Student members feel treated like children at CMR

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Talib, a former member of the Central Participation Council (CMR) is highly critical of the Council’s handling of Council members. Students will be treated illegally and will be at a disadvantage in terms of employment. Four other students who have been on the board for six months share his criticism of unequal treatment.

Says the former student member, who wishes to remain anonymous while criticizing appearance Has stepped up. If a student was talking on his phone during a meeting, he was addressed as a student who was not paying attention. Sometimes it is also said that “students don’t read their mail anyway”. He does not feel intercourse at all, you can say in another way.

to be late

Another student confirms this; She was also treated unequally. In a letter to appearance You write about an incident in which a student was late for a meeting. “One employee, who treated the students like children and accused us of being lazy, embarrassed a student by accusing them of being late, while this late employee gave the employees the benefit of the doubt.” The student member said the accusations flew back and forth. This is in what should be a professional environment. The president did not intervene.

A third student said that the staff stereotyped students and found little difference: “I also noticed that one student was not well prepared, was on his phone and didn’t hear anything in and out of meetings. But it is wrong for the staff to think that most student members are that way.

Complaints about working conditions

The student the previous member who went to appearance He was one of the ten CMR students before the summer. He was a student in social work but dropped out of school. If I hadn’t stopped my studies, I think I would have also stopped in CMR. Or I would have stayed, specifically, to do something about the problems with CMR, says the student. He raised his complaint to the CMR Executive Board, but in his experience this was without result. “They couldn’t refute it and said, ‘We’re looking at it,'” the student said.

He also has complaints about the “working conditions” of student members. For employees whose CMR work falls within their employment contract, students receive compensation of 125 euros per week. Therefore, they are expected to attend and attend meetings on Monday; There are a total of 12 hours, one and a half working days, per week.

Employees are protected under a collective labor agreement, and we are not.

Student Member: ‘But if you call in sick, you won’t receive anything, even if you have already set up the meeting. Employees are protected under a collective labor agreement, and we are not. Once I was sick on a Monday but I prepared myself, I didn’t get any money. He thinks this is at the expense of student engagement: “I think there are CMR students out there to engage the student’s perspective in politics. This is also the responsibility of HR. How can I donate 100 percent if I don’t get paid when I’m sick, shouldn’t I also pay my rent?”

The “third student” mentioned above has the same complaint. I myself have worked with CMR several times, but because it was during the holidays (students receive no compensation in July and August, editor) I received no compensation for it. Oddly enough, we expect to work at times when attendance fees are not paid.

It takes three quarters of the year to work in it

Last January, I started for a student who went to appearance CMR did not enter the well. In the letter preceding the fall 2021 nomination, it was not made clear whether the CMR meetings were during Monday, the day he worked. I couldn’t cancel it all at once. Then I was told I should have arranged it earlier.

In January, training sessions were held for new CMR members on, among other things, team building. There is room for improvement, says the student appearance Has stepped up. It wasn’t about how to do your job as a cmr member, for example about how to write advice. I would argue for x number of Mondays as preparation.

As a student member, you always lag behind the board’s faculty in terms of knowledge and experience, especially because students are elected for a one-year term and faculty members have a two-year term. This is while the staff also indicates that you need three quarters of the year to get to know yourself. Nothing has been done about it.

The buddy system is not working

CMr has a buddy system where an employee must help a student. the student who appearance She knocked on the door: ‘I knew who my friend was, but she didn’t help me and didn’t know she had to. I was able to ask questions to another member of staff on the CMR committee I was on.

The Third Student confirms that the buddy system is not working. I didn’t know who he was or how we would do it. Also, the arrangement with the school allowing you to come down on meeting days came too late for me last spring. That’s why I missed some of my classes last year. This year too I will miss lessons or I will have to catch up. However, within cmr we are now working hard on all of these.

Add an additional student member to the daily board

In order to achieve more equality in cmr, students who appearance Approach an additional student member of the CMR Executive Board. Now there are two employees and one student. Two students are duly allowed and not at the expense of the number of employees. I’ve never really teased this myself before, but after a few months of thinking, I think so now.

It also seems like a student council completely separate from the personnel department is a good idea for a first student member. I see advantages in that. As a student you have more control over yourself. Now it is also the case, for example, if a project group is formed on behalf of the board, the employee is always the project leader, both in the literal and practical sense. The students are always the helpers.

Search in two separate boards

Last June, the council announced at an external meeting that “serious research” would be conducted into creating two councils: a student council and one with staff. The future (democratic content) of employee participation was on the agenda at that meeting.

The CMR Executive Board does not want to respond objectively to criticism “which reaches us indirectly and whose background we do not know”. However, the Executive Board wants to talk to those who go to appearance Has stepped up.

text: Gus Van Nierop
Clarification: Damien Janssen

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