Rasage Gemma (Norbert 444) Temporary Crown and Champion at Baldwin (USA)

Gemma Van Signature Friesians Temporary Crown (Norbert 444 x Ludwick 431).

At the Baldwin Inspection, KFPS Judges Willem Sonema and Jolanda Slotges made Gemma Van Signature Friesians (Norbert 444 x Ludwik 431) the Provisional Crown and Breeding Day Champion. Four-year-old mare Pamela and Matt Gish from Signature Friesians got 9 breeds. The reserve tournament was for five-year-old Emmy KCF Ster (Julius 486 x Tonjes 459) who earned Ster with a first installment.

with positive trunk direction

Gemma has a very expressive head, a large neck length and a beautiful neck shape. Additionally, it has a positive torso orientation with a nice flowing topline and a long range with good posture, the judges describe. Her legs are sufficient with good hooves. The march was energetic and tactful, it could be a little wider. Her trotting was active, with a lot of bending and a slightly elevated cadence. In the second show, Gemma was promoted to the temporary crown.
The reserve champ also came from the four-year-old and older book pony mare class. Amy also got a star with her first installment. A horse of good build, lots of front, long sloping shoulder and long, slightly sloping set. It has good, dry legs, wide, active and tactile gait, and on the trot it is very roomy with plenty of suspension moments, posture and balance. In a class with three-year-olds, Juliana Steer (Norbert 444 x Teade 392) received a second installment. She has an expressive head, a sufficiently long neck and neck. The front line is strong enough with a slightly sloping set and long enough, the judges describe. Legs slightly lower, with generous and dry enough hooves. The walk was wide and energetic and Juliana’s trot was tactful, which allowed her to show more impulsiveness. There was a temporary star for six-year-old Petje van Bonstra Friesianus (Fridse 423 x Tsjalke 397)

Stermare Yfke’s first installment

Ster mare Yfke L. Ster A (Alwin 469 x Beart 411) earned his first premium. I actually had an IBOP score of 73 and was able to improve that by 1 point to 74. Seven-year-old Evki, born by the Lyman family of Marheisa, has an expressive head, a long neck and lots of wallpaper. The top line is strong, the loin is slightly taut with a good shoulder and good set in position and length. Yfke’s career has been big, energetic and resilient. Its trotting was large with a good sway in the butt and sufficient difficulty.

Two stallions are still becoming Ster: Duke and Foks

Duke van de Keen Ster (Jehannes 484 x Andries 415) is a full-brother of the Auwert 514. He’s got Ster with a sufficiently expressive head, but lacks some intent. The neck is long enough, with a sufficient back. Shoulder length is good, but steep. Topline is good, the throttles could be a little longer. Dry legs, good posture. Walking and trotting have enough range, but can be a little stronger on the back leg. He scored 70.5 points on his IBOP test.
Foks C. Ster (Norbert 444 x Sape 381) also earned Ster. It has an expressive head, a lot of setting, a length at the neck and can be a little more than the neck. His long sloping shoulder follows a strong enough, crotch top line with a very good posture. His legs could have been a little drier. Foks has a stride that can be more active and wider, but it is flexible. At the trot it has a nice suspension moment, and plenty of autonomous transmission and power.
Creditor Abracadabra fan Stershire (Sape 381 x Maeije 440) was actually a Ster and stood out with plenty of looks and wallpaper, or 9 for breed type. He could have been a little stronger in the back, but he has a good shoulder. The legs are dry enough after a few weeks. Abracadabra showed a flexible stride that allowed him to step a little more than the shoulder. His trot has a lot of impulsiveness, but its tempo is rather high.

IBOP Topper with 79 points

Baldwin’s IBOP title was Debaret (Julius 486 x Rindert 406) with 79 points. A five-year-old mare has a long, active enough walk and a gentle trot, with plenty of hind leg bending and good extension. Her tank was well carried, but could have been more uphill. This dowry book mare was entered in a third installment in the examination.

Pony Triton stallion first installment

Foals received a first premium on the price of a Colt Triton Black Gold (Meinte 490 x Harmen 424). A foal with an expressive head and a beautiful neck shape. According to the jury, his head line could be a little stronger, but his loins and croup are good. The Triton was active walking, but could be a little wider. On the trot he showed up front, a good front foot and the ability to switch.

Enjoy Norbert 444 and Penny 476

The judges were also able to see stallions from the KFPS book: Norbert 444 and Bene 476 from Signature Friesians. They were in great shape and put on a great show, we enjoyed it,” says Jolanda Slootjes and Willem Sonnema.

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