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Jo-Anna (42), mother of a daughter (11), has been dating a lot since becoming single again. Especially with younger guys who are well commented.

“Since my divorce I’ve become a sexual dysfunction. I’m an active dating with many changing bed partners. I generally keep track of the number of lovers I’ve slept with in the last 10 years and there were about 150. Every now and then there was a “resident” between them. Someone I’ve been dating for longer.

A jerk can’t be alone

Eight months ago, my last relationship ended after two years. As sad as it was, I just felt relieved. As soon as we had a house together, it turned out that he was not the brave man of our lines, but an idiot looking for a nurse and a mate. He cannot be alone.

We never matched sexually. My libido was much higher. He wanted twice a week at most, every day. He was a supporter of the swing and swingers. I was per se open about it, but not as long as our sex life wasn’t quite right. I didn’t like the idea of ​​pleasing other women on the weekends and refused in the meantime.

Friends with benefits

As single, I’m having a great time now thanks to apps like Tinder, Happn, and Badoo. As a woman you can have three different dates every night, the men’s show is great. Especially if you – like me – make it clear that you’re only out for sex. or at most Friends with benefits. My ad is honest and direct. I am looking for men from the age of eighteen, preferably with a muscular and athletic body.

I ban guys over 45. I find them unattractive, they often have a beer belly or don’t take good care of themselves. Young men often put in more effort for an older woman. It’s not about finding a life partner for me, it’s about ejaculation, so I don’t have to make any compromises.

I also cut out perverts, men who want to make love without a condom or the types that send pictures of the penis. I usually reply sarcastically with something like, is that all you have? My ad also states that I want to find great gadgets. Cocks should be at least eight inches or nice and thick for me. No, it’s not about what he can do with it. I just want to feel the next day that I had a good night.

full time mom

Another turn is when men complain that they want to come right away. The week my daughter Sophie has been, this is absolutely forbidden. I am a single parent with my ex-wife. If Sophie is with me, I’m a full-time mom, and my app traffic is paused and I don’t agree to anything. Is there a guy out there who doesn’t accept that and still begs for attention or thinks he can come over when my girl is asleep, I block him right away. No matter how attractive it is.

I recently heard the story of a man who stayed with a divorced mother with children. In the middle of the night, her children were crawling with them to bed, while he lay there in his bare ass. I shouldn’t have thought about it. I strictly separate my worlds. My happiness is not above taking care of my child. Sophie doesn’t need to notice my wild world. She knows I have a boyfriend now and then, but not how and what.

Initially, I wrote to my WhatsApp contacts not only their names, but also their place of residence and their ages. She would occasionally sniff at my phone and say, “Damn mama, you don’t have 22 friends, right?” So I don’t do that anymore and I also ask guys to text me as little as possible during my parents week.

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careful planning

Only when my daughter is back with her dad is I Joanna and I fill out my calendar. This can also be three guys in one weekend. I still love sex and love to have sex every day. I choose dates carefully. First, text for a while and sort out real crazy guys who want to come over out of pure lust. So far it has always gone well. I have never been threatened.

However, I am always careful when it comes to poor bed performance. I never show my displeasure at the moment. You never know when someone will be in so much pain until they go crazy. If he wanted to come back, I’d say, “I don’t feel like we clicked very well, so thanks, but I’ll leave it at that.”

early deduction

When in doubt, I always cut a date prematurely. I also mention this earlier in our apps. I usually ask him fifteen minutes later if he wants me to stay or leave. It’s rare that they let me leave. Otherwise I would have had it a few times. Then it turned out that such a man is fifteen kilograms heavier than in the photo or has an unpleasant odor on the body. Then I don’t want tea or wine, but I want a glass of water. As soon as my glass empties, I go up.

Anyway, I always inform a friend of out-of-home appointments, so you know where I am in case of an emergency. And at home there’s a baseball bat next to my bed. Then I joke to such a man: “Treat me well, otherwise I will take my team.”


In the future, I would like to have a permanent relationship again, but first you have to be totally in the bedroom. Before I fell in love, then I lost my head and didn’t see if we matched the sheets. I banged my head a bit with that. Both my daughter’s father and my ex were selfish lovers. Now I choose myself. I only fall in love again when I really find an equal sex partner. Someone who can satisfy me, wants sex as often and is open to sex sites and swingers clubs. Until then, I am fully enjoying all the full attention of my little fans.”

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