“The horses are beautiful, warm and soft”


Horses have played an important role in Manege het Roessingh for years. Debra Juerkink loves to talk about it.

sing it – “Why might you ask horses. Horses are beautiful, warm and gentle. Horses smell wonderful and you don’t judge them.” What does a horse trail and riding bring to you? Activities with horses teach you to shift your focus. Makes you aware of your body following the horse’s movement. Teaches you to relax. You learn how You deal with your limits and possibilities. It is a pleasure to learn to ride in a safe and responsible manner on reliable horses.”

with and without limitation
At Manege Het Roessingh, children and adults (young adults) with and without disabilities can learn to ride in a safe and responsible manner. Therapeutic riding is offered to students of the OCR (Het Roessingh Education Centre) on the basis of a doctor’s referral. ”Therapeutic horseback riding is aimed at physical growth (and maintenance). Such as improving trunk and posture balance, positively affecting muscle tone, correctly engaging both sides of the body and getting used to changes in posture. “Children with spasticity and some syndromes qualify for this,” Jurkink says.
good and healthy
It is also possible for children and (young) adults to sign up for modified rides from home. Horseback riding often focuses on factors such as social and emotional development and increased self-confidence. Or build a safe for riding as a sport. Physical factors play a role in these children, but less so. Registration is done by assimilation with the guidance team consisting of a physician, physiotherapist and trainer. It is not easy to find horses for this specific class of riders. Horses must be good (in handling and riding) and healthy. In addition, they should have a picnic, trot and trot so that the riders could sit. Horses need a course at an equestrian center to eventually become usable for the target group of riders.”

Financing the right horses for Saab racing. “The prices for suitable horses have gone up dramatically in recent years,” Geurkink says. ”Sometimes a horse crosses our path and can be deployed fairly quickly, like Bubi. Sectolin has been involved in the ups and downs of the riding school for many years. Sectolin did its best this time to enable Bubi to train at a riding school so that he could eventually be used while riding with the target group of riders. Bubi is included in the herd of horses in the pasture and walks with riders without obstruction during lessons. As it now appears, Bubi will be able to use it for a number of riders with disabilities in the not too distant future.”

During one of the previous military courses, Round Table Enskid committed itself to a riding school and donated the horse Dorian. Geurkink: “Doriane is now trained as a fully competent therapy horse and does her job well.”

In the context of animal welfare, the stables at Roessingh should meet new dimensions within a few years. Meanwhile, Rotary Enschede has promised to donate €35,000 for this renovation, Geurkink reports. “The whole project is being implemented in phases and this naturally requires more costs.”

future plans
The riding school Heat Rossing also has plans for the future. “Given the high costs (gas, electricity, bedding for stables, hay and pellets), as well as the costs of vocational guidance for specific target groups, it is difficult to be able to operate cost-effectively.”

day activities
Heat Rosing Riding School also offers daytime activities. “A positive development is the growing demand for daytime activities. Manege het Roessingh is contracted by OZJT / Samen14 and provides daycare places where participants are supervised during activities at Zorgmanege. Such as horse care, stable work, canteen work. It is also possible to follow a training session or track. Horses/Reflection with horses,” says Geurkink.

“Beautiful Autumn Sun”
As a lover of horses, she has a warm heart for the Army in Boekelo. “Personally, I think the army is a great event. Especially when the beautiful autumn sun is there. Then we drive down the road with our German Shorthaired Pointer long before the start and it’s still calm in the field. Then, of course, it fills up, which is typical Desirable for the army.

The exhilarating opportunities for a delicious snack and drink while on the hiking trail are also appreciated. “And then, there is also a lot to look at and buy in Hay Village.”

Huge obstacles
Riders of Manege het Roessingh believe the ride in a step through Ledeboerpark is really an event, not to mention the military, according to Geurkink. “Beautiful horses, formidable obstacles and a jockey and horse must have had the guts for it! A few years ago, we were invited several times with riders to visit the army, for example during a children’s afternoon. Unfortunately, this year we were not contacted, which is what The riders, of course, found it very unfortunate.”

In a riding school, the goal is to learn a seated posture and an independent posture, the best possible balance during lessons. “Training flexibility is also objective. Riding does not happen by itself and it is not easy, the riders have to overcome a lot. But dreaming about the army is allowed! Finally, we were invited to the network meeting organized by Sportaal, and we are sure to attend.”
If you are interested and for more information, please contact us by e-mail: manege@roessingh.nl

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