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This week was Animal Day again, and around that day the media once again reported us all sorts of things about animals. It turns out that we’re spending more and more on animal clothing. I repeat: we are spending more and more on animal clothing. crises or not.

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So we spend money on clothes for our animals.

It’s always great to read these types of posts. The love of animals is now beginning to take extravagant forms. And love towards people is actually diminishing. I can understand it when you see how some people act these days. Large sinks are looking more and more “natural” and ordinary people are looking for them elsewhere. For example in dogs.

Because they don’t give a big mouth.

I should add that there are also big mouths walking around with dogs. Can they keep it cute and small because that’s what big mouths like, having power over someone else. Not so long ago I saw such kind of walks. It looked very harsh. Next to him was a dog, his head bowed very submissively, eyes constantly turned to the master and the tail between his legs.

A typical case of animal protection.

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Because dogs or animals in general cannot protect themselves from abuse or verbal abuse. And their loyalty is greatly tested in these circumstances. Even when wearing it.

Because this is double.

I can’t stand it, against the “humanization” of animals. I understand that children have this tendency, but you see more and more that adults are interested in this too. Because it’s pathetic. One rainy evening, I had to walk my father-in-law’s dog. While he was wearing the belt, he shouted from the room that I must not forget to put on his coat. Of course I serve him, but not in this case. I cried again that I would leave the coat, hanging on the coat rack (!), undisturbed.

For a moment I thought the dog was looking at me gratefully.

As soon as I got back I picked up the wet dog and put it on the table in the shed. Then I grabbed a towel and rubbed it gently and dryly. After she turned back, she shook her fur for a while and then looked at me with her most loving look. Because she knew what was to come.

the prize.

In the form of a small cookie. Dog biscuits, with no added sugars, as we humans eat when we are good. Or if we just feel like something sweet. Or if we seek comfort because life is not always fair or pleasant.

Or because it’s so convenient!

I hear it all the time here at home. Usually after she ate all the crackers again and mistook the woman in the house. Why did you eat all those cookies? “Why? Because I love them. And because we have them at home.” I answer, knowing that of course she will not be satisfied with it. I’d also hate if I wanted to grab something because I feel like it and then find out it’s no longer there. It’s not just an empty package yet. No, I will put it in the trash.

Scan tracks, I always see them doing it at crime scenes.

I usually give my standard speech at the table. They just don’t have to bring all these beautiful things home. She doesn’t agree with this because she thinks these kinds of things should be allowed to stay in the house. So that every now and then can take a cookie or chocolate. Well I can’t. I am also more like a dog in this respect. They eat everything that is offered to them. Also something dog owners sometimes want to forget.

They just don’t let the dog eat the daily bowl.

While this is very bad for the dog because he should not eat salt, sugar or any other additives. If they do, there’s a good chance that a vet visit is coming up. Or that they should die early in terms of fitness and weight. In terms of fitness because they don’t get out enough and in terms of weight because they get a lot of food. Of course I understand the owners. Because dogs are good at begging. You have to be strong in your shoes if you want to put up with them:

Those loyal dog eyes.

As far as I’m concerned, animal protection itself should hear more from good information as long as the animals can’t set off the alarm themselves. Like then during Corona restrictions, when a lot of people suddenly bought a dog to get past the time. In itself is good of course, but disturbing were the reports that when freedom returned, the dogs were taken to the shelter.

The purest animal cruelty!

You don’t take an animal for a moment, but for a lifetime. A good reason to depart from this may be sickness or some other inability, but not because the “fun” is gone or because it is useless on holiday trips or weekend getaways. Although we would love to have a dog, this is one of the reasons we don’t get a dog. We both work and a dog in the house doesn’t fit in. Then he’ll be bored all day or bark all together because he can’t understand that the owners are gone. With a full bladder.

We’ll wait until after we retire.

Animal Day is one of those days that remind us that we have pets. with associated liability. Animals are not only for fun when it suits you, they are also there to be nurtured. 24/7, dog’s age. Therefore, treat them with respect.

You will get the love you deserve in return!

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