“My kids think I work in an adult toy store”

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Evertine Magerman (41), a single mother to Emma (9) and Eva (7), has a friend and is a PR and Communications Consultant at EasyToys.

“Ten years ago I was taking care of marketing for a wholesaler of erotic products. That was the time when toys looked completely different than they do now. When you think of dildos and vibrators, you think of dirty sex stores and shady stores. There were sexy porn stars on The packages and the boxes were hidden behind curtains in the warehouse.Then the fun and the fun were more focused on the man.

I often had to defend myself when I told them in which sector I was active. People looked at me like I was walking around in a porn group. At the time, I preferred to tell my birthday parties that I work in the lingerie industry, especially for grandmothers and aunts. How different is that now?

sexual wellness

I’ve worked for EDC, which includes EasyToys, for six years. The focus shifted from something sloppy to “sexual wellness”. Nobody is surprised anymore when you tell them that you love playing as a woman. Especially since our company started sponsoring FC Emmen football club, there has been a lot of brand awareness.

In the first place, this caused trouble in KNVB. According to the National Football Association, the Football Association was not allowed to align with the sex industry. We fought hard against it. We don’t sell sex, only tools to enhance intimacy at home. My boss said very clearly: My employees are not sex workers, but market people.

“We don’t sell sex, just tools to promote intimacy at home”

I also gave interviews several times during that time to explain what was going on and dispel the wrong impression. When you come to our office, you will notice how normal we are. First FC Emmen was not allowed to play football with the sponsor’s logo on the shirt, but this was later reversed. It was an immediate success. Fans now wear the jersey with pride. Only youth teams have the WildLands Zoo name on the jersey. We don’t want them to be associated with sex toys in any way.

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The nice thing is that since those media appearances I’ve been recognized many times over. Parents spoke to me in the schoolyard too because they saw me in the newspaper or on TV. Most people thought it was funny. I also noticed them that the subject has been normalized.

Even Jeugdjournaal took an interest in the riots, in an accessible way. Useful for me: This way I could show the broadcast to my daughters Emma and Eva and I didn’t have to think how best to explain exactly where my mom worked. They actually thought I belonged in FC Emmen, because they both have the WildLands soccer jersey. But it looks like I worked at an adult toy store. okay anyway. For them, there is not much difference between Intertoys and EasyToys.

sex toys

Now that the girls are bigger, I sometimes take them to events, like Pink Friday, or we recently went to try biking time. I was allowed to hand the winner’s jersey to cyclist Eileen Van Dyck, along with a nice pampering package. Emma and Eva especially love all things pink from Easy Toys. Balloons, packaging, special truck. They only see the outside – fortunately they didn’t notice a vibrator on the roof. But hey, there are also eye-level games in the booths at Etos and Kruidvat. Nowadays, those toys no longer resemble skin-colored genitalia. Instead, they are in pastel colours, which are beautifully designed themes.

“Now that the girls are older, I sometimes take them to events”

I also notice a huge shift between friends. They are more curious and open. Not that we discuss the pros and cons of what we use in the bedroom, but I gave them all the Satisfyer, the most beloved toy among women at the moment. And if I have something nice left over from a Christmas present or a gift bag, there are always plenty of enthusiasts who are happy to try something.”

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