“It’s More Fun Together”, open day at ‘t Schuthok


SHAGEN – Den Helder Animal Shelter Shuthook is finally organizing another open day on Sunday, October 9th. The motto is: “Together is more fun!” The pet can be your mainstay, companion on a lovely walk or companion during a lazy evening on the couch. It doesn’t matter what you do, it’s more fun together. During the open day, Dog School SamenWelzijn from Wognum will also attend for a demonstration. The company Behavioral Advice Kat en Mens is also here to answer all your questions.

Written by: Oesha van Dijk

open day

The open day is Sunday, October 9 from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm. During the open day you can see cats, dogs, rabbits and other animals from the shelter. The open day is for anyone who wants to come and take a look or is seriously interested in adopting an animal. Bianca Ingels, employee of Dierenasiel ´t Shuthok: “To avoid making a hasty decision, you can’t adopt an animal during the open day, but you can ask us questions about the animal, and then we’ll make an appointment to get to know you more. We always take the time to get to know the condition of someone’s home because the last thing we want is for the animal to go back to the shelter. There are many factors that go into adopting an animal. is there kids? Can the cat get out? Do you know the breed (dog)? Do many people come? We always have extensive conversations with the new owners.”

For the safety of animals, barns are not opened and animals may not be petted. You can of course see the animals. During the open day, the cats are in the open cat room or kennel. Dogs on the playground or in their kennel. You can see the animals in quarantine through the glass. If you are interested in an animal, the staff ‘t Schuthok are ready to answer questions.


“We want every animal to have a home that fits well. This is why every dog ​​undergoes a behavior test and we carefully monitor each animal before it ends up on the site. For example, we check if they are eating and drinking well, but also whether they can Get along well with other dogs of its kind.When an owner abandons an animal, we receive a lot of information from the owner.It is different with stray animals,we have to monitor them closely because we do not have knowledge of these animals.We believe it is important to give as much information as possible to the new owner. Then spend a little more time in the shelter,” says Bianca.

Corona dogs

Bianca continues: “Unfortunately, we also receive animals whose owners are no longer financially able to manage. Because of the current crisis, the costs of each family are rising tremendously, so unfortunately we are also seeing animals coming in whose owners are no longer able to pay for animal care. In addition, there are also dogs that cannot be left alone. These are the so-called “corona dogs”. They came into the family when the owners were still able to work in the house a lot, now that this is no longer necessary, the dog can no longer be alone and they are taken to the shelter. Always think carefully before adopting a pet.”

Schagen Shelter and the Dutch Crown

At the moment we also receive animals from the northern part of Holland Krone. There is no longer an animal shelter in Schagen. We take care of the animals if the owner wants to distance himself, as well as stray and injured animals that come via the animal ambulance. Unfortunately, the municipalities of Hollands Krone and Schägen decided to house the shelter animals as of January 1, 2023 in the Alkmaar Animal House, which is currently located in the Burmereend. This hurts our hearts for several reasons. If the boroughs of Schagen and Hollands Kroon are taken over by the sanctuary in Purmerend, this means that they have to go to Purmerend when the owners have distanced themselves from their pets. Or what if someone needs to identify a deceased cat in the Burmerend but doesn’t have their own transportation? This also means that if someone from Holland’s Kron or Schägen calls the animal ambulance, they must come all the way from Alkmaar and drive to Burmeirend. This takes a long time, and the affected animal has to travel several kilometers to be helped. It’s really close to my heart that animals so close don’t come here anymore. We also have a team here that knows all the waste sites in Hollands Kron and Schägen, and we have several staff members who are also active in the evenings. We’re going to landfills to see if we can save the animals. Unfortunately, this will stop from January 1, 2023.


Donors are very important to us. We try to keep our donors updated about the animals at the shelter in a fun and informative way. Find possibilities on the website www.schuthok.nl.

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