The management of the royal stable is looking for the city of Rijknecht

4 October 2022

Do you enjoy training and caring for horses and would like to do so for the benefit of managing the Royal Stable? Then read fast! The Royal Stable Management is looking for a riding stable at the Riding Stable in the Stable Transportation Department.


If you fulfill the position of the Rijknecht, you will ride the horses under the saddle and ensure that the Rijstal horses are optimally deployable and trained. Together with your colleagues from Koets- en Rijstal, you form a professional and cohesive team and guarantee the best quality. Activities consist of caring for and keeping the stables clean, among other things, daily shoveling of crates, cleaning of the horses and latrines, maintenance of the indoor and outdoor areas and cleaning of the stable complex.

In addition, you will accompany horse carriages on formal occasions, such as Prinsjesdag. An important part of the job is also teaching the ever-changing cofactors. Finally, you maintain equipment and other materials associated with Rijstal for daily use and perform many other common activities.

who are you?

It is important that you fulfill the following points;

You have relevant technical certifications (equine training level 3/4) and demonstrable work experience in the field;
– Have technical riding experience at the L-Dressage and L-jumping level;
– be able to teach at L level in a positive and constructive manner;
Have equine knowledge (including welfare and care) and knowledge and skills in equipment maintenance;
You have an oral proficiency in English and German;
You can work in a team and have good service and communication skills;
– be flexible in terms of opening hours during events, on weekends or off-site;
– you are an actor, have a positive attitude and have an enthusiastic appearance;
You are problem solver, pressure resistant, and adventurous.

For this position, working level and thinking MBO is required. Competencies that are critical to success in this position are quality orientation, collaboration, adaptability, organization of one’s work, internal focus on customers and results orientation.

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The position will become vacant from 1 December 2022 for a period of 36 hours per week. Salary depends on education and experience and comes to a maximum total of €3,097.92 per month, excluding leave allowance and year-end bonus. In addition, there are good secondary working conditions. The main location is The Hague. An employment contract is concluded for a period of one year with the option of converting to an employment contract for an indefinite period of time.

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royal house service

The Office of the Royal Family (DKH) supports the King, Queen and Princess Beatrix in their work and private lives. DKH also supports other members of the Royal House in their work as members of the Royal House. More than 300 employees of DKH work in The Hague, Amsterdam, Apeldoorn and the surrounding area and in Baarn. The Service consists of a number of departments (“Departments”), each of which has its own specialty or expertise. We work together to achieve the same goal: to support the King and other members of the Royal House, so that they can perform their role optimally at home and abroad. Click here for more information about the Royal House Service.

The Royal Stable Department, under the leadership of the Stable Master, is responsible for preparing, organizing (coordinating and controlling) and carrying out all (types) of transportation for members of the Royal House, servicing the Royal House and acquiring cars. The Royal Department of Stables is also responsible for the possession, management and care of livestock. The Stability Department is also responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of the special collection of buggies, skis and fixtures.

The Transport and Stable Division is responsible for training and caring for horses, managing and maintaining carriages, rigging and clothing, and conducting official and private trips. The department consists of 20 people. De Koets- en Rijstal regularly gives presentations at home and abroad, but does not participate in equestrian competitions.

does that suit you?

Would you like to work in Rijknecht in the management of the royal stables? Then send your application letter and CV before October 14, 2022 to [email protected]. For more information, you can contact Marjolein van den Heuvel, P&O Management Consultant in the Royal House Division, via the email address above. The safety check and appointment check are part of the selection procedure.

The Royal House Office aims to promote equality, diversity and inclusion; They love seeing that reflected in the team.

Acquisition in response to this vacancy is not estimated.

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