Weekly Overview: Summarizing the news of week 40

What happened in Alvin an den Rhein last week? From a fundraising campaign for refugees And many robberies in two thousand to increase Corona injuries. You can read this and more in the weekly overview at

Also in Alvin a den Rhein walk in corona pollution on me. The number of infections increased by 59% compared to the previous week. The number of virus particles in the sewer is also increasing.

last weekend had become A cat caught by an animal ambulance Once who – which I wandered around the territory of the waste processing company Alvin for a month. What happened? The slide scan revealed that Blackie came all the way from Maastricht.

This week the organization Because We Carry organized a fundraiser. With this fundraiser, they collect coats and shoes for refugees who are out in the cold. Previously this was only for refugees on Lesvos. this year they do it for Greece, Ukraine and the Netherlands.

on me Thursday October 6 is Fences in front of the former V&D building have been removed As a result, the new construction of the De Toussaint project is clearly visible for the first time. For years, the former V&D store building remained empty.

this week Children’s Book Week I started. From Wednesday 5 October to Sunday 16 October is Children’s Book Week. This year’s theme is Gi-Ga-Green. Children’s books about animals and nature are getting extra attention this week.

organization too subordinate You know Alvins Oktoberfest this week This year’s deposit will be used for the first time on all drinking glasses. This will be mandatory at all events from next year, but the organization of Alphense Oktoberfeesten has already started this year.


In the The Regenhaven region takes fertile ground for De Werf in a special place. Young innovative entrepreneurs, artists, and non-profit organizations are active here. In exchange for a small rent, they are expected to commit to public relations, marketing, and events around the port. This does not work and that is why the municipality of Alfen aan den Rhein breaks the lease contracts.

the first The new coalition budget Ready as is Dependent Implementation Program. This program shows what the policy means based on the alliance agreement concluded in May. In fact, this is Alvin an den Rhein’s wish list.

About 10% of our municipality is poorly literate. These are 11,099 people who cannot fully participate in society. GroenLinks hopes the Board will take action to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to participate.

The municipality of Alvin aan den Rhein has a contract with Gazprom Energy The Netherlands canceled due to EU sanctions against Russian companies. The increased costs will be covered by the P&C process.

Traffic and transportation

From Monday October 5 it will be easier for travelers from Alphen aan den Rijn. In addition to their OV chip card, they can now also Sign in and out with a debit card or credit card. This can also be done via a mobile phone.

On the night of October 7-8, the N207/Stitchterbrug was closed. This is because several Storage silos must be moved. Both directions are closed.

Do you go to work by car? Then pay attention, because from Monday 10 October we will start Work on the intersection of Horn and Emalan. After 25 years, the traffic control system must be replaced.

Police and Enforcement

last week is 2An 8-year-old male from Alvin Ann den Rhein recently passed away Picked up by Royal Netherlands Marechaussee From outside. He still has 756 days in prison.

This week, the police advised: “Watch yourself and each other.” One moment everything is going well, but after a second you lose sight of something and the cyclist is lying on the ground. Police in Alvin an den Rhein explain what to do after the collision.

I found last weekend a Collision with scooter and car The place where the scooter rider does not have a driver’s license. When the police arrived, it turned out that the scooter driver was only 13 years old.

also had become A woman deceived by a so-called banker. Last Friday evening, an elderly woman in Venezuela Strat was scammed. It happened as a result of a telephone conversation she had with her “bank”.

Last weekend was there Several robberies in Alvin an den Rhein. Goods were taken in all three burglaries. The police suspect that burglaries are increasing due to the dark days. Police are also advising people to be extra careful when closing the house.

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