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Wearable devices are the most natural thing in the world. We monitor our health with them, pay with them and sometimes they replace our smartphone. Less common, but no less useful, are wearable devices for animals.

Bluetooth trackers such as the Apple AirTag, Samsung SmartTag, or Tile are small devices that you can attach to your pet’s collar, so you can always find the animal again. Officially, it’s for humans, but with the right collar, it’s just an animal tracker.

Nowadays, there are also more and more wearables on the market that are specifically designed for animals. Like the above bluetooth trackers, the focus is usually on your pet’s location. So you never have to worry about your dog or cat escaping again. Even if your cat continues to come home on its own, it can be fun to see where the pet has been during the day.

Keep track of your dog or cat’s health

But of course we not only want to know where our pet is, we also want to know if the animal is healthy. Several startups have the same idea and offer, for example, wearable devices for dogs. This allows the owner to closely monitor the health of his four-legged friend. Consider, for example, collars from Fi, Whistle and FitBark.

You can really see these devices as a Fitbit for your dog. You can get clarity on how much your dog is already moving and how much exercise the animal still needs. These wearables can tell if your dog is scratching a lot or drinking more, which could indicate health problems.

The dog’s stress level is also monitored when you are not at home and sleep is accurately recorded. FitBark tracker can also be combined with data from your fitness tracker to compare steps between you and your dog.

big technology

But devices that can be worn on animals bypass hoops for overprotective owners. There are also tools that not only make the lives of ranchers a lot easier, but also ensure that more animals survive. Take SmartGuard from pig technology company SwineTech, for example. This device is affixed to the belly of the pig and is intended to ensure that fewer piglets die as the mother rolls on them. After recording the sounds of a suppressed piglet, the pig is automatically stimulated to get up through the wearable.

portable cow doctor

mooON monitors the cows’ behavior and temperature in order to provide timely medical assistance. Vence is wearable for cows that create a virtual fence. Cows stay inside this invisible fence via sounds and can be moved to another location via the app.

Horse lovers service is also offered. Well-known wearable brand Polar does, among other things, a heart rate monitor for those animals. Equestic even makes training sensors to read hop count. The horse is monitored via an app to prevent the animal from training too hard.


The drawback is that many trackers are still quite large. So it’s too big for small dogs and kittens. However, as with any technology, these devices are getting smaller and smaller.

Additionally, for most animal trackers, you have to pay a subscription to view the location. Then there is the SIM card that connects to phone networks.

This article was originally published in 2021 and has been updated and republished.

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