Let’s build a review of the zoo – nostalgic and contemporary

Games where you build zoos or amusement parks have been available for years on both computers and consoles. So Zoo Tycoon and Roller Coaster Tycoon are very nostalgic for many. Now, publisher No More Robots has created a game to bring that nostalgia back in a modern way. Let’s Build a Zoo is similar to these simulation games, but let’s build a good zoo?

Set up a zoo

In Let’s Build a Zoo, you become the owner of a zoo built in collaboration with investors. The zoo was built entirely from scratch. So the immediate goal is to pick a name for the zoo, hire and manage staff, but the most important thing, of course, is to make sure there are animals in the zoo that can be seen and maintained. If all of this isn’t challenging enough, there are also all kinds of people with special requests and visitors also having wishes.

The great thing about Let’s Build a Zoo is that there is an explanation at the beginning that explains everything in no time so you can get started quickly on your own. This way you can immediately start setting up the zoo and have complete control over everything. The drawback is that in later moments you have to figure out some things on your own and this sometimes ensures that the zoo isn’t doing well because something is going wrong somewhere without knowing exactly what’s going on. On the other hand, it is also good to know the game systems yourself and this is a part that makes the game more challenging.

So it is not necessary to build a very difficult zoo. It is basically a soothing game in which you simply set up and maintain a beautiful zoo. After ten hours of playing, the game becomes frantic. There is a lot to watch and suddenly the game is no longer comfortable. In any case, it ensures that the game does not become boring. But it might also have been nice if the game was kept simple and quiet and the park couldn’t be expanded much.

At some point, it is possible that you will open another park in a new location and then start over at the beginning. Especially with the Dinosaur Island DLC (also included with the Xbox Gamepass), this is a nice feature because developing the park is completely different because now you care about dinosaurs, but now you can apply everything you’ve learned to make this park even better to make it even better.

rare boredom

It’s almost impossible to get bored while playing Let’s Build a Zoo. There is always something to do as you drive an amusement park with all kinds of living things. There are animals constantly reproducing, so their residence needs to be extended or there is very little water. The staff must remain satisfied and there must be enough food for the animals. New animals are added all the time, so new land has to be bought and the zoo just gets bigger. Therefore these new plots of land must be placed and arranged properly so that visitors do not find the environment too boring and the zoo does not become less attractive to come to.

Besides the fact that the preservation of animals and the park itself requires a lot of attention, there are also tasks. For example, you have to achieve goals from your investor by the number of visitors who come to the park, and sufficient turnover must be achieved. There are also special guests, for example, who want a number of different animals to live in the park, for the staff to be diverse and for certain buildings to be laid out. There are always enough tasks that help in the development of the park so it is a good idea not to do something and cross out the tasks. With the help of these tasks, the zoo must meet some requirements, but still everything can be done on your own. Therefore, let’s build a zoo, which will always remain entertaining and even slightly addictive for further development of the zoo.

Choices matter

What makes Let’s Build a Zoo unique is the different options that are presented to you as a player. In this way it becomes possible to gain a good reputation for appearing too ethical or making unethical choices that can also have positive consequences in their own way. Points are used to calculate whether a zoo is considered ethical or unethical. Using these points, it becomes possible again to build buildings and perform actions available only for one of the walkable paths.

This system puts you in very special and often funny situations. For example, you will be asked at some point if you want to dress up a swan dressed as a peacock, which in turn can lead to pleasant or skeptical reactions from visitors. At another time, you will be given the option to put an animal infected with coronavirus to sleep because visitors are afraid of contamination, which in turn can lead to fewer visitors. Or you choose to let the animal live and then accept that fewer visitors come.

In addition to these choices, how environmentally conscious the park is and how the animals are treated is also important. This system ensures that you keep thinking about the choices you make, so Let’s Build a Zoo gives you a different experience than similar games.

collect them all

A large part of Let’s Build a Zoo is the wide variety of animals and different breeds of animal species. By crossing two animals of the same species but of different breed, you will always get new breeds of that animal. For example, you could have two monkeys breed with each other to get a new species of monkey. Each animal has ten different breeds which is why you actually want to save them all.

Another way to get new animals is to trade with other computerized zoos around the world. Sometimes you have a particular breed of pig and someone wants to give a male and a female meerkat for this. When you trade with other zoos, you always get a male and a female copy of an animal in return, to allow it to breed and thus eventually be able to discover all the breeds of the new animal. This way, you keep getting more and more animals in the zoo and this only expands the zoo and animal breeds that you can discover in Let’s Build a Zoo.

Therefore, a large part of Let’s Build a Zoo is grouping especially with animals which notes that a lot of research was behind the game’s development. Each animal has been given ten accurate real-world designs. It is also possible to release animals into the wild and then identify animals in the outside world that are endangered and this is also fairly accurate for the real world.

large console port

Management and simulation games like Planet Coaster, Jurassic World Evolution and So Let’s Build a Zoo are especially popular on PC. This is because there are many buttons to click and they are always best operated with a mouse and keyboard. However, we’ve seen more and more of these types of games come to consoles in recent years, such as Let’s Build a Zoo.

Let’s Build a Zoo port is good, but has some minor annoyances. For example, if you want to go to a certain function, sometimes you have to hold down the joystick for a very long time. For example, park rangers can be divided into zones in which they work. To assign an area to them, you must first open the list of employees, and then if you need an employee at the bottom of the list, scroll to the bottom. Additionally, there is an Employee Assignment Area button at the bottom of the page as well if you click on the Employee. Little things like this make the port to control a bit tedious and could possibly have been done better with keyboard shortcuts, for example. Likewise, a mouse with which you can select something in the park and thus move around with it is very slow at times, especially when the zoo is growing. This can also be a bit annoying at times.

That doesn’t change the fact that let’s build a zoo in general plays great on console. Except for a few minor irritation points, everything runs smoothly and the game continues to be very interesting and enjoyable. So it’s a great port for consoles, and the minor inconvenience is certainly no off, but certain functions could have been set up better in terms of control. The game is still better on PC. If you have an Xbox Gamepass PC, this is definitely the version to choose.

Let’s Build a Zoo Review – Build a Dream Zoo on Console

Let’s Build a Zoo is a unique game in the genre of garden management and simulation games. It gives a modern touch to nostalgic games like Zoo Tycoon. The game has a short but clear tutorial that ensures that you can start building the garden right away. There is a selection system that gives choices, which simulate real world situations in a funny way and these choices actually have big effects on the park. There is also a large group of animals that clearly underwent a lot of research during the development of the game. One of the most beautiful aspects of the game is to collect all the animals.

There are only a few minor annoyances from the port to be controlled and as the park starts to grow, the gameplay gets a bit chaotic and there is a lot to watch. All this does not detract from the fact that the game is very entertaining and even addictive. Let’s Build a Zoo is a very good game of its kind and is definitely worth checking out, even on consoles!

Pros and Cons

  • The concept of nostalgia in a modern way
  • A short but powerful tutorial
  • Useful and fun selection system
  • Pictorial duties and choices
  • The port to the console could have been better
  • Lots of chaos in a big zoo

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