Kidsweek announces Animal of the Year 2022

Published Date: 04-10-2022
Updated on: 04-10-2022 09:09

Kidsweek announces Animal of the Year 2022

Source: Kidsweek editorial

Sort the two-headed turtle was named Animal of the Year 2022 by Kidsweek on Tuesday, October 4th! Defeat the rare oak rat, beavers in love Billy and Bella and the savior piglet Bram. It’s the 12th time Kidsweek has organized animal elections. Pet of the Year will be chosen again this year, and the winner will be announced on Wednesday, October 5th during Pet of the Year Party.

Kidsweek donate On behalf of the Sorte 1000 euros for the Turtle Shelter Foundation, Netherlands
So what makes this turtle so special? Sort turtle does not have one head, but two! And six legs on his body. His owner was shocked when he was born. She looked like two turtles, but it turns out that Sorte only has one body and one heart. Fortunately this is not dangerous. In fact, Sorte works really well. And now it’s Kidsweek’s Animal of the Year. Chief Robben was pleasantly surprised: ‘I never expected it, but I think it’s great that Surth won. I think Sorte likes it a lot too, although of course he doesn’t make much use of it. But I am working on a new terrarium for it for the winter, and the cup will have a nice place next to it.

“Sort works very well. He has doubled his weight since he was born. At first one side was more active, ate more. But his other head is working fine now. Despite this, his two heads need to learn to work together a little better. Sometimes they both want to go the other way and then Sorte makes no progress. But when they see food, together they are immediately going in the right direction.

To help other turtles, Kidsweek donates a €1,000 check to Stichting Schildpaddenopvang Nederland. All candidate animals were linked for good reason.

applause too…
…the other candidates. For Animal of the Year, here it is: the rare oak rat, which is found only in Limburg and is endangered. Beavers Billy and Bella are in love and who we hope will take care of the little ones in the Wildlands. And lastly, piglet rescuer Bram, the Statsby Forest ranger dog, who rescued four young bellied pigs in a Quanderboss.

Pets of the year
The winner of the Pet of the Year award will be announced on the afternoon of Wednesday, October 5th during the (House) Animal of the Year party at One Planet The Hague. Flores Gobel, an animal lover and presenter, will present the programme, the nature film Serengeti will be shown and the children present will return home with a gift bag. Order your tickets now at

Candidate pets They are: Baloe’s dog owners Hanne (11) and Otje (9) from Breda, who found 21 guinea pigs lying in a hole. Adoption dog Raissa from Tolkamer, who has been through a lot, like owner Jayden (11 years old). Chunk Floyd pilot of Drodrecht is owned by owners Tibbe (10) and Elynn (7), who caused several accidents in his first year of life. The rabbit is a jeep from Burren, who was left in the woods and cared for by Lisa Lynn (11).

About Children’s Week
Kidsweek provides children aged 7-12 with accessible, reliable and relevant news from the Netherlands and the rest of the world published weekly in a circulation of 63,000 copies. Kids can also visit and social media every day.

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