Goodbye to Joyce, 36, and Wim, 37: “We will shower your girls with love and affection” (Lear)

Koningshooikt, Ranst

About 1,600 family members, friends, acquaintances and colleagues said goodbye to Joyce van Rusbroek, 36, and William Janssens, 37, of Koningschwicht (Leer) on Saturday. The couple died last week in a tragic traffic accident near their home. The thirty-three have been married for ten years and leave behind two young daughters. Joyce’s parents will be raising their granddaughters, ages 6 and 9, in the home of the couple who died in an accident.

The closest relatives categorically requested that no photos or recordings be taken during the ceremony. The photos we have were sent to the media with the families’ consent.

Sunday 25 September. A Porsche Panamera with six passengers departs from a wedding in Perlar Heikant in the direction of Koningschwicht. Things just go wrong at the roundabout at the Van Hool bus builder on Aarschotsesteenweg (N10). The car is jumped across the roundabout into the parking lot of the Azelhof Horse Events Equestrian Centre. Joyce and Wim sat in the back seat with two other passengers. There was no further help for the couple. The drama happened just a stone’s throw from their house. Since then, the town of Laer has been shrouded in mourning.

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The sudden end of the family happiness of a beloved couple is a heavy blow to those around them. “Their story is not over yet,” she said at the funeral. “I just married ten years. The foundations have just been laid. The foundations on which we build a happy life.”

Wim was a project manager at the construction company Douleste in Leer. He was known by his colleagues as a family man, Bon Vivant, proud son, brother-in-law, brother and proud father. “You have always listened to the complaints of your colleagues with pleasure and with a lot of patience,” said the employer. “On any subject, at any time. We can always vent our hearts out to you and turn to you our concerns. You have always given your frank opinion, so we can carry on afterwards. You have always brought that smile to our faces.”

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fun and laughter

Your warm nest is more important than neatness and elegance. You call it chaos, we call it family Hanging on the wall for a reason. Welcome everywhere. Wim’s brother, Jean, said. “We are grateful for the moments we can enjoy what I have been up to in life,” sounded in a text from Cousins ​​Wim. “Without too much trouble, so there was only time for fun and laughter.”

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Dirk and Susie, Joyce’s parents, read a poignant text out loud at the end of the party. Since the fatal blow, they have moved to Joyce and Wim’s home to raise their grandchildren there. “I was always there and always put our girls first,” she said. “Strict but fair in education. How proud we are of you. Until last Sunday, we were lifted out of bed with the worst news imaginable. We still can’t believe you were snatched from our lives.”


“Too unfair, too unfair, too abrupt. Without saying goodbye. Will we ever get over this? We hereby promise that we, with family and friends, will take care of your children’s education as well as possible. We will not be able to replace you in that. We will continue to talk about you and try to answer All the tough questions. We will shower them all with love and affection and try to convey the values ​​and standards you championed. We promise that they will grow up to be the two beautiful girls I envisioned.”

The ceremony was held at GC Den Boomgaard in Raanst. Then, accompany Wim and Joyce in an intimate circle to their final resting place at Koningshooikt Cemetery.

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