The first part of the KWPN-NA 2022 inspection round has ended

The first part of the KWPN-NA Tour 2022 is over and the second part is already in full swing. Bart Henstra and Ari Hamwin evaluated different horses from September 16 to 29 during KWPN-NA inspections at at least fourteen different locations in America and Canada.

KWPN-NA is the affiliate organization of KWPN, which implements the KWPN Breeding Program in North America. Various inspections are organized annually in the USA and Canada. During these inspections, ponies and older horses are assessed for equine and IBOP registration, as well as for dressage competitions, vaulting and hunting horses.

dressage horses

During the inspection tour of the entire North America, the horses are put into one rating. Among the dressage horses, the six-year-old Levanta S mare (Charmeur of Evanta III MMW of UB 40) currently leads with a score of 80/85. Four-year-old stallion Nick of Diamond (GLOCK’s Toto Jr. from Diamant Héroique stb-ext D-OC by Johnson, breeder B. Lichtendahl of Almelo) was provisionally placed second with a score of 75/85

tame pony

The secret daughter Sensational Dream (from Kandyvrouwe Ster D-OC by Toto Jr. from GLOCK) from Canadream Farm currently leads dressage ponies. “This pony is a very expressive, modern and long-line type of pony. She has a well-shaped and muscular neck. She shows good gait, trotting with lots of flexibility and switching power, lots of suspension moments with expressive use of the front leg and strong back leg. She has a very good trotting, Very strong, carrying and athletic.” Second and third we see foals from Ibiza and Le Formedable.

Show jumpers

With a score of 75/80, we see four-year-old Nala CMH (Douglas outside Chablis CWF of Callaway CWF) and three-year-old Olivia BH (Toronto of Chantilly II TSH of Catch Cardo TSH). ) at the top at present. “The CMH Nala is a well-developed mare with good muscles and a good body. She is a bit heavy, but built properly. She has a strong canter and a quick thrust and is very powerful. She is very careful, cautious and shows good, smooth style.” “Three-year-old Olivia BH has a tall, elegant streak. She has a good, refined body and a slightly sloping set. She has great balance and is energetic. She has a very fast and strong push, good technique and is very athletic in the use of her body and range.”

jumping pony

Carrera’s son VDL Sampson VF (from Notorious VF by Messenger VF) is at the forefront of foals. “This colt is long, padded and elegant. It fits nicely with a good headline and croup. It moves lightly, trotting with great flexibility and boats with lots of balance and good use of the body.” In second place we see the son of Diarado Satisfaction HMS and Halifax of the daughter of Kluizebos Sic Vita Est KG at the moment.


Among Gelderland’s foals, the lead is Colt Sebastian B (Gaudi out of Incredible Babe J&S keur IBOP by Cizandro). “Tall Sebastian B is padded with a well taut neck, good topline, and overall a good guilder type. He moves aggressively with plenty of room, good knee movement and lots of shoulder freedom. In Gelderland we see his brother Red One (Gaudi of Incredible Babe J&S keur IBOP from Incredible Babe J&S keur IBOP). Cizandro) is in the lead with an average of 80 points. “He’s very well developed, tall, well-muscled and has a very good guilder type. The Red One was impressed with its very strong and smooth movement, very good knee action, lots of range, and balanced, broad and powerful pats.” Both animals were bred by Joseph Schwartz and their king, Stacey Brass.

IBOP jumping and fishermen

In the IBOP show jumper, keur mare Kachouiada Bloom (Quality Time out of Feather Bloom by Mr. Bloom) scored 82 points. “She is very willing to work the clicker with a good overview. She shows canter with a lot of balance and great jumping, good technique and power over the jump.” At the top of the Hunters IBOP we see Riverman ISF’s son Just Sailing (from Bon Voyage by Consul) with 84 points. “Just Sailing is a very good training, very consistent and very stable. Every step and jump is the same. He is careful, with a lot of range and a good overview.”

tame IBOP

In dressage horses we see at least four horses with a score above 80 points. Eight-year-old Juliette DeRosa S (amp outside Zen Rosa Elite by Farrington) scored an 86-point total. “This is a very talented mare! She has an incredible trotting, very hardworking and athletic, with a very expressive forefoot, strong and energetic. She is well laid-back and can assemble easily.” The Persians have performed at Prix St Georges level and achieved their elite standing with this IBOP score. The mare Levanta S scored a total of 85 points. “The Levanta S is a horse with the right proportions and a good dressage type. They are tall and well padded, modern and with correct legs. They show an excellent gait, with plenty of flexibility, range and activity. The trotter has active and quick use of the hind leg with plenty of opportunity to gather. Her grass is good from behind with posture. Good and hard good.” Four-year-old stallion Nick of Diamond has an IBOP of 83.5 points. “This stallion has a well-muscled and properly built dressage type. He has sufficient length and a well-formed croup. He shows a wide gait with plenty of stretching, good leg technique, expressive use of the front leg, flexibility and good hind leg carrying. His bat possesses very good technique and ability to endurance”. With a score of 82.5 points, a fertilized Must BA Dream (Dream Boy of Endelin E Elite IBOP-dress D-OC of Spielberg, Canadream Farm breeders) completes the list.


During the North American Inspection season, the GES Cup for jumpers from three to eight years old will also be held. In the GES Cup for three-year-old jumpers, Olivia PH leads with 85 points. With 87 points, Nala CMH is provisionally leading the four-year-old jumpers’ book, who, along with Olivia PH, leads the jumpers’ book provisionally.


The DGB Cup is also held for dressage horses aged three to eight years during the North American inspection season. In the DGB Cup for four-year-old dressage horses, Nick of Diamonds is provisionally leading with 83.5 points. Nick of Diamond has also previously earned the coveted star and IBOP. With 85 points, the Levanta S is currently leading at the age of five and six, who has also shown himself well during the Record Horse Book. In second place we see Must BA Dream with 83 points, who has also previously run IBOP. In the seven- and eight-year-old dressage horses, eight-year-old Juliette Duroza S is provisionally leading with 87.5 points. Juliette D’Rosa S has already shown the best IBOP in dressage horses with 85 points.


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