Zonnebloem Pijnacker division celebrates the seventh lustrum concert

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On October 1, Zonnebloem Pijnacker / Delfgauw celebrated at Het Witte Paard in Nootdorp. The holiday was opened by Mayor Bjorn Ligthärt. About 100 guests and volunteers in the department were served a nice program and a delicious hot lunch buffet. The surprise came after the “hot bite” when Francis van Bruckhuijsen and Gregor Backe appeared.

The head of the department, Frans Letenta, welcomed Mayor Björn Ligthärt and Alderman for Social Sphere, Mareke van Beijn, as well as Assembly Counsellor Esme van der Helm and Regional President Effie Soklal, both present on behalf of Zonnebloem. In his welcome address, he noted that we peaked early, just like five years ago. Officially, the department will turn 35 on December 15, but around the holidays in December, the department is already so busy with festivities that October is chosen again. After all, he said our ex-queen didn’t celebrate her birthday on her real birthday. So it should be possible.

In his speech, the mayor referred to the symbolism of the sunflower, the flower that radiates warmth, the ecstasy of life and commitment. He pointed out the importance of being able to participate in society for a long time, expressing his appreciation for the volunteers’ work in this regard. Addressing those present in the room, an interaction arose, creating a less formal atmosphere. The person behind the mayor became visible and that was appreciated. This led to one of the guests inviting the mayor to attend, which was noted.

After the mayor opened the lustrum party, a performance by vocal group Close2U and Friends followed. As a close harmony group, the core of the group consisted of three ladies who came on this occasion with their “friends”, eight women in total. A multi-voice and varied program that got the listeners going. After they concluded their performance with Doris Day’s song “Que sera, sera,” it was time for a drink followed by soup. After that we enjoyed the hot buffet. Those who could not facilitate the boast were their volunteer servants. In the meantime, the stage is set up for an afternoon performance.

Who would that celebrity be talking about in his invitation letter? Surprise. It is she and she. Chairman Frans Latina raised one end of the shutter along with captain Babs Wasser in rhyme form: “She has a smile on her butt and is a singing talent. He loves to play the grand piano and is also a choral conductor. If in doubt, the glassware will It almost breaks. When he plays, he goes from piano to hysterical.”

The stage was taken by Frances van Bruckhuijsen of Nootdorp and accompanying pianist at Delft Gregor Buck. Francis indicated the manner in which she should act as her listener, and the hall was silent as she threw melodies and other songs interspersed with bursts of laughter as she heard her experiences. She talked about an expensive gondola ride in Venice, where she sang hoping for a discount, and about her beautiful outfit that was vetted by a women’s magazine but it gave her a very nice job. Before the break she sang, now and then, without a microphone, songs from operas such as the beautiful Cavalleria rusticana. Even in a room that didn’t have perfect acoustics, it sounded great. “I feel like ice cream, good for my voice,” Francis exclaimed 45 minutes later. The people of Whitehorse were ready to eat ice cream with fruit salad and whipped cream if desired.

After the break there were many toppers such as the delicate “Voor her” by Frans Halsema, the Spanish “Granada” and “The Village” by Wim Sonneveld. Halfway through the show, she began working with Gregor — whom she spoke as “Greeg” — to pair two new speakers with her phone so that more than just the accompanying piano could be played. It worked. With “Climb Every Mountain,” a song from her performance as the Mother Superior on “The Sound of Music,” they concluded their show after performing twice and 45 minutes. Those in attendance expressed that they really enjoyed the singer, who closed the party with a great sense of humor and spontaneity.
This was followed by words of thanks, first of all to those present for participating in the celebration. Especially also for the volunteers who organized the party and gave a helping hand. The residents of Het Witte Paard and last but not least, photographer Bianca Linhart, were also thanked. Francis took another round of the room to give the attendees the opportunity to have their picture taken with her.

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