These beach bars have a playground

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Ideal: These beaches have a playground or other facilities, where the kids can have fun – you can finally finish this book.

Doc Beach Cafe – Renesse, Zeeland

Enjoying the sun while your child…. Yes where is it anyway there is a good chance that it will take some research, because the options to play here are endless. Outside there is a wooden ship, an aerial trampoline, a football and tennis court. But maybe your child is hiding in one of the little beach houses that can be found inside or playing a game on his giant iPad. One thing is for sure: you’ll be here for a few hours.

Stranded – Bloemendaal aan Zee

A high sandy mountain with a slide you tell yourself: you will find it at the Gestrand Restaurant in Bloemendaal. In addition, there are wooden play equipment, you can enjoy the water and there is a treasure hunt picture fun.

Nederzandt – Noordwijk

From the beautiful terrace of the restaurant St(r) andplaats Nederzandt you have an easy view of the large stadium. Your child can climb and climb there and there is a small scooter track. After playing, he can rest on the balcony and join him to eat, since there is a special menu for children – after dessert he can take a gift from the treasure chest.

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Soia – Utrecht

If you don’t like the busy Dutch coast in summer, go to Strand Oog on Al near Utrecht. In Soia, you can relax on the waterfront while your child has fun in the indoor playground with a small boat, slide and swing. If you like to play bitterballen on your own, you can compete with the whole family on the volleyball court.

Ahoy – Zandvoort

Imagine yourself in the pirate world and have fun in the new playground next to Ahoi Restaurant: make your way through tubes and climb climbing tires. You can also enjoy beach practice and shrimp fishing here.

Iron Man – Vocht

De IJzeren Man is located in the middle of the Vught Forest. This beach bath is truly a place for nature lovers. In the woods looking for materials for your crafts then plunge into the water, slide down, or balance on a SUP board. If you are tired of the water, you can also go to the climbing forest or the net park.

Duynenwater – Eersel

White beaches, only in our country. In the Landgoed Duynenwater in Eersel to be exact. You will also find extensive lawns for sunbathing. Ultra-soft: shallow waters for little ones. The larger water rats drown at the deep end. Enjoy your cocktail on the terrace of the Strandhuys Zuyver while you keep an eye on things.

Fun Valley – Maastricht

A day in Fun Valley Maastricht feels like a one day vacation. Lay on a lounge sofa at Cuba Beach Bar or lie on the sunny south terrace while the kids climb paddleboards, climb the climbing forest or play on play equipment in the water. You can barbecue and place sunbeds throughout the garden. Complete the holiday feel with ice cream from the ice cream parlour.

bulge – castricum

Deining aan Zee in Castricum has a theater with a slide, bouncy castle, coloring pages and last but not least, a special menu. Fun too: celebrate your kids’ party at Deining. Go out with your fishing companion and trawl along the waterline. Who knows what the surging waves of the sudden fishing will bring.

DownUnderBeach – Scheveningen

On the north side of Scheveningen, you can enjoy the sea at DownUnderBeach and then relax at the Beach House. Choose kiteboarding, skateboarding, skateboarding or windsurfing (surfing). Children from the age of four can join Surfguppies.

Raw Vomiting – Burkel-Inchot

Is it twenty degrees already? To Rauwbraken then! This natural pool in Berkel-Enschot opens in the afternoon temperature of twenty degrees or higher. With the clear, natural waters of a beautiful beach, rafts, diving boards, and Arbie’s Beachhouse, the beach feel is very close.

Gastrobar DOT – Groningen

Every summer in Groningen there is a large point of sand next to the gastrobar DOT. Great swimming spot in the middle of the city. Here you can take a dip in the water and afterwards you can enjoy a drink on the terrace. Please note: the water is a little deeper here, so your child must have a swimming certificate.

On, the inspiring website for kids’ activities, you’ll find even more beach hotspots

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