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Judith, 46, her boyfriend Michelle, 44, and her son, Voss, 4, traveled 3,500 kilometers across Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula in January of this year.

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Once on a long trip together, off peak season. Now it is still possible. Foss is old enough to go on a backpacking adventure with his parents.

We look at the treetops in the forest and Voss waves excitedly to the ants, or the other people at the bottom of the temple. We are on top after climbing steep steps. I found the big steps more exciting than our little one who climbed happily. And now he is cheerful. Look how tall I am, higher than the trees! It turned out that our first road trip with the baby was very successful. We crossed the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico.

IPAD Assistant Michelle and I used to backpack before Voss arrived, and we also gave him such an experience. He had just turned four and because he was in school, but not yet of compulsory school age, we arranged that we could go on the road for more than four weeks. I marked the route and checked in advance where we could sleep, but only booked the first and last accommodations. This way we could determine during the flight how long we wanted to stay somewhere, and we were as free as birds.

The three of us have already taken a short trip and learned a lesson from that: a kids’ iPad makes life easier, or at least fly. This time we took it with us so the day trip was good. We also watched movies, played a thousand bingo games, put together the Lego we gave Foss as a gift, and played games on the screen in the chair in front of him. Which was not a success for the man sitting there, because of the fervor that strikes him. Unfortunately, those games didn’t work way back… Voss told us.

brilliant blue water Arriving in Cancun, we drove in our rental car to Chiquilá, a small village off Isla Holbox where we would take the ferry the next day. Wonderful relaxation can begin on the island. With our feet in the white sand, we drank from coconuts, built sand castles and acclimatized. When we really relaxed after a few days, we went on a private walking tour. Thirty meters from the coast, we walked across the clear blue waters to Punta Mosquito, the most northeastern point of the island where the nature reserve begins. For an hour and a half we walked to our calves in the ocean, our faces in the sun. Everything around us was a light blue, so cool! Voss ran splattering ahead of us in his ultraviolet shirt, then stopped abruptly again to admire the fish and rays swimming past. The last piece felt tired anyway and wore it around our neck. When our feet touched the white sand on the other side, we happily sped to a parlour, ate the mangoes and bananas we had brought with us, and prepared for the return trip.

Isla Holbox is a car-free island with only sandy roads. Golf carts are allowed. So we also rented one to explore the island. Prince Foss sat, even as we tried to pull the carriage out of the mud with all our might. We are adventurous, we thought it would be a good plan to beat it. Here we are, back to our calves in the water. Only it wasn’t a bright blue now, but a mud puddle. With more and more locals arriving to help, Voss was now behind the wheel. He saw the fun in it. And so do we, especially when we’re drinking our cocktail clean and dry.

Bizard Caves After this adventure we started with the real road trip. We planned it so that Voss would be tired when we walked in. So we mostly traveled when he was asleep. We dropped off to Valladolid, which is a charming town and a good base for visiting villages and rocks (round caves with a freshwater pool at the bottom where you can swim, editor). This is a strange natural phenomenon! We swam among fish and sometimes even turtles, while the sun was above us shining through the round hole with vines. After a few days of visiting small edifices and villages, and taking boat trips where we spotted crocodiles and swans, we traveled through the yellow city of Izamal to Merida. This is a somewhat larger city where the streets are closed on Sundays and locals take to the streets to celebrate while swinging their hips.

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We took a long walk around town with Foss in the foldable pram. Outside the tourist area we came across Mercado Lucas de Galvez with piles of fruit and vegetables and those bald yellow chickens. The intersection of streets full of smells and colors. Our curly blonde hair stood out there, because there was no other tourist to see. Foss loved it.

So cool: the monkeys climbed over our heads

Between how monkeys Campeche was a real gem, on the west coast, also known as the city of pirates. A colorful cowboy-like village from a bygone era with a thick city wall around it. Here too, we boarded a wildlife spotting boat. Flamingos were my favourite. From here we drove to Calakmul, an ancient Mayan city in the middle of the jungle. We rented a hut on the edge of the forest where we slept to the roar of monkeys. The pristine nature reserve full of ruins was beautiful. But perhaps a ten-minute walk with the property’s owner, Puerta Calakmul, was more impressive for Foss. The monkeys were swinging over our heads! Therefore, when we climbed such a huge temple and were able to look over the trees, we knew for sure: carrying backpacks with a small child is quite possible. ”


• Visit the local market in Merida or Campeche: MERCADO PRINCIPAL. The colours, the scents, the maze of streets, the chaos: simply wonderful. And a large assortment of fruit and fish, among other things.

• PALMA CENTRAL in Tulum is a food cart park among the trees with mood lights, long wooden tables and a children’s playground in the middle.

• CABAÑAS ECOTURÍSTICAS COSTA MAYA, an eco lodge under the Mahawal. Great return to basic, with bungalows on the beach with no electricity. During the day you can relax and swim and in the evening you can sit down to dinner with the catch of the day.

• BACALAR is a small village in Laguna Bacalar where you can really discover Mexican culture.

• Bring noise canceling headphones. Foss was sleeping great in a buggy one night when we were eating at the outdoor restaurant with live music.

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