I was the smartest of the bunch! “


“I had to disappoint him badly, because pol & soc was a disaster for me,” continues Sami. “So I started selling antique furniture and ran a gallery on the Suvéestraat for three years, until I got tired of the art world. I once tried designing my own postcards for a friend’s shop. This is how I started cutting and pasting, in short: creating collages, inspired by Pictures from magazines from the 1950s. Ten years ago, Homo called me to ask if I wanted to create a column for them…”

Sammy Slabbinck now enjoys an international reputation, and has been allowed to design the covers for the albums of Leonard Cohen and The Intergalactic Lovers, among other things. But he also works at Sotheby’s, Gucci, and Nescafe. Nowadays he even makes street art videos. Teamwork at the exhibition 3x Slabink Sami started with a collage of Woman’s Eye – and he is fascinated by modern women – and Stan and Frank continued to work on it. The gallery contains only new works by these three artists in Bruges.

Information: www.beenart.info

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