Connect Dove with Real Virtual Beauty

#1 Avis Advertising Philosophy

This must be from the distant past. The line also indicates that. The advertising philosophy from Avis. I’ve tried to find the original but I haven’t succeeded (yet). The simplicity and interpretation of these six points is very straightforward and probably very applicable today. It is based on the idea that everyone has their specialized knowledge and should use it. So when evaluating creative work, we will not co-create it together, but we will evaluate it on the basis of realism. In doing so, we start from agency knowledge when it comes to creativity effectiveness. He looks very nostalgic and very cute too. And who knows, maybe it will be very effective.

# 2 Dove real virtual beauty

Dove’s magical ‘Real Beauty’ campaign will continue which will also include the new ‘virtual’ world. The Real Beauty campaign aims to break unrealistic beauty standards. In addition, the Du Self-Esteem Project (DSEP) has been running since 2004. A project in which girls are given tools for self-esteem and body confidence. But more and more girls are spending their time in the virtual gaming world. Female characters in games do not accurately represent the diverse players in the world and are often very sexual. So you have to meet the scary and unrealistic beauty standards. So Dove comes up with the next step in the Real Beauty campaign with a Real Virtual Beauty theme.

# 3 TikTok and direct shopping

It seemed off the table for a while due to the lack of success. direct shopping. But it looks like we’re going to try again. It is and still is very popular and successful in Asia, but somehow it doesn’t really work in the West. With the increasing influence of TikTok in the media landscape and the increasing influence of real-time communication along with the shift to more and more visual and video formats, you can imagine that there will come a time when it will succeed. Single; when? And what is the “trigger”. So TikTok will make the second attempt. We will continue to follow it.

# 4 Twitter is getting clearer

Twitter underscores the fact that the visual aspect will become increasingly important. They’re coming up this week with two updates that are perfectly in line with the trend. The first allows the Twitter media viewer to be enlarged to full screen so that, just like on TikTok, you can access it Full screen videos. To activate it, simply tap/click on a video in the Twitter app. Then scroll up to browse for more video content. We’re cloning something in the social media world! The second introduction is the possibility of placing not one but several photos, videos or gifs in a picture. they call it “Mixed mediaIf Musk actually continues to buy Twitter and does change Twitter from a “news platform” to an all-purpose “X” app, that’s another nice step in that direction.

# 5 Kandinsky

How nice to sit behind your screen (laptop) and make some lines or graphics on a blank screen which are then converted into sound by an AI system. And that’s exactly what Kandinsky does. Nice game from google. Then you can also choose from three different colors that each use a different set of tools. Just for a much needed distraction and definitely something for the little ones.

#6 positioning

At the end of September, Adformatie published a story written by Mark Osterhout about positioning. This is part of this post: “What often astonishes me is the lack of basic knowledge about positioning that is available in everyday practice. Whereas positioning is actually nothing more than common sense. In 1969, American advertising director Jack Trout wrote the article titled Positioning is a game that people play in Me Market too today. Jack Trout could not yet imagine what his vision of positioning would bring …. According to Trout, this was not about the next creative idea, but the brand had to define the place it wanted to take in the lives of consumers. And focus on developing and building this position systematically. Of course creativity is important in this, but the positioning process starts with logic. And that’s just as relevant today as it was 50 years ago.” So it’s not too surprising that this week I caught my eye on a piece by Nathan Bashes titled, “Good Posture Makes Everything Easier.” In this story, he describes Substack’s introduction in 2018. Because when It’s about positioning, what product category do you want a position in?Substack was an all-in-one publishing platform for freelance writers who wanted to offer paid subscriptions.Subtle use of language can make a big difference.Positioning is actually around 50 years old However, it is becoming increasingly important in markets as more and more players try to gain some ground.

#7 Non-compulsory marketing

Now that we’re starting to dig into the basics of marketing, that’s also a nice story. In an age when the need for trust, authenticity and respect is becoming increasingly important, it can only have an impact on our field. There should be a logical connection between your principles and those of the brand or organization you work for. Isn’t it true that we all like to be treated the way we treat others? Rob Hardy wrote an article on this called Non-Coercive Marketing. This is still a quest and certainly not a path that you can take in a ready-made fashion, but apart from the fact that it can be a bit mysterious, it is full of beautiful ideas and ways of thinking. Ongoing works. But slowly but surely, I think we’re moving in that direction.

# 8 Google Maps

New feature in Google Maps. Before you planned to travel to a place, neighborhood or important place, you can now use maps to see what you will find there. This may prevent disappointments and unnecessary energy.

#9 Dutch media week

Highlights of the Dutch media week held last week. With particular attention to the innovation agenda of the Dutch media sector. A vision document on privacy (data vault), news and content.

# 10 Load of Osint Tools

Osint is an acronym for Open Source Intelligence. This includes collecting and analyzing data from publicly available sources. There is a Github listing that has no idea how many (but quite a lot) of tools anyone can use. And there are a few interesting things that are also useful in our field. To get deeper insights from Twitter, YouTube, TikTok, etc., browse endlessly through the above mentioned social media databases. And countless other sources as well.

# Look in the kitchen

On Friday, a great interview was published in Marketingfacts about this weekly update. So for anyone wanting to take a look in the kitchen, here is a link to the story.

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