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“This seems like the last straw.” This is what the mother of a 14-year-old girl tells us after her daughter was raped in broad daylight last year while riding home from school. Almost a year later, the investigation hit a dead end. That’s why she gave this interview about what her daughter went through: in the hope that someone at home would identify the culprit.

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end of exams

Emma (pseudonym) can’t talk about what happened on December 17, 2021. The facts are still hard to think of. difficult to deal with. This is why her mother writes the story for her. “My daughter was a fun girl, with a great sense of humor. She enjoyed life. To that day.”

That Friday, Emma finished her exams. To celebrate, she goes to eat at Deinze and goes shopping with her best friend. They say goodbye right after 3:30, and Emma rides home. Then things go wrong.

Surveillance footage shows a man in a bright orange jacket riding behind Emma. He has a striking long blond ponytail to his waist, and he wears a red mask with a white cross on it. His bike looks like an old model, with a big yellow headlight. A little later, the man suddenly blocked her path. He pulls her off the bike path and rapes her.

“Kill kill”

“The girl resisted violently and tried to escape, but the man dragged her back at her feet,” says Kim Coppins of the Denze police. He told her ‘Kill, kill’ many times – the English word for ‘kill’. Emma is terribly scared. When the man suddenly begins to walk, she can finally call her mother. I grabbed her and put her in the car next to me. And really not much has been said, because you are shocked by the picture you see.”

The rape took place near the bike path, past the Lorenzo Bridge in Zolte. Police are also looking for witnesses who were in the area around 3:30 a.m. and may have seen the man with the long ponytail. With all your advice and information, you can call the police at the toll-free number 0800 30300 or via e-mail.

Never cycle again

Everything changed since that day. Emma no longer spins. “Actually, she’d rather get rid of all that bike, and never ride again. She shuts down. She’s not that happy, free girl before,” her mother says. She hopes someone will recognize the man with the long ponytail. Catch him, it might reduce the fear a little bit.” “I sincerely hope this doesn’t happen to anyone else.”

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Surveillance photo of rape suspects Zolt and Faruk Ozgones. © Police / Pieter-Jan Vanstockstraeten

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